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Travel Cuisine 2: Sweet Life


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Travel Cuisine 2: Sweet Life

Successful restaurateurs Tammy and Matthew’s dreams have come true, but a new vacation and adventure lie ahead! They’re on a new journey around the world to challenge themselves, master the art of confectioners, and learn how to create the world’s best sweets! Come along as they visit famous confectioneries around the world and work to overcome obstacles in their way! They’re counting on you, so grab your apron and enjoy this sweet adventure to the fullest!

  • Enjoy a thoughtful plot, colorful comics, and characters with unique moods!
  • Establish three unique locations - a bakery, a sweet kingdom, and a Turkish pastry shop!
  • Take the chance to feel like a master in the kitchen of an elite confectionery!
  • Serve hungry customers across dozens of challenging levels!

macOS 10.15 or later







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