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  1. [img]https://i116.fastpic.org/big/2021/1024/7f/5923be35deb3491a85b3a12a6f06a87f.jpeg[/img] MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 35 lectures (12h 15m) | Size: 8.4 GB CAD for Jewelery Design [b]What you'll learn:[/b] This course is aimed at students who are new to MatrixGold or anyone who has used Rhino, Matrix or RhinoGold. In this course we will cover the essentials to get you started learning MatrixGold, as well as offering you dozens of tips & tricks using Rhino commands. You'll learn about 3D modeling best practices for designing, printing, & casting your jewelry. At completion of this course you'll have a thorough understanding of the MatrixGold tools you will use for many of your projects. [b]Requirements[/b] You will need a valid lic of MatrixGold and Rhino 6 / 7 software A Windows PC and a mouse [b]Description[/b] In this course, I will guide you through the basics and more advanced techniques of using MatrixGold to create jewellery designs. Each training video contains detailed explanations, with visual cues and on-screen prompts to guide you through each lesson. Our self-paced video training is aimed a beginners and students who are new to MatrixGold. You'll not only learn the basics, but many tips and tricks as well, so this course is ideal for students who have little or no experience using MatrixGold, or anyone who has used Rhino, Matrix or RhinoGold and is now begining to learn MatrixGold. Our training will not only teach you how to use the MatrixGold builders and dynamic commands to speed up your design process, but also how to problem-solve many issues with your CAD designs. Whether you have completed your subsciption to the GV MatrixGold Academy or still using the Academy, I promise you there's so much more to learn. All of the lessons are project-based, so you will applying your new skills immediately to create some practical, real-world designs. We've included the completed .3DM files for each of the projects, so you can download them & refer to them whenever you need. Initally there is around 12.5 hours of training videos, but we will add additional training excercises by the end of October 2021 to offer over 15-hours of training. [b]Who this course is for[/b] New users of MatrixGold & jewelers who are starting their journey into CAD Design Users of Rhino, Matrix or RhinoGold This course is aimed as jewelers who have experience hand-making jewelry, but of course we cover some jewelry fundamentals so if you are new to Jewelery Design you'll be learning some best practices for designing, printing & casting your designs Homepage [code]https://www.udemy.com/course/matrixgold-essentials-for-jewelers-video-training-course/[/code] [code] https://hot4share.com/wphcphnz8lil/2leu4.M.E.f.J..V.T.C.part1.rar.html https://hot4share.com/ht2oenpxm9h4/2leu4.M.E.f.J..V.T.C.part2.rar.html https://hot4share.com/axyhbxuj5lyq/2leu4.M.E.f.J..V.T.C.part3.rar.html https://hot4share.com/ap5gudtrexy1/2leu4.M.E.f.J..V.T.C.part4.rar.html https://hot4share.com/hs6e3mouebt0/2leu4.M.E.f.J..V.T.C.part5.rar.html [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] https://uploadgig.com/file/download/59581036CdA04f30/2leu4.M.E.f.J..V.T.C.part1.rar https://uploadgig.com/file/download/d7bd24442b3736ab/2leu4.M.E.f.J..V.T.C.part2.rar https://uploadgig.com/file/download/69170df86136a924/2leu4.M.E.f.J..V.T.C.part3.rar https://uploadgig.com/file/download/D021C744eB4E3681/2leu4.M.E.f.J..V.T.C.part4.rar https://uploadgig.com/file/download/54a753cD97acfd36/2leu4.M.E.f.J..V.T.C.part5.rar Download ( Rapidgator ) https://rapidgator.net/file/95d3e466b1b54e84e5e8bf86f9712f53/2leu4.M.E.f.J..V.T.C.part1.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/0f786fc1acf08366cc89173e3f42579d/2leu4.M.E.f.J..V.T.C.part2.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/1c83ea933bd660ecb1f412303a0fa10b/2leu4.M.E.f.J..V.T.C.part3.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/9a03341cc0a0b27d6520cecfdcdffebf/2leu4.M.E.f.J..V.T.C.part4.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/c6981b8141b23c33bf3057758aaf8e12/2leu4.M.E.f.J..V.T.C.part5.rar.html[/code] [b]Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction[/b]
  2. [img]https://i116.fastpic.org/big/2021/1024/26/8954430986ea384797143f0f10b9ea26.jpeg[/img] Duration: 2h 14m | Video: .MP4 1280x720, 30 fps(r) | Audio: AAC, 48000 Hz, 2ch | Size: 1.48 GB Genre: eLearning | Language: English Learn to make your own videos! This course will teach you the basics of video editing in DaVinci Resolve 17 as well as some slightly more challenging editing tricks.After completing the course, you'll be able to create YouTube-ready videos such as game videos and vlogs. 2 hours of content where we go straight to the point. This course proceeds logically and includes the most essential things a novice video maker should know. The video editing software used in the course is free. [b]What you'll learn[/b]: animating elements with keyframes video tracking so you'll be able to hold elements in place while the camera is moving creating effects with the node editor in the Fusion page color correction and masking using the color tools how to add music and sounds to a video and adjust them to fit recording voice-over to a video using transitions and effects in a video adding text and images over the video creating presets for different types of projects creating presets for the best rendering settings working on the timeline using keyboard shortcuts using LUTs to correct video colors how to create Compound clips and use the Smart Bin clipping and trimming clips on the timeline downloading and