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Queen of Katwe high quality stream

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Queen of Katwe high quality stream

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Release Date:
September 23, 2016

0 minutes

- Drama

- Walt Disney Pictures
- Walt Disney Productions
- ESPN films

- English

US $0

- United States of America
- South Africa

5.3 / 2

Movie Synopsis:
A young girl overcomes her disadvantaged upbringing in the slums of Uganda to become a Chess master.

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Reviewer 1:
From the trailers one would guess that The Queen of Katwe is the typical formulaic and inspirational sports story, but it is much more. While segments of it are the same old story told and retold so beautifully, with a few unexpected twist and turns, is also a study of how success affects family ties and how character is king, even in the grim slums of Uganda. It offers a realistic and harshly honest, for a Disney film, look at Africa, with prostitution references and poor medical care reoccurring throughout the story. While the harsh environment might not make the viewer feel good, it makes the story all the more inspiring. The cinematography is excellent, with great shots of the children reacting to a world they had never seen before, be it an upper crust school, snow or the view from a airplane window. Great performances from the cast.

I highly recommend The Queen of Katwe.

Reviewer 2:
Robbie K here with another movie review and this time one focused on the game of… chess? Disney Studios latest creation Queen of Katwe is a tale on a Phiona Mutesi's journey to becoming a chess master. As there are few movies where the board game is the focus, I was interested in seeing what the entertainment giant could do with such a tale. As always, I'm here to give my thoughts on the tale. Let's get started.

LIKES: • Good Chess Montages • Major Character Development • Inspirational When it comes to sports movies, we always enjoy seeing scenes that involve the game right? The same thing can be said for a movie about a board game loved by so many. Disney will do their fans justice and give players plenty of shots at our players bouts on the board. Phiona's numerous challenges are shown throughout the two hour time limit, each showing her evolution into chess champion. If you're not a fan of the game, don't worry too much as the sequences move fast enough to keep it exciting and are often accompanied by her fellow chess players reacting to each move. But Robbie, I hate chess and therefore will certainly hate this movie! No problem my friend, Disney's got you covered. Queen of Katwe is far more than just moving piece on a board. A large part of the plot is focused on Phiona's life, especially on the struggle she and her family faced. Drama lovers will eat up the family tension between mother and daughter, or perhaps get caught up in how many people looked down on the young girl and her obsession for a title. I myself appreciated the other characters' tales running in tandem with Phiona's tale, especially watching the coach and her fellow players grow alongside her. The intermingled tales, alongside great actor chemistry, brings a complete tale that makes you feel a part of the Katwe Pioneers. Amidst the drama and chess though, one will certainly find some inspiration buried in the film. Like all Disney movies, our writers have gone through great lengths to motivate their audiences to accomplish great things. Queen of Katwe is no different, as it uses orchestral work, ideal camera shots, and well written dialogue throw the emotional punch. The coach in particular preaches these lessons, using various analogies and life experiences to make his point across. Whatever message comes across to you, know that Queen of Katwe has a future place in many classrooms and Sunday Schools.

DISLIKES: • Editing/Plot Gaps • Intense focus on close ups instead of the game • Family extremes are a little too extreme

The major dislike for this reviewer is how unbalanced the editing was in this movie, especially in terms of the plot. As mentioned, Phiona's tale has a lot of moving pieces, some of which have a lot of buildup and focus such as tensions with her sister or the fears of her fellow teammates). After such focus you would expect a decent wrap up right? To me, many of these plot points were dropped or hastily concluded, probably to allow more "suspenseful" game scenes or another celebration montage to premier. While this help expand the diversity of the movie, this move weakened the story and made some of the drama kind of pointless in the end. Plot points aren't the only editing blunder though. Queen of Katwe's chess scenes also suffer at times, especially in terms of making dramatic tension in the game. If you remember movies like Bobby Fisher, you got caught up in the game as you followed each of the protagonist's moves, with someone explaining the maneuver. The Queen however, sometimes lost that suspense either due to the quick pace they played, or that they chose to put their focus on the player's faces. Yes, if you wanted to see numerous close-ups of people looking tense, disappointed, and occasionally happy, you've come to the right movie, as our director thought this would bring more suspense. For me though, it only provided more drama and less of the game I wanted to see. Finally the family extremes were a little too much for me. You will find in Queen of Katwe that most of the characters are stuck to one major quality, some of which are good and others that get used a tad much. What do I mean by this? One example is Phiona's lack of smiling or expression at all, her lines and flat attitude doing nothing to help me relate to the character. Her mother on the other hand, lost her cool at the slightest drop, yelling at everyone, pouting, or dropping to her knees at the drop of a hat. I understand this had much to do with the harsh life, but to be subjected to these and other extremes for two hours didn't help entertain me as much.

