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Philakone's Cryptocurrency Trading Guide


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[b]Philakone's Cryptocurrency Trading Guide[/b]
Size: 19.77 GB Type: eLearning Year: 2022 Version: 2022



A complete course on learning how to trade successfully. I will introduce all concepts necessary to thrive in trading.


1/17 - Introduction Class - Common Terminology
2/17 - What Seperates Superstar Status From The Mediocre - Emotions & Risk
3/17 - Dollar Cost Averaging and Laddering Buys
4/17 - Reading Level 2 Order Book - Understanding Bids and Asks
5/17 - What is Long? Shorting? What is Margin Trading? What are the risks?
6/17 - The Necessity of Charts - How To Customize Trading View
7/17 - What Are Technical Indicators And How Are They Used
8/17 - How To Read Charts, Analyze Candlesticks, and Read Price Action
9/17 - The Big Picture and The Little Picture - Interpreting Time Frames
10/17 - What Are Supports, Resistance, Channels, Trendlines
11/17 - Common Patterns and The Breakout Strategy
12/17 - What Are Moving Averages - The Swing Strategy - Identifying Bull or
13/17 - What is the MACD and Histrogram indicator? Advanced Strategies with
14/17 - The Most Powerful Indicator - Relative Strength Index (RSI)
15/17 - Fibonacci Retracement and Obtaining Targets
16/17 - Fibonacci Extension and Obtaining Targets
17/17 - My Strategy - How I use RSI and Make Immense Profit




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