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Ruby On Rails 6: Business Texting App With Stripe System


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Size: 1.92 GB Type: Elearning / Video Courses Year: 2022 Version: 2019


Last updated 5/2019
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Integration of Stripe Payment and PSI compliance

What you'll learn
Create scaffold
Integrate Stripe
Install Gem Gravatar
Install Gem Bootstrap Gem
Design application with Bootsrap
Install Gem Figaro
Rails 6
Basic understanding of the Ruby on Rails framework
You'll learn how to code your own Business Texting App web application using the most powerful and user-friendly framework available to web developers, Ruby on Rails.What are the requirements?Basic understanding of the Ruby on Rails frameworkBasic knowledge of HTML/CSSHave a Ruby on Rails setup on your systemWhat am I going to get from this course?Build custom Ruby on Rails Business Texting App application with latest Stripe PaymentIntegrate latest Stripe javascript formUse Bootstrap 4.3.1 for your Rails appInstalling DeviseAdding Users with DeviseExploring Our New Devise FunctionalitySign Up and Sign In LinksCustomize Devise RoutesRedesigning the Sign and Sign Up PagesCreating a ScaffoldResources in RailsIntegrate Stripe Payment Through Current UserForcing People to Log InDesign Navigation bar and javascript


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Section 1

Lecture 2 Create Business Texting App

Lecture 3 Set Up Webpacker

Lecture 4 Create Model Message

Lecture 5 Generate Messages Controller

Lecture 6 Movie 5 Messages Routes

Lecture 7 Install Bootstrap

Lecture 8 Install Gem Simple Form

Lecture 9 Add Create Action into Messages Controller

Lecture 10 Create _form.html.erb

Lecture 11 Create First Message

Section 3: Section 2

Lecture 12 Display all created messages

Lecture 13 Create _navbar.html.erb partial

Lecture 14 Display Messages in show view

Lecture 15 Render form in edit.html.erb

Lecture 16 Add delete button to show view

Lecture 17 Install Gem Devise

Lecture 18 Create User Model

Lecture 19 Design Navigation Bar

Section 4: Section 3

Lecture 20 Add user_id to messages

Lecture 21 Add associations between user and messages

Lecture 22 Application Controller

Lecture 23 Design Sign In and Sign Up Page

Lecture 24 Create Model Comment

Lecture 25 In routes.rb add comments resources

Lecture 26 Generate Comments Controller

Section 5: Section 4

Lecture 27 Create _form.html.erb in comments

Lecture 28 Render comments in messages

Lecture 29 Add buttons edit and delete to _comment.html.erb

Lecture 30 Create edit.html.erb in views comments

Lecture 31 Add destroy method to comments controller

Lecture 32 Only authenticated user can edit or destroy a message

Lecture 33 Add authentication to messages and comments

Lecture 34 Add Messages Notifications to our Application

Section 6: Section 5 Gravatar Gem

Lecture 35 Integrate Gravatar Gen Into Business Text App

Lecture 36 Add validations into user.rb

Section 7: Section 6 Subscription

Lecture 37 Generate Scaffold Subscription

Lecture 38 Add association between user and subscriptions

Lecture 39 Integrate Gem Stripe

Lecture 40 Install Gem Figaro

Lecture 41 Add Stripe javascript into application.html.erb

Lecture 42 Save payments into database

Lecture 43 Design show.html.erb in views messages

Lecture 44 Style _form.html.erb in views comments

Lecture 45 Install Gem Fontawesome

Lecture 46 Style index.html.erb in views messages

Section 8: Section 7

Lecture 47 Create _payment_form.html.erb

Lecture 48 Design _form.html.erb in views subscriptions

Lecture 49 Display Stripe Payment Field in subscription view

Lecture 50 Add background picture to subscription view

Lecture 51 Make Our first Payment with Stripe

Lecture 52 Create a method current_user_subscribed in Application Controller

Lecture 53 Add Subscription to comments

Lecture 54 Style new.html.erb in views messages

Lecture 55 Add jumbotron and style it

Lecture 56 Style Stripe Payment Field

Section 9: Repository of the Business Texting App

Lecture 57 Ready files of the course

Anyone who wants business application with Stripe




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