The Verdict: Queen of Katwe gets props for the inspirational power contained in its writing and cinematography. Phiona's tale is one with many complex pieces that revolve around character developing drama and the thrill of the game. I have no doubt many audience members will find motivation in this movie and use this to teach generations to come. Unfortunately the editing and direction take away from this tale, and proves yet again that too many things in one movie reduces the quality. Is it worth a trip to the theater? I can't say it is, but check this one out when it hits shelves in a few months.

My Scores: Biography/Drama/Sport: 7.0 Movie Overall: 6.0

Reviewer 4:
The film is one of the first to offer a glimpse into the lives of young Ugandans breaking through the confines of subsistence. The cinematography and vivid imagery deliver a realistic depiction of life in East Africa. Phiona Mutesi, played by Madina Nalwanga begins her journey with little more than an interest and desire to learn to play the game of chess. She discovers the true potential of her intellect when her chess coach, Robert Katende changes her life forever. Phiona's mother, Nakku Harriet played by Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong'o holds on tightly as her daughter lingers courageously away from the frantic market of maize selling that sustains their family. Phiona is victorious in her development, yet she realizes her limitations when the most promising opportunities are given to her. Despite her many disadvantages, Phiona is crowned queen of the impoverished Katwe community, overcoming her greatest fears and winning the hearts of inspired fans across the globe. 'Queen of Kawte' is a must see for everyone who has ever challenged the power of the human imagination.

Reviewer 5:
Loved it well made and well acted. Teary in parts. It has been a while since a movie has had all the components of this movie. It captures how privileged we are in the west and out of pure will and following your passion you can come to be whom you really are against all odds.

The actors portrayed the story with great depth and conviction. I loved the end and hope all true story's have the chance to show (Those that are still living) their real persons as I felt it adds a realness to the story and movie final. Well directed as well.

There is a star in the making with actress Madina Nalwanga i am sure we will see allot more of her out standing performance.

Reviewer 6:
It's such a great inspiring story. Watching the story unfold is very heartwarming. I could not help but to get teary eyes as I watched this girl Phiona take her talents all the why to the top.

In one of the best sports movies I have seen, from the slums of Uganda, 10-year-old Phiona discovers that she has the skills of a chess master, when a man named Robert Katende comes to her village and teaches the kids how to play the game.

It's very insightful, being that this story based on real events only occurred around six or so years before this movie came out. It does a good job of showing us the life around Phiona, which makes her underdog struggle to the top of the chess world even more amazing.

As good as the performances of David Oyelowo and academy award winner Lupita Nyong'o, are, the child actors in the movie also gave great performances as well.

All I can say is that it moved me. It is the type of film that you see and it makes you feel good in the most positive way imaginable

Reviewer 7:
I like Mira Nair's storytelling style and I like her film also. She is a talented director and she has made some very good movies. Those movies are critically acclaimed and good rated. I know she always concentrates about the critic value of her movies, not the box office report. That's why maybe her films are not famous in mass people. I know she is a good director and already has made some very good movies but the main problem is those movies are not for general audiences.

Well, this movie is a biography and the movie is based on some true stories. Here is a good point, the movie is totally harmless and the movie's emotional scenes are very well executed. The script and the screenplay are very good and well written. William Wheeler has written a very good screenplay for this movie and when the cinematic knowledge is the concern, he is undoubtedly good. Here is another thing, I am not telling Mira Nair's direction was not good, but the screenplay is the heart of this movie and maybe, for this reason, the direction of Mira Nair was good. The emotional scenes, the background story and the plot development are very good and I want to give a thumbs up for this.

The another plus point is the casting. All of the lead cast are non- caucasian and that is another good thing for this kind of movie. Lupita Nyong'o, David Oyelowo, Madina Nalwanga all these actors has done a very good job and I think they are perfect for these roles. Maybe Lupita Nyong'o will be nominated for her role. Rest of the cast of this movie has also done a good job. I want to give all the credit to Mira Nair because she is the true compiler of this movie.

Another thing is this movie is a little bit formulaic but I want to tell this formula does work and the emotional touches of this movie are not irrelevant. So if you want to achieve some good delightful experience, this movie is for you.

Reviewer 8:
I went to see this movie thinking I'll watch a movie about Chess, but that was an emotional roller coaster about life, and its challenges. Lupita Nyongo , and David Oyelowo were not just acting, you could see how they took possession of their characters for 2 hours.

Did "Hoosiers" make you cry? "Queen of Katwe" will wreck you. Coming from Africa, this movie relate more to me, but I believe anybody will feel touched by it. Whenever non African make a movie about Africa, you can see a lot of misrepresented things that tells you the movie was made just by a tourist, but Queen of Katwe is an American film about Africa that doesn't feel like it was made by tourists. Nair knows better. She has deep roots in Uganda, and they've given her enough experience and insight that she's able to treat Katwe's residents as people first, and parts of a familiar narrative second.

If you are still deciding whether to see it or not, stop reading reviews here, and just go to watch this amazing movie.


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