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IDM 6.4x Crack 

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IDM 6.4x Crack - v19.0 Mar  7, 2024



Command line > IDM_6.4x_Crack_v19.0.exe -help


== Change Log v19.0 ==
 + NEW RegReset By WindowsAddict
 + NEW "Permission Fixer" for RegReset
 + NEW MiniRegApi By Ben Hochstrasser
 + NEW "Crack Update Checker"
 + NEW "IDM Path Finder"
 + NEW "IDM Task Killer"
 + NEW "User Privilege Checker"
 + SHOW IDM Version in Crack
 + IDM Extra Types [YasserDivaR]
 * FIX IDM Disabler
 * MAJOR Improvement
 * Build #1 CRC32 > 3fcecca0
 * Build #2 CRC32 > 00f7f27b (Fix Path Finder)



Pass: 1234

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