adding new fonts to the video editor using the Media, Cut, Edit, Fusion, Color, Fairlight, and Deliver pages theory of frame rate (FPS), resolution, and bitrate making a video from start to finish After the course, you can use what you have learned to create different kinds of videos and publish them, for example, on YouTube to get feedback from potential viewers. Through feedback and regular practicing, you'll become a better video maker. When you do this, the keyboard shortcuts of the editor stick in your mind, which makes the editing phase much smoother. It may also be worthwhile to create a workflow that suits you so you can finish your videos as efficiently as possible.To do this, you may want to use the Smart Bin feature of the editor so that you can easily add, for example, your intro or outro to each of your videos. If you want, you can explore the DaVinci Resolve's Fusion and Color pages more deeply after the course and learn how to create effects that enhance the look of your videos and strengthen your channel brand. [code] https://hot4share.com/dzwnwk80zfez/0hqp3.V.E.F.D.R.17.C.C.part1.rar.html https://hot4share.com/cf7dvur2benf/0hqp3.V.E.F.D.R.17.C.C.part2.rar.html[/code] [b]Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction[/b]
  3. [img]https://i116.fastpic.org/big/2021/1024/01/2216b1dc8978fa7c46333e051f40e101.jpeg[/img] Duration: 4h 10m | Project Files Included | Video: 2560x1080, 48kHz | 1.4 GB Genre: eLearning | Language: English Includes: Video process (1.0 hours) PSD files Brushes Homepage https://www.artstation.com/marketplace/p/jWzgr/workflow-video-process [code] https://hot4share.com/xcm45oqtr6gk/ul6qk.A..W..V.P.rar.html [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] https://uploadgig.com/file/download/2e9e04280ba2137b/ul6qk.A..W..V.P.rar Download ( Rapidgator ) https://rapidgator.net/file/4b534d4f0aa83993c6900e794b23a11f/ul6qk.A..W..V.P.rar.html[/code] [b]Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction[/b]
  4. [img]https://i116.fastpic.org/big/2021/1024/dc/6ab502199a871d2ec284645036de8adc.jpeg[/img] [b]Aimersoft Video Suite | Multilingua | macOS | 206 mb[/b] Your all-in-one video solution to convert, compress, download videos, burn DVDs and more. Aimersoft Video Suite allows you to convert between all digital video formats with lossless quality. With this software, you can convert 1,000+ video formats, including WebM, HEVC, FLV, MP4, MOV, MTS, and more. As expected, it supports input/output of HD 720P/480P, Full HD 1080P, and UHD 4K videos. Let's learn the step-by-step guides below. - High-speed conversion with GPU acceleration. - Compress any media files without quality loss. - Full-featured video editor for your creativity. - Download online Videos - Rip DVD and Burn DVD effortlessly. [b]Compatibility[/b]: macOS 10.11 or later [b]Homepage[/b]:[code]https://www.aimersoft.com[/code] [code] https://hot4share.com/nmbp8daghb7q/rd702.Aimersoft.Video.Suite. Download ( Rapidgator ) https://rapidgator.net/file/7cd1ee1bd8e4a601e6357881676e6686/rd702.Aimersoft.Video.Suite. [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] https://uploadgig.com/file/download/804720d3591f34a5/rd702.Aimersoft.Video.Suite.[/code]
  5. [img]https://i116.fastpic.org/big/2021/1023/bb/da6e7ff4f128486b5a04931e165de4bb.jpeg[/img] [b]Aiseesoft Mac Video Converter Ultimate 10.2.12 | macOS | 131 mb[/b] The best Mac video software ever, allowing users to easily download, convert and edit videos including 4K videos as well as homemade DVDs on Mac. - Support external audio track and multi-audio track (New) - Enhance video quality for clearer visual experience - Rotate and flip video file with one click - Stabilize shaky videos to get a stabilization screen - Download and save online videos on Mac, including 4K videos - Support converting videos to and from 4K UHD - Edit your videos It can convert home DVDs and videos to all popular video formats including MOV, AVI, MP4, MPG, MKV, HD MP4, HD MOV, etc. It also supports 4K converting, which means you can use it to convert all leading standard and high definition video formats to and from 4K video/audio formats. It supports every popular 4K encoding technology, including H.265/HEVC, H.264, MPEG, Xvid, VP8, VP9, etc. It supports the latest macOS High Sierra. High compatibility makes it suitable for all Mac users. Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or late Homepage: http://www.aiseesoft.com [code] https://hot4share.com/h8j1dll01ib4/vro5l.Aiseesoft.Mac.Video.Converter.Ultimate.10.2.12.macOS.rar.html Download ( Rapidgator ) https://rapidgator.net/file/d81fc19294d33e45e983ffe5f898a3ff/vro5l.Aiseesoft.Mac.Video.Converter.Ultimate.10.2.12.macOS.rar.html [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] https://uploadgig.com/file/download/6fb1ffe431e0cc0D/vro5l.Aiseesoft.Mac.Video.Converter.Ultimate.10.2.12.macOS.rar[/code]
  6. [img]https://i116.fastpic.org/big/2021/1022/dd/86629e580d0f1a73ee95ef5f489bbcdd.jpeg[/img] [b]4K Video Downloader 4.18.2 Multilingual | macOS | 118 mb[/b] 4K Video Downloader allows to download video, audio and subtitles from YouTube in high-quality and as fast as your computer and connection will allow. If you want that video on your iPad, iPhone or other device we've got you covered. [b]Compatibility:[/b]OS X 10.10 or later [b]Homepage[/b]:[code]https://www.4kdownload.com[/code] [code] https://hot4share.com/t0pq7vo9if04/ysbei.4K.Video.Downloader.4.18.2.macOS.rar.html Download ( Rapidgator ) https://rapidgator.net/file/e2d19c28942cde8900a1b74ce6e31369/ysbei.4K.Video.Downloader.4.18.2.macOS.rar.html [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] https://uploadgig.com/file/download/83412f6d8F17743e/ysbei.4K.Video.Downloader.4.18.2.macOS.rar[/code]
