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Black Screen video screen off v1.5.5


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✅ Black Screen video screen off v1.5.5 | 6.07 MB |

Black Screen lets you play videos with screen off. Turn off the screen anytime and save battery. Black Screen can be used to watch music videos, listen to podcasts, record videos, take selfies, etc. with your screen turned off.

This helps to save battery in AMOLED and OLED devices as the screen is completely off when displaying black color.

Use the floating button to quickly turn off the screen and unlock it by tapping on it.

App Feature List
- Floating button to quickly lock the screen
- Battery saver on AMOLED & OLED screens
- Play videos, listen to podcasts, record videos, play streams with screen off
- Always-on display option
- Customizable
- Pure black option

Warning: This is not a lock-screen app, it is just a black screen overlay on top of the app you are using. This helps in saving battery on AMOLED devices.



⭐️ Black Screen video screen off v1.5.5 (6.07 MB)

NitroFlare Link(s)

RapidGator Link(s)

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