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Topaz Photo AI 2.0.3


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Topaz Photo AI 2.0.3

Maximize your image quality, on autopilot.
Sharpen, remove noise, and increase the resolution of your photos with tomorrow’s technology. Topaz Photo AI supercharges your image quality so you can focus on the creative part of photography.

Photo AI 2, the most substantial upgrade since the initial release. Photo AI 2 expands the product’s scope with Lighting/Color adjustments and significantly improves existing features like raw noise removal, sharpening, Autopilot, and the Photoshop integration.

Adjust Lighting and Balance Color

Photo AI 2 introduces two new filters to help you quickly create a neutral lighting and color baseline. You can use them either together or separately:

  • Adjust Lighting improves lighting and addresses over/underexposure in a visually pleasing way. It can deal simultaneously with extreme highlights or shadows in the same image.
  • Balance Color attempts to remove color casts, then allows you to adjust relative temperature based on the neutral baseline. It can generally handle multiple light and color sources simultaneously.

Keeping in line with the overall Photo AI product philosophy, these filters aim to be more “corrective” than “creative”. While we assume you will apply more creative effects later, there are several situations where Adjust Lighting and Balance Color will be highly useful:

Develop the highest-quality raw images

You can now get maximum quality out of your raw files by using the combined tools in Photo AI 2: Adjust Lighting (new) to fix underexposure and improve default “flat” raw colors, Balance Color (new) to quickly correct straight-out-of-camera color shift, and Raw Remove Noise (improved - see below) to extract the maximum detail out of your raw file.

Correct underexposed or backlit images

Underexposed images and backlit subjects generally require manual work and selective adjustments to correct properly. Adjust Lighting corrects severe lighting issues and maintains the overall tonal balance of the image without requiring the use of masks.

Neutralize strong color casts

Correcting color casts with traditional tools requires a lot of manual effort and often leads to unnatural results. Balance Color understands the contents of your image to create substantially better results with a single slider.

Photo AI 2 includes an all-new raw noise reduction model that better removes strong noise and preserves more detail. Autopilot will also now base parameter estimations on both your image’s contents and detected ISO.

  • RAW Normal v2: for normal raw images at native ISO. Stay with this option unless you’re shooting at extremely high ISO settings.
  • RAW Strong v2: for extended ISO images. Select this option when your camera simulates a higher ISO by boosting exposure and applying in-camera noise reduction.

macOS 11 or later



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Topaz Photo AI models v2 ~5.88 gb
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