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ENGISSOL 2D Frame Analysis 7.2.8


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ENGISSOL 2D Frame Analysis 7.2.8 | 19.68 MB |

ENGISSOL Ltd.'s 2D Frame Analysis software package has been synonymous with state-of-the-art analysis of general and arbitrary frames and trusses in 2d space since its introduction over 14 years ago. Its user interface which is proven very sophisticated, intuitive and versatile is powered by a modern analysis engine which allows fast calculations and produces reliable analysis results.

From its easy graphical modeling environment to the wide variety of analysis options, 2D Frame Analysis package has proven to be the most integrated, productive and practical general purpose structural program for static, dynamic, linear and non-linar (P-Delta effects) analysis of 2d frames or trusses. 2D Frame Analysis package has been designed to be very easy and fast in its use. Therefore, the user can conveniently take advantage of a great variety of features that are shown below in brief. Steel section and predefined materials list updated, major interface improvements, creation of completed professional looking calculation report, stress calculation added, all major measure units added.

Pre-processing features
Top quality graphics rendering
Full GUI including zoom, pan, grid, snap options
Every user action can be done graphically at real time
Extremely easy model creation, no need to first define nodes and then elements, nodes are produced automatically
All units supported (Metrix, Imperial, Custom). Immediate switch to other measure units during work is supported.
Rapid model creation (members, loads, supports etc) in a user friendly environment with many graphical features
Rich list of predefined materials (concrete, hot rollerd and cold formed steel, aluminum, timber, etc.)
Large library of predefined cross sections (European, AISC, Australian, British Chinese, Indian, Aluminum, etc.)
Template models for frames, trusses (sloped, vertical, Pratt, Howe, Fink etc.) and beams
Unlimited number of load cases
Unlimited number of load combinations (Add, Envelope, Absolute, SRSS combination types)
End length offset elements
Shear deformation elements (Timoshenko elements)
Member end releases of any degree of freedom
Semi-rigid end releases
Local, global, projected global coordinate systems for load application on elements
Uniform, trapezoidal and span loads
Thermal loads
All types of nodal restraints are supported (roller, hinge, fixed, etc.)
Translational and rotational spring supports

Post-processing features
Graphical representation of nodal reactions
Graphical representation of deformed shape
Graphical representation of internal force diagrams (axial, shear force and bending moment)
Graphical representation of dynamic modes
Tabular representation of the analysis results, exportable to Excel
Professional looking analysis report can be created and exported to pdf, rtf, xls and xml formats
32/64 bit compatible
Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Whats New
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version



ENGISSOL 2D Frame Analysis 7.2.8 (19.68 MB)

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