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Clipboard CopyPaster Pro V35


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Requirements: Android 5.1+ | File size: 8,52 MB

Clipboard CopyPaster Pro is a manager to simplify working with the standard clipboard; you can use it to copy and paste various texts and images, as well as manage the clipboard history.

🌟 Functions
- Saving all copied data (texts, links, images).
- Copy saved data and paste it to the desired location.
- Data editing.
- Create your own notes.
- Share saved data.
- Voice listening to the text of saved notes
- Search in saved data.
- Create notes using your voice.
- Create and scan a QR code for data exchange.
- Selecting a theme and application style icons.
- Clear clipboard contents.
- Setting a password to enter the application.
- Export/import (save) data as a backup copy and the ability to transfer it between devices with the Clipboard CopyPaster Pro application.
- Floating window (on top of all windows and applications).

The application has convenient settings and an intuitive interface. Very convenient for working on social networks, sending information posts on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

In Android versions 10 and higher
To save the contents of the clipboard, after copying it, you need to launch or open the Clipboard CopyPaster Pro application from the notification panel and you can see the saved content in the main window.

🌟 Paid version

Author: evva


⭐Clipboard CopyPaster Pro V35 ✅ (8.52 MB)
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