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Nueva REPO de ChileComparte

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Actualizando con tweaks compatible con iOS 7.




Tweaks en la repo :


Slo-mo Mod iOS 7
Stealth Cam iOS 7
iCaughtU iOS 7
StatusBarFix2 iOS 7
iCleaner iOS 7
Soft Remix for iPad iOS 7
afc2add iOS 7
Redsgn iOS 7
Activator iOS 7
Circulus iOS 7
Five Icon Dock (iOS 7)
CleverPin iOS 7
AppSync for iOS 7.0+
LocalIAPStore iOS 7
Instahancer iOS 7
AppSync for iOS 4.x-6.x
3G Unrestrictor 5 (iOS 6 & 7)
AppSync for OS 3.2
Display Recorder iOS 7
iFile iOS 7
WinterBoard iOS 7
AppSync for iOS 5.0+
AppSync for OS 3.1
AppSync for 4.0+
chilecomparte-repo's Icon Pack



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