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Libro de partituras para piano (Banda sonora)


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Essential Film Themes n°6 - Solo Piano


http://(Palabra Censurada, está prohibido el SPAM)/e6sUX (mediafire)


Ingles | PDF | 95 paginas | 11.9 mb


01. 3:10 to Yumaa)Ben takes the stage/Dan`s burden b)Bible study c)the 3:10 to Yuma

02. 1480 (Katie`s theme)

03. American gangster (Frank Lucas)

04. Atonement

05. Be kind rewind (I ain`t got nobody)

06. Charlyie Wilson`s war (Charlie Wilson)

07. Closing the ring (Explosion)

08. Elisabeth: the golden age (love theme)

09. Eastern promises (theme)

10. Evan almightly (Evan and God)

11. Evening (theme)

12. Love in the time of cholera (in the time of cholera)

13. Lust, cautiona) dinner waltz b)Wong Chia Chi`s theme

14. My blueberry nights (Pajaros)

15. The other Boleyn girla)opening titles b)Queen Katherine`s trial

16. Perfumea)meeting Laura b)Laura`s murder

17. Ratatouille

18. River queena)love theme b)stepping stones c) Sarah`s theme

19. Stardusta) Snowdrop b)Shooting star

20. Youth without youth

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