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UDEMY-Algorithmic Trading Robots Without Programming 17 Hrs MT5 BOOKWARE-iLEARN


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[b]UDEMY-Algorithmic Trading Robots Without Programming 17 Hrs MT5 BOOKWARE-iLEARN[/b]
Size: 5.58 GB Type: eLearning Year: 2022 Version: 2022



- Meta Trader 5 Software
- An Open Mindset
- Have already Traded Financial markets
- You will need a practice Trading Account
- Open Mind and not judging the Strategy from past learning
- You commit that after the course you will do demo trading on this strategy for at-least 6 Months.

This course is made to teach you on how to create Forex Algorithmic Trading Strategies really fast without programming. Not only this, you will also learn to test it and Improve it by Artificial Intelligence tools of MT5 platform. Your worries about strategy creation will be gone. Complex Forex Algorithmic Trading Strategies

I will firstly walk you through on the more broad perspective about Forex Algo trading development and then show you how you can create Strategies based on Top Technical indicators. These Automated Strategies (Forex Algorithmic Trading Strategies) will make money even when you are sleeping.

Who this course is for:
- Anyone interested in Algo Trading
- Traders who want to learn Algo Trading without programming knowledge
- Anyone interested in earning an extra income from home
- You should not take this course if you aren't willing to dedicate some time and discipline to learning the strategy





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