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---Soundgarden - A-Sides---


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Este disco seria el "grandes exitos" de esta gran banda :banana:




Imagen IPB




1. Nothing To Say

2. Flower

3. Loud Love

4. Hands All Over

5. Get On The Snake

6. Jesus Christ Pose

7. Outshined

8. Rusty Cage

9. Spoonman

10. The Day I Tried To Live

11. Black Hole Sun

12. Fell On Black Days

13. Pretty Noose

14. Burden In My Hand

15. Blow Up The Outside World

16. Ty Cobb

17. Bleed Together



descargalo aqui




Bajen con confianza ;)

y si de pasada agradecen no me molesta :banana:




pass: chile(Palabra Censurada).org/rock-howard



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