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TripMode 3.2.2


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TripMode 3.2.2

TripMode automatically reduces your mobile data consumption when you use a mobile hotspot


Ever got stuck on a slow Wi-Fi, iPhone hotspot, or reached your data limit because of unwanted background updates? TripMode will save you from these nightmares, by blocking all unnecessary traffic automatically and giving you full visibility on your network traffic!

Save data when traveling, optimize bandwidth when doing online video calls, block distractions when working, or simply have a companion that keeps an eye out for unusual online activity.


Acclaimed by the New York Times, MacWorld (5/5 rating), The Next Web, Daring Fireball, and more.


• Data blocking: stop all unwanted internet traffic. Only allow the apps that you need.

• Hotspot detection: save data automatically, the second you connect to a limited network.

• Live Monitor: see the internet data usage of each app or in total. In real time.

• Bandwidth analyzer: monitor the network usage of your Mac in real time, by having a speedometer for all your apps.

• Reports: keep track of your data usage per day, week, month, …

• Profiles: set custom blocking rules for work, video calls, gaming, … every scenario.

• Data plan limits: block all data transfers when reaching the limits imposed by your ISP or carrier.

• App inspector: Identify suspicious traffic by seeing where your apps connect to.

• Data plan limits: stop all traffic automatically when reaching a predefined data limit.

• Scheduler: block or allow traffic at specific times. Perfect to focus and stop distractions.

• Simple firewall: decide whether to block apps when they try to connect.

• Advanced customisation: AppleScript support, counter reset, and more.

• Privacy preferences: erase your domain history

• Always-on mode: make sure all of your internet traffic is filtered, regardless of the network your Mac is connected to

• Dark mode: TripMode is easy on your eyes at any time of day

• Easy to use: drag the window around your screen and resize it for even more visibility on your network traffic.

macOS 11 or later required



Download via ddownload
Password gang gao

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