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Masterclass John Legend Teaches Songwriting


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[b]Masterclass John Legend Teaches Songwriting[/b]
Size: 10.59 GB Type: eLearning Year: 2022 Version: 2022



John Legend, the EGOT-winning music icon and coach on "The Voice," teaches you his process for creating music with impact.

When 12-time Grammy winner John Legend released "Free" in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine, he called it a prayer for peace. Now the recipient of the first-ever Recording Academy Global Impact Award teaches you how he wrote and recorded the song-and his process for creating hits like "All of Me" and "Glory." Layer melodies and lyrics, develop your musical point of view, and make music that makes the moment.


01. Meet Your Instructor 08:08
02. Songwriting With Melody 13:31
03. Song Structure 14:01
04. Choosing Subject Matter 13:00
05. Developing Your Musical Point of View 11:24
06. Making a Movement: Glory Song Study 12:06
07. Finding Your Artistic Voice and Style 16:36
08. Writing Lyrics: Communicating Your Message 16:19
09. Writing Lyrics: Using Themes & Motifs 11:27
10. Making Lyrics Your Own 20:46
11. Becoming Promiscuous Collaborator 08:35
12. Blending Musical Genres 09:57
13. Recording Lead Vocals 22:55
14. Recording Background Vocals 11:46
15. Deep Dive: Vocal Arrangement 06:45
16. Finishing Your Song: Editing 17:29
17. Performing Live 18:05
18. Bonus: Advice for Aspiring Songwriters 11:33




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