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PDF Squeezer 4.3.8


PDF Squeezer is a user-friendly and convenient app that allows you to send those important PDF files when you need to - without file size constraints!

PDF Squeezer allows you to compress your PDF files quickly and easily. Simply click on the file you need compressed, and drag-and-drop it into the app – easy as that! Not only will you have smaller PDFs, but the PDF Squeezer also removes all the unnecessary aspects of the file so you are left with only your important information.

When sending files, less is definitely more.
The smaller the size, the quicker it sends!

Save gigabytes of data after compressing your PDF files with PDF Squeezer.
The compressed files can be read by every common PDF software, so that you can send them to everyone without hesitation.

Key Features:
• Everything Mac: Specifically designed and engineered to work optimally with macOS
• Drop it like it’s hot: Drag and drop your file into the application window
• The more the merrier: Batch compress multiple files
• Every bit counts: Sophisticated compression process that uses numerous methods to reduce the file size
• Automate your workflow: Includes an Automator action and a command line interface
• Compression Profile: Select from predefined compression profiles OR create your own!
• Folder Convenience: Select a folder and compress all its files – including subfolders
• Watchdog: Support for password-protected PDFs
• Side by side Comparisons: Compare files and different compression settings easily
• Sharing is caring: Export and share your compression profiles with others
• Full-screen mode: The app window supports a full-screen mode which is especially useful when comparing compressions
• Up to date: Conforms to all common PDF versions from 1.0 to 1.7 and 2.0
• Stats, stats, stats: See how much disc space you’ve saved since you started using PDF Squeezer

macOS 10.13+


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