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Essential Photoshop for Landscape Photography by Nick Page (2nd edition)

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Essential Photoshop for Landscape Photography by Nick Page (2nd edition)

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Photoshop is incredibly deep and powerful. And along with all of that ability comes a bloated interface that can be intimidating to learn. In this course I cover everything you need to know in Photoshop to process dynamic Landscape Photography, and none of the many things that Photoshop can do that has nothing to do with us as Landscape Photographers.

Covered in this course:
• Setting up photoshop
• Round tripping between Lightroom and Photoshop
• Setting up and saving a workspace
• Utilizing Smart objects
• Using Adjustment Layers
• Using Layer Masks
• Using Pixel Layers
• Using Luminosity Masks
• Using Luminosity Selections
• Cleaning up images
• Exposure Blending
• Focus Stacking
• Dual Processing
• and much much more.





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