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Beyond Eternity - Greetings From The Dead World 2009

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Imagen IPB

Imagen IPB


Imagen IPB
Genero: Progressive Heavy Metal
Año: 2009
Peso: 72 Mb
Formato: Mp3/256-320 Kbps
Host: Rapidshare-Depositfiles
Uploader: Pelicon
Pass: pelicon

Line up:

Tobias Langer - Vocals
Thomas Baumann - Lead guitar
Felix Josiger - Rhythm guitar
Marcel Böttrich - Guitar, keyboards
Sebastian Heidler - Bass
Felix Handwerk - Drums


01 Welcome To The Slaughterhouse
02 Blessing And Curse
03 Shatter The Mirror
04 Too Deep Inside
05 The Power Of Metal
06 Greetings From The Dead World
07 Fateful Conversation
08 100 Years
09 Hail Of Fire
10 Beyond Eternity

Para mas info visita

Imagen IPB

Imagen IPB

Imagen IPB
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