  7. [img]https://i116.fastpic.org/big/2021/1022/9d/935050b58b71711ace0f612a0caf309d.jpeg[/img] [b]Allavsoft Video Downloader Converter Multilingual Portable | 53.2 Mb[/b] This powerful Video Downloader supports downloading movies, music videos, playlist, sport videos, lectures and more from free video sharing website like Facebook, Dailymotion, eHow, and more than 100 video sharing sites. Besides downloading video in its original format, Allavsoft also features one-click to download as well as convert the downloaded video to popular video format like MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VOB, ASF, RMVB, DV, TS, Apple ProRes, WebM, FLV, OGV and etc. This ideal Web Video Downloader app enables selecting among all video qualities available for downloading like download videos in ultra high definition (4K), 3D video, HD 2k, HD 1080p, HD 720p, and stand definition 480p, 360p, and 240p. This professional Video Downloading and Converting tool also helps to extract and download audio from online music video or movies as well as convert to popular audio format like MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, AAC, Apple Lossless M4A, AIFF, RA, FLAC, OGG, AU and etc. Batch download and convert Allavsoft supports adding multiple video URLs and batch downloading and converting multiple videos at a time. When download web video files, this wonderful Video Downloader will automatically detects advertisements and does not download them. Preview and playback downloaded video files There is a built-in video player in Allavsoft for us to preview and playback the downloaded video files. Breakpoint Resume You can pause and resume downloading at any time. It is very convenient to use. Action after download done You can set automatically shut down computer after all the download tasks are finished, if you have lots of videos to download and want to leave your Windows on to download them. Keep history for downloading. System Requirements Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 1GHz Intel/AMD processor or above 512MB RAM or more 30MB free hard disk space for installation Super VGA (800 x 600) resolution, 16-bit graphics card or higher Home Page - http://www.allavsoft.com/ Visit All My News [code] https://hot4share.com/omgsrpf0r9tn/170hr.Allavsoft.Video.Downloader.Converter. Download ( Rapidgator ) https://rapidgator.net/file/1975389ea422e8007346ffb2d416f77c/170hr.Allavsoft.Video.Downloader.Converter. [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] https://uploadgig.com/file/download/125c91A94115Fb08/170hr.Allavsoft.Video.Downloader.Converter.[/code]
  8. [img]https://i115.fastpic.org/big/2021/1015/a9/ebddd262d7896838c2b426bd23f5ffa9.jpeg[/img] [b]iPixSoft GIF to Video Converter 3.4.0 Portable | 7.4 Mb[/b] iPixSoft GIF to Video Converter is a easy to use GIF to Video converter. It helps to convert image file such as gif, jpeg,bmp,png to video format file such as avi,mp4,wmv,mkv,flv,mov,mpg. [b]Features:[/b] Convert GIF image to MP4 Video Convert GIF image to PSP Video MP4 Convert GIF image to AVI Video Convert GIF image to WMV Video Convert GIF image to MKV Video Convert GIF image to FLV Video Convert GIF image to MOV Video Conver tGIF image to MPEG(PAL) Video Convert GIF image to MPEG(MTSC) Video Operating System: Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10 [b]Home Page -[/b]http://www.ipixsoft.com/ [code] https://hot4share.com/978efsd1lab8/g142a.iPixSoft.GIF.to.Video.Converter.3.4.0.Portable.rar.html Download ( Rapidgator ) https://rapidgator.net/file/ca124e0c9ac15a98364d12008da59a73/g142a.iPixSoft.GIF.to.Video.Converter.3.4.0.Portable.rar.html [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] https://uploadgig.com/file/download/d433C2c526e42Fa5/g142a.iPixSoft.GIF.to.Video.Converter.3.4.0.Portable.rar[/code]
  9. [img]https://i115.fastpic.org/big/2021/1015/e9/ed665895c83b9872102e73b8a0e914e9.jpeg[/img] [b]Movavi Video Suite 22.0 (x64) Multilingual + Portable | 137.7/315 Mb[/b] Movavi Video Suite is comprehensive video making software that helps you create professional-looking movies and slideshows on your home computer - even if you have no experience.Incorporate music, create text captions, apply visual effects and transitions - you can do whatever you want with your video. In addition to the video making app, Movavi Video Suite contains a number of useful apps to help every video maker: powerful video converter that supports 180+ media formats, convenient utility for burning DVDs, a special tool for digitizing analog video, and more. Making video with Movavi is easy and fun! So, let's get started! With Movavi movie making software you can: - Make a movie from video or audio clips already stored on your computer, mobile device, or camera - Create a slideshow from photos or pictures - Capture video from a screen and make a video tutorial - Record yourself on a webcam to create a unique entry for your blog Improve Video Quality Stabilize shaky video, tweak color settings, sharpen blurry video, and much more Cut and Join Cut out unnecessary fragments or join individual clips to make one longer movie Let Your Story Flow Smoothly Link the different segments of your video with stylish transitions Work with Audio - Add background music and sound effects in almost any format - Take advantage of the built-in ready-made audio tracks and samples - Record your own voice-over using your microphone - Vary audio volume and playback speed, equalize sound, apply fade-in/out effects - Overlay creative filters like Robot, Echo, Radio, and more Add Captions and Labels - Choose from over 