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Shaolin Death Squad - Five Deadly Venoms 2010

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Imagen IPB

Imagen IPB


Imagen IPB
Genero: Avant-Garde l Melodic Progressive Metal
Año: 2010
Peso: 103 Mb
Formato: Mp3/320 Kbps
Host: Rapidshare-Depositfiles
Uploader: Pelicon
Pass: pelicon

Line up:

The White Swan (Androo O'Hearn) - Vocals, Keyboards (Bat Castle, Dr. Brainwarp, Deuxmonkey)
Black Ninja (Matt Thompson) - Drums (King Diamond, Bat Castle, Autumn Silence, Michael Harris, Judgement, Surgeon (USA), Deuxmonkey)
Red Dragon (David O'Hearn) - Guitars, Vocals (Bat Castle)
Black Scorpion (Kenny Lovern) - Guitars, Vocals
White Dragon (Gary Thorne) - Bass


1. Romanza 1:11
2. Centipede 4:10
3. Snake 6:10
4. Scorpion 5:07
5. Lizard 5:16
6. Toad 4:38
7. Mischief and Epiphany 3:51
8. Let Us Welcome The Actors 4:59
9. Last Stand 3:08
10. Farewell 3:47
11. Peace Be Upon You 2:20

Para mas info visita

Imagen IPB

Imagen IPB

Imagen IPB
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