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Alive (2023) [1080p] [WEBRip] [YTS MX]


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[size=5][color=#ff0033]Alive (2023) [1080p] [WEBRip] [YTS MX][/color][/size]


[b]IMDB information:[/b]

[quote] [b]Title:[/b] Alive (2023)
[b]Genres:[/b] Horror, Drama
[b]Description:[/b] Helen navigates a ravaged world with her boyfriend Kevin and her little brother Barney. Desperate to find help after Barney's infection slowly turns him into a zombie, they come upon a house where lives Dan, a man harboring a heav...
[b]Director:[/b] David Marantz
[b]Writer:[/b] David Marantz
[b]Actors:[/b] Ellen Hillman, Kian Pritchard, Neil Sheffield
[b]Rating:[/b] 4.5
[b]Runtime:[/b] 93 min
[b]Language:[/b] English
[b]Country:[/b] United Kingdom
[b]Rate:[/b] PG-13


[code] https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11813708/

[quote] mp4 | 1.56 GB | 1920x800
01:33:49 | avc1 | Unknown language
2250 Kbps | 25.000 fps | 2.40:1



[code] https://rapidgator.net/file/4cbb5da6501bbd60503c1b5aab82088e/Alive.2023.1080p.WEBRip.x264.AAC-YTS.MX.mp4


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