100 fonts - Add atmosphere with animated text - Create colorful text backgrounds - Enliven your movies with stickers and callouts And that's not all! In addition to Movavi's video maker, you also get a set of useful apps that will come in handy anytime you're working with video. You'll find: The most powerful video converter ever! Supports more than 180 video, audio, and image formats, changes the file format as quickly as copying it from one folder to another. Convenient app for screen capturing Records all your screen activity at the best quality possible: your use of applications, streaming video and audio, and much more. Video Digitizer Will accurately digitize your VHS collection or video stream from your TV tuner, as well as transfer AVCHD-camera recordings to your computer. [b]System Requirements:[/b] - Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 with up-to-date patches and service packs installed - Intel, AMD, or compatible dual-core processor, 1.5 GHz - NVIDIA GeForce series 8, Intel® HD Graphics 2000, AMD Radeon™ R600 or higher graphics card with up-to-date drivers - 1280x768 screen resolution, 32-bit color - 512 MB RAM for Windows XP and Windows Vista, - 2 GB for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 - 830 MB available hard disk space for installation, - 2 GB for ongoing operations - Administrator permissions are required for installation [b]Home Page[/b]-http://www.movavi.com/suite/ [code] https://hot4share.com/k5wu6fflggmz/o7nan.Movavi.Video.Suite.22.0.Portablex64.rar.html https://hot4share.com/nnvfj8xd6uct/o7nan.MovaviVideoSuite22.rar.html Download ( Rapidgator ) https://rapidgator.net/file/8c2a736a2beca6e683ce67a8ab82e947/o7nan.Movavi.Video.Suite.22.0.Portablex64.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/b2e9778348cca4cb317a086998d83b25/o7nan.MovaviVideoSuite22.rar.html [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] https://uploadgig.com/file/download/0e372D4D8dd9a196/o7nan.Movavi.Video.Suite.22.0.Portablex64.rar https://uploadgig.com/file/download/b622b0eDd663fff3/o7nan.MovaviVideoSuite22.rar[/code]
  10. [img]https://i115.fastpic.org/big/2021/1015/e0/fd034b10cbdacbc7fc8170bee96bc7e0.jpeg[/img] [b]Movavi Video Editor Plus 22.0 (x64) Multilingual + Portable | 82.3/115.5 Mb[/b] If your inner filmmaker craves more video editing tools, Movavi Video Editor Plus is just what you need. The program includes all the functionality of our standard Video Editor, PLUS some exciting extra features like object animation. Object Animation Wondering how to make your videos more dynamic? Use keyframe animation to add seamless movement to overlay clips, titles, stickers, and callouts. More Built-in Media Need more videos, stickers, and audio clips for your project? Here's what you get in the Video Editor Plus built-in collections: 16 new video clips, 86 themed stickers, and 22 new music tracks! Automatic Video Creation Want to make a movie from your recorded footage, but don't want to spend time on video editing? Now you can just add your videos and photos to the smart Montage Wizard and it will produce a movie with the music of your choice in minutes. [b]System Requirements:[/b] Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7/8/10 with up-to-date patches and service packs installed Intel®, AMD®, or compatible dual-core processor, 1.5 GHz Intel® HD Graphics 2000, NVIDIA® GeForce® series 8 and 8M, Quadro FX 4800, Quadro FX 5600, AMD Radeon™ R600, Mobility Radeon™ HD 4330, Mobility FirePro™ series, Radeon™ R5 M230 or higher graphics card with up-to-date drivers 1280x768 screen resolution, 32-bit color 512 MB RAM for Windows XP and Windows Vista, 2 GB for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 800 MB available hard disk space for installation, 500 MB for ongoing operations Administrator permissions are required for installation [b]Home Page[/b]-[code]https://www.movavi.com/[/code] [code] https://hot4share.com/yneu02f1x4ev/3oy3u.Movavi.Video.Editor.Plus.22.0.Portablex64.rar.html https://hot4share.com/4yqu5glu5863/3oy3u.VideoEditorPlus21.rar.html Download ( Rapidgator ) https://rapidgator.net/file/4aec95d50297cf1f361e4a2b5e9e9de9/3oy3u.Movavi.Video.Editor.Plus.22.0.Portablex64.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/c429b36229ef31b74af9957c9e82b9ce/3oy3u.VideoEditorPlus21.rar.html [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] https://uploadgig.com/file/download/85a3c84e2821da5c/3oy3u.Movavi.Video.Editor.Plus.22.0.Portablex64.rar https://uploadgig.com/file/download/7b23f71b11c0e3f0/3oy3u.VideoEditorPlus21.rar[/code]
  11. [img]https://i115.fastpic.org/big/2021/1015/fe/3fcea092e9d5042fa2a10659a1156bfe.jpeg[/img] [b]Movavi Video Converter 22.0 (x64) Premium Multilingual + Portable | 49.5/69.4 Mb[/b] Enjoy video and music your way! With Movavi Video Converter, you can prepare your multimedia files for instant playback in any format and on any device. And you don't need to be a geek to do it: just select the format or device you want from the vast list of supported options and hit one button - your files will be ready in seconds. Plus you get a huge range of exciting extras: enhance video quality, adjust and normalize sound levels, trim, merge, crop, and rotate files before you convert - all through our trademark user-friendly interface that's so easy to master! Work with video, audio, and images in any format - Open video files in any format and resolution, including Ultra HD. - Transfer your DVD collection to your hard drive - rip DVDs and save them as video files. - Process your entire music library with one click. - Convert image files between most popular formats. Be sure you get the best-possible quality