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Bow International - Issue 178 2024


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Bow International - Issue 178 2024
English | 60 pages | PDF | 45.6 MB

Bow International is the world's only dedicated target archery magazine, for archers who take the sport seriously. Covering technique, equipment, shoot reports, expert advice, new products, opinion and history, Bow International is a high-end glossy magazine covering competitive archery across the world. Bow International is an archery magazine and website for enthusiasts of the sport of target archery in all its forms: bare bow, recurve, compound, FITA disciplines, clout, English long bow, and 3D target among other disciplines and practices. It contains specialists advice and knowledge, written by top archers and international archery coaches from the UK, South Korea and America, with a smattering of historical and general interest articles for club archers and archery clubs.





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