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CBTNuggets - CCT Data Center 010-151 Online Training


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[b]CBTNuggets - CCT Data Center 010-151 Online Training[/b]
Size: 1.81 GB Type: eLearning Year: 2022 Version: 2022


In this foundational Cisco skills training, Jeff Kish covers the Cisco data centers objectives in the 010-151 exam, which is the one exam required to earn the CCT Data Center 010-151 certification.

Workloads and apps may be moving to the cloud, but that doesn't mean on-prem data centers are going away. In fact, many companies prefer having their own data center for security and even performance. That's great news for anyone just heading down a data center career path.

After finishing this CCT Data Center 010-151 training, you'll know how the components of a data center infrastructure work. You'll also learn about the benefits of backup and disaster recovery solutions, how hyper-convergence can simplify your data center architecture - and gain an understanding of data center servers, hypervisors, storage arrays, and the properties of storage area networks (SANs).

CCT Data Center was designed by Jeff Kish to teach the foundational skills expected of a network administrator with 6 to 12 months of experience, and prepares you for advancement to positions like network administrator or data center administrator.

For anyone who manages Cisco data centers training, this Cisco training can be used for 010-151 exam prep, onboarding new network administrators, individual or team training plans, or as a Cisco reference resource.




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