results - Choose the exact format you need: the program supports all current video, audio, and image formats and codecs. - Enjoy one-click conversion of media files for 200+ mobile devices using our handy ready-made presets. - Prepare your video for uploading to video hosting sites and social networks quickly, easily - and automatically. Save time thanks to leading-edge technologies - Using our innovative SuperSpeed mode, you can convert video up to 79x faster than using traditional conversion methods. No re-compression or loss of quality! - Support for NVIDIA CUDA, NVENC, and Intel HD Graphics hardware acceleration increases conversion speed up to 3.5 times. - Use your multicore processor to the max! The software estimates your CPU usage and loads the processor cores in the most efficient way, converting 2 or 4 H.264 files simultaneously. [b]Other Features:[/b] Extract Audio Extract audio from video and save any portion of a movie soundtrack to create ringtones and music samples. Adjust Sound Increase, decrease or normalize sound volume. Transfer up to 16 soundtracks to your final video. Create GIFs Create comic GIF animations from your video files. Specify the video segments you want to convert to GIF. Save Frames Capture from videos and save them in popular image formats. Share Online Upload converted files to social media sites from right inside the program using the built-in Share Online app. Watch Folder Specify a folder and conversion parameters, and all video files in that folder will be converted automatically. Flexible Settings Choose video and audio codecs, specify custom resolution, bitrate, and other advanced settings. Two-pass Encoding Choose this option for optimal balance between size and quality of output video. [b]System Requirements:[/b] - Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 with up-to-date patches and service packs installed - Intel, AMD or compatible processor, 1 GHz - NVIDIA GeForce series 6 or higher, AMD Radeon R600 or higher graphics card with up-to-date drivers - 1024x768 screen resolution, 32-bit color - 256 MB RAM for Windows XP, 512 MB for Windows Vista, - 1 GB for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 - 140 MB available hard disk space for installation, - 750 MB for ongoing operations - Administrator permissions are required for installation [b]Home Page[/b]-http://www.movavi.com/ [code] https://hot4share.com/qpyu58esv5ma/0uruf.Movavi.Video.Converter.22.0.Premium.Portablex64.rar.html https://hot4share.com/1qyf3avka0fc/0uruf.MovaviVideoConverterPremium21.rar.html Download ( Rapidgator ) https://rapidgator.net/file/826992f2bf7afac478673ee2f38d3193/0uruf.Movavi.Video.Converter.22.0.Premium.Portablex64.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/106cf3ff88fd5fdbd62b5e47531d633d/0uruf.MovaviVideoConverterPremium21.rar.html [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] https://uploadgig.com/file/download/78b486675F812938/0uruf.Movavi.Video.Converter.22.0.Premium.Portablex64.rar https://uploadgig.com/file/download/f3f89E2151a909d9/0uruf.MovaviVideoConverterPremium21.rar[/code]
  12. [img]https://i115.fastpic.org/big/2021/1015/ef/8ce13a2804217eb3ffe435744e665eef.jpeg[/img] [b]Allavsoft Video Downloader Converter Multilingual + Portable | 35.3/54.2 Mb[/b] This powerful Video Downloader supports downloading movies, music videos, playlist, sport videos, lectures and more from free video sharing website like Facebook, Dailymotion, eHow, and more than 100 video sharing sites. Besides downloading video in its original format, Allavsoft also features one-click to download as well as convert the downloaded video to popular video format like MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VOB, ASF, RMVB, DV, TS, Apple ProRes, WebM, FLV, OGV and etc. This ideal Web Video Downloader app enables selecting among all video qualities available for downloading like download videos in ultra high definition (4K), 3D video, HD 2k, HD 1080p, HD 720p, and stand definition 480p, 360p, and 240p. This professional Video Downloading and Converting tool also helps to extract and download audio from online music video or movies as well as convert to popular audio format like MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, AAC, Apple Lossless M4A, AIFF, RA, FLAC, OGG, AU and etc. Batch download and convert Allavsoft supports adding multiple video URLs and batch downloading and converting multiple videos at a time. When download web video files, this wonderful Video Downloader will automatically detects advertisements and does not download them. Preview and playback downloaded video files There is a built-in video player in Allavsoft for us to preview and playback the downloaded video files. Breakpoint Resume You can pause and resume downloading at any time. It is very convenient to use. Action after download done You can set automatically shut down computer after all the download tasks are finished, if you have lots of videos to download and want to leave your Windows on to download them. Keep history for downloading. [b]System Requirements[/b] Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 1GHz Intel/AMD processor or above 512MB RAM or more 30MB free hard disk space for installation Super VGA (800 x 600) resolution, 16-bit graphics card or higher [b]Home Page[/b]-http://www.allavsoft.com/ Visit All My News [code] https://hot4share.com/kjiea2p5mugs/tgp6r.Allavsoft3.rar.html https://hot4share.com/635iy6uodqdt/tgp6r.AllavsoftPortable3.23.8.7948.rar.html Download ( Rapidgator ) https://rapidgator.net/file/ee153d5705bd49c38225d419596534cd/tgp6r.Allavsoft3.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/00b4e2457958f477bfb845f46214cbdc/tgp6r.AllavsoftPortable3.23.8.7948.rar.html [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] https://uploadgig.com/file/download/c36d6caff02A2712/tgp6r.Allavsoft3.rar https://uploadgig.com/file/download/2F469dFc32Ebcb9c/tgp6r.AllavsoftPortable3.23.8.7948.rar[/code]
