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Prenatal Yoga & Mindfulness Course For Pregnant Women


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[b]Prenatal Yoga & Mindfulness Course For Pregnant Women[/b]
Size: 4.00 GB Type: Elearning / Video Courses Year: 2022 Version: 08/2022


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Language: English | Size: 4.00 GB | Duration: 3h 6m

Explore ways in which how prenatal yoga and mindfulness techniques can help you and you baby through a healthy pregnancy

What you'll learn
Prepare your body for the changes that come during pregnancy to childbirth
Learn techniques to help with overcoming challenging emotions during pregnancy
Tone your physical body, especially the pelvic floor, hip, and abdominal core muscles, in preparation for the birthing process
Bond and connect with your baby
Find relief in common pregnancy complains (i.e. morning sickness, aches and pains)
No yoga experience needed. Beginners are most welcome.
Our course prepares you mentally, physically and emotionally for childbirth. Breath and particular body positions are employed in the exercise and meditation practice known as yoga to help connect the mind and body. Focus is placed on poses in prenatal yoga that are tailored to the bodies of pregnant women.When you're pregnant, common yoga postures, such those where your feet are spread widely, could be too taxing on your joints and pelvic region. Your pelvis and bladder are bearing a lot more weight as your baby grows.Your ligaments become looser due to pregnancy hormones, aggravating joint and bone issues (particularly those involving the pubic bone). Prenatal yoga incorporates breathing, stretches, and strengthening techniques that help your body get ready for labor in addition to modified poses for pregnancy.In this course, you will be exploring breathing techniques, pranayama methods to help your energy flow smoothly, yogic asana practices to help you through various your various trimesters and also meditation sessions to help you with grounding and relaxation. This course is conducted by Gunjan, who is a well experienced yoga teacher, prenatal yoga & breath coach, mom, home cook and author. This course is designed for all levels, and especially women who are new to yoga practice as well. Yoga is a great exercise for all pregnant mothers, provided that your doctor has given you the go-ahead to continue being physically active during your pregnancy: Because it is soft and intended for pregnancy, it aids in preparing you for the psychological aspects of childbirth.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 What is Yoga?

Lecture 2 Why Practice Prenatal Yoga?

Lecture 3 Breathing Techniques

Section 2: Pranayama

Lecture 4 Ujjai Breathing

Lecture 5 Anulom Vilom

Lecture 6 Bhramari

Section 3: Yoga (Asana Practice)

Lecture 7 Chair Yoga

Lecture 8 Yoga for Morning Sickness

Lecture 9 Bedtime Yoga

Lecture 10 Full Prenatal Yoga Practice

Lecture 11 Yoga for Ankle Pain

Lecture 12 Yoga for Back Pain

Lecture 13 Yoga for Neck Pain

Section 4: Prenatal Meditation Series

Lecture 14 Meditation for Grounding

Lecture 15 Meditation for Bedtime

Women who are in their pregnancy journey or yoga teachers who are curious to explore more about prenatal yoga practice.




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