  13. [img]https://i115.fastpic.org/big/2021/1003/03/cb8bb244137f0976ea4eb3273a84c103.jpeg[/img] MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 22 lectures (1h 32m) | Size: 1.26 GB Learn how to compose memorable music for video games, Learn different musical styles & write original music in any genre [b]What you'll learn:[/b] Learn how to compose original music for video games Learn a variety of musical styles to use in any video game genre Learn how to use digital audio workstations (DAWs) to compose video game music Learn foundational music theory practices to use in your compositions Learn how to market your skills to video game developers [b]Requirements[/b] Access to a computer with internet No previous music training is required for this course A midi keyboard is helpful but not required [b]Description[/b] Video Game Music Composition Masterclass: Complete A-Z Guide for Composing Game Music Learn first hand what it takes to succeed as a video game music composer. Learn from the ground up what it takes to go from beginner to video game composing pro with this course, taught by Kyle Davies, long-time musician, pianist and composer. Kyle has a masters degree in Music and has been composing for the past 20 years. This course offers a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to starting out as a video game composer. You have the opportunity to create exciting, vibrant video game music that other's can enjoy, starting with zero music experience. With hard work, focus and dedication, you can master the skills needed to make your video game music concepts a reality. This course is a must-have for those looking to grow their skills in video game composition. You will learn how to work with game audio engines like FMod and Unity. These will allow you to program your music to share with game developers. In this course you will learn: How to begin composing today with no previous composing experience (with full walkthroughs) How to build beautiful layers of sound Music theory foundational lessons on melody, harmony and rhythm Solid foundational video game basic skills How to use Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) to create video game music How to use Game Audio Engines like FMod and Unity This course also includes how to take your game music composing skills to the next level with: The #1 Way to Improve as a video game composer Keyboard shortcuts that will save you time while composing How to market your skills as a video game composer This course is easy to follow with many full live demos and walkthroughs of exactly what to do. This is perfect for those who want to learn how to begin composing game music. Your instructor, Kyle, has over 20 years of professional music experience. He has composed for many of those years and will be able to guide you through the challenges and opportunities of composing. Learn how to compose original music for video games today. This course is design for all abilities and levels. No previous experience is necessary. Who this course is for: Beginner music composers curious about creating music for video games Experienced music composers looking to break into the video game music industry Gamers who want to learn how they could create music for video games from scratch [b]Who this course is for[/b] Beginner music composers curious about creating music for video games Experienced composers looking to start up in the video game music industry Amateur or hardcore gamers who want to learn how they could create music for video games from scratch Homepage [code]https://www.udemy.com/course/game-music-masterclass[/code] [code] https://hot4share.com/6qttxwoo0gws/rgiof.Video.Game.Music.Composition.Masterclass.Complete.AZ.Guide.rar.html [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] https://uploadgig.com/file/download/925fD1c45eEb33D3/rgiof.Video.Game.Music.Composition.Masterclass.Complete.AZ.Guide.rar Download ( Rapidgator ) https://rapidgator.net/file/e972405a7e3b42f63b309dcac5f170f0/rgiof.Video.Game.Music.Composition.Masterclass.Complete.AZ.Guide.rar.html[/code] [b]Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction[/b]
  14. [img]https://i115.fastpic.org/big/2021/1003/4e/5aed5264659d12c37d50b7e4d9b9d94e.jpeg[/img] Genre: eLearning | MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz Language: English | Size: 4.65 GB | Duration: 4h 49m Master routing on Juniper from entry to advanced level including OSPF routing protocol What you'll learn Understand Routing on Juniper Be able to configure Routing on Juniper products Master Static route on Juniper Master OSPF routing protocol on Juniper Description Routing is needed is every network. That's why, we, as network engineers, should understand routing well to be able to configure it correctly in our network. A lot of companies used Juniper as their main routers in their networks, that's why I have decided to make a course speaking about routing in general in Juniper and show you with LABS how to configure routing on Juniper routers. This course will include theoretical part as well as a practical part. That means we are going to configure routing on Juniper routers and make them work. Something like static routes, default routes, floating routes and most importantly OSPF. More than 60% of this course will be based on OSPF which is the most used dynamic routing protocol in every networks nowadays. In the 1st part of this bootcamp I will speak about: Why we need routing Static Route vs Dynamic Route Routing versus forwarding table Routing and forwarding table LAB Static routing Route preference Routing instances Import Export and Default routing policies Understand the structure of the routing policies in the 2nd part of this course, I will speak about: Link state theory OSPF Hello packet OSPF DR & BDR Multi-area on OSPF OSPF Passive interface OSPF Virtual link OSPF Route Aggregation OSPF Default originate OSPF LSA types OSPF Stub areas Finally, if you wish to master routing on Juniper, I advice to buy this video bootcamp and I guarantee you that after finishing this course you will be able easily to configure routing in your network. Who this course is for: Engineers who wish to learn routing on Juniper routers Homepage [code]https://www.udemy.com/course/juniper-routing-all-in-1-video-bootcamp/[/code] [code] https://hot4share.com/b1oklwtj9njj/zfxjz.Juniper.Routing.Allin1.Video.Bootcamp.part1.rar.html https://hot4share.com/1w9ckjf1lanx/zfxjz.Juniper.Routing.Allin1.Video.Bootcamp.part2.rar.html https://hot4share.com/n6udf4c339ue/zfxjz.Juniper.Routing.Allin1.Video.Bootcamp.part3.rar.html [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] https://uploadgig.com/file/download/B0a64809111339aC/zfxjz.Juniper.Routing.Allin1.Video.Bootcamp.part1.rar https://uploadgig.com/file/download/c832F75ca4eD6ef4/zfxjz.Juniper.Routing.Allin1.Video.Bootcamp.part2.rar https://uploadgig.com/file/download/4bc5c7e2Cde55726/zfxjz.Juniper.Routing.Allin1.Video.Bootcamp.part3.rar Download ( Rapidgator ) https://rapidgator.net/file/670240d8c4ec1cdaaaf035be4cc97692/zfxjz.Juniper.Routing.Allin1.Video.Bootcamp.part1.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/f5ce6a401a5ef97537f3254b312107a7/zfxjz.Juniper.Routing.Allin1.Video.Bootcamp.part2.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/2198e718dcea6bc2b62a15b470c16376/zfxjz.Juniper.Routing.Allin1.Video.Bootcamp.part3.rar.html[/code] [b]Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction[/b]
  15. [img]https://i115.fastpic.org/big/2021/1003/18/c0e03fddc05aac1f89deadb01fd5a518.jpeg[/img] Created by Atlas Meditation | Last updated 2/2021 Duration: 46m | 1 section | 12 lectures | Video: 1280x720, 44 KHz | 361 MB Genre: eLearning | Language: English + Sub improve your focusing skills [b]What you'll learn[/b] focusing on whats really important [b]Requirements[/b] NO [b]Description[/b] Visualization relies on the concept of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that whatever our mind is focusing on is what we are most likely to attract into our own lives. The basic principle is that the things we think will eventually begin to shape our reality. So if we are fixated on the negative, we will attract more negative. But if we Focus on the life that we most want to live, then that is what we will attract to ourselves. And that is always the most productive thing we can do! With this video guide you will learn how and why visualization can turn our goals into our realities. Topics covered: What Is Visualization And How Can It Benefit Our Lives How Does Visualization Work Examples Of Effective Visualization Throughout History Preparing Yourself For Effective Visualization The Vision Board Technique Utilizing Affirmations To Achieve Visualization Results Writing Down Your Goals For Effective Visualization Visualize Getting The Results You Want Most Inserting Yourself Into Pictures Of The Life You Want [code] https://hot4share.com/basm2os1iskc/stt2b.Guide.To.Positive.Visualization.Video.Upgrade.rar.html [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] https://uploadgig.com/file/download/2caEF897f7e1422b/stt2b.Guide.To.Positive.Visualization.Video.Upgrade.rar Download ( Rapidgator ) https://rapidgator.net/file/e1f7a53d85454d678a0de82ef0bfb213/stt2b.Guide.To.Positive.Visualization.Video.Upgrade.rar.html[/code] [b]Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction[/b]
  16. [img]https://i115.fastpic.org/big/2021/1003/72/30cdece4a85e48bbc8fa2feda6de4072.jpeg[/img] MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz Language: English | Size: 1.61 GB | Duration: 2h 4m Make high-quality videos without being a professional video editor What you'll learn Create great-looking videos using Canva Basic to advanced video editing inside Canva - can be done anywhere, anytime Master the different library of elements inside Canva for achieving engaging online videos Create videos without showing your face. Requirements Have a Canva account Preferably, a Canva Pro (to get the most of the practicals) Description Can I make a video in Canva? Yes, you can! With Canva Video Editor, you can make high-quality videos without being a professional video editor. You'll find it easy (and fun) -- to make videos everyday using simple drag-and-drop tool that lets you make compelling short videos in minutes using Canva's library of pre-made templates. Wait let me ask you this. Are you really enjoying this? I mean having to use heavy software(s) to edit your videos and do your animations... I can guess your answer is NO. Millions of videos are made on Canva by beginners and pros alike. From YouTube intros to end credits to lower thirds to splitting videos to animating your images and more... Canva lets you do all of this without the headache of installing any software on your device. Canva is a free and online design tool where you can create videos anytime, anywhere. You don't need complex video editing tools to make professional-quality videos. Their library is packed with thousands of templates, free stock videos, animated graphics, and music tracks for you to select and quickly create a short video to post online. The good part is you can download your videos without any watermarks! I personally believe that making videos should be simple for everyone. And that is why I created this course. FOR YOU! This course walks you through everything you need to create great videos and animations using the brand new Canva Video Editor that was just released few days ago. Some of what you'll learn include: How to choose music How to create animated scenes How to create videos for YouTube How to make videos for Instagram reels or Tiktok using text, images, and stock videos How to trim your videos for errors How to compress video sizes without losing quality I know we are different people, and what can trigger my excitement is likely not going to trigger yours. However, if you are a Canva user, a creative, Youtuber, or entrepreneur, then this is going to excite you. And here's why: I've discovered that to appear professional online, brand your videos to appeal to more people, go viral on TikTok and Instagram reels, part of the many challenges that a lot of people experience is they do not have the time to learn a new software from scratch, or don't even the bandwidth to do a lot of heavy editing work. And the current solutions out there aren't really encouraging...either they are too expensive, or they flat out don't work as much. This is where Canva comes in. One single account covers your graphics as well as your videos. How awemazing is that! This course will help you go from basic level to expert creator using Canva Video Editor. You won't have to ever use any heavy softwares to edit your videos and do your animation anymore when you master how to use Canva to make your videos. And here's one more thing I'd like you to know. Since I have just launched this course to the public, I am offering it at a huge discount. So if you are a Canva user, creative, Youtuber, motion graphics creator, or entrepreneur, and you'd like to go from basic level to expert creator using Canva... ...then this course is going to be a perfect fit for you. What else is stopping you? Who this course is for: Anyone who wants to appear professional online, brand your videos to appeal to more people, go viral on TikTok and Instagram reels Homepage [code]https://www.udemy.com/course/canva-video-editor/[/code] [code] https://hot4share.com/hd4kylsvmo7b/euvao.Canva.Video.Editor.How.to.Make.Great.Videos..Animations.rar.html [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] https://uploadgig.com/file/download/9Cf2a176cE5eaEff/euvao.Canva.Video.Editor.How.to.Make.Great.Videos..Animations.rar Download ( Rapidgator ) https://rapidgator.net/file/6aff15418b8d468d3d6c797af0ec6bde/euvao.Canva.Video.Editor.How.to.Make.Great.Videos..Animations.rar.html[/code] [b]Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction[/b]
  17. [img]https://i115.fastpic.org/big/2021/1003/e2/a21a3dc336b867bc7847c29f01c4e6e2.jpeg[/img] 2.83 GiB | 10h 47mn | Video: .MP4 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44100 Hz, 2 channels, 128 Kbps Genre: eLearning | Language: English We know that the markets are not random and that there is a reason behind every move. Everybody can learn this and with our community you are on the right path to achieve this. Forex Course Full course content. From Supply / Demand to Entry types, we can show you everything. [code] https://hot4share.com/gsat1144pbbe/cekbk.Forex.Simplified.part1.rar.html https://hot4share.com/w669up7onqsc/cekbk.Forex.Simplified.part2.rar.html [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] https://uploadgig.com/file/download/72B4311eA3be1e33/cekbk.Forex.Simplified.part1.rar https://uploadgig.com/file/download/EB31283b68cEbb25/cekbk.Forex.Simplified.part2.rar Download ( Rapidgator ) https://rapidgator.net/file/da4135057354a63804c4137fc8f12af4/cekbk.Forex.Simplified.part1.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/a30b66705ae5fe686ac7acf0fd49b608/cekbk.Forex.Simplified.part2.rar.html[/code] [b]Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction[/b]
  18. [img]https://i115.fastpic.org/big/2021/1003/9b/f4e513cf5778f336689e313e6be6a19b.jpeg[/img] Nigel Broad | Duration: 0:57 h | Video: H264 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC 44,1 kHz 2ch | 428 MB | Language: English Arturia's Emulator II V is a recreation of E-Mu Systems' iconic 8-bit sampler that popularized sampling technology in the '80s. Learn how to use this reimagined instrument in this course, with trainer and synth expert Nigel Broad. Released in 1984 to critical acclaim and used by top artists (such as Stevie Wonder, Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode and so many more), the Emulator II played an important role in democratizing sampling technology. Compared to the Fairlight $32,000 price tag, the Emulator II was a bargain at the time at around $8000. However, finding a working unit nowadays is both difficult and much more expensive. Thanks to Arturia's Emulator II V, musicians can bring this classic sampler into the modern days. This course, by Nigel Broad will teach you all you need to know about Arturia's Emulator II V. Nigel begins the course with some historic background on the original Emulator II instrument. He then gives an overview of the user interface and explains how to work with the preset browser and find exactly what you're looking for. Every feature of the front panel is then explained and demonstrated: the filter, the LFO, the VCA, the arpeggiator, etc. After covering the main controls, Nigel dives deep into the advanced panel and reveals how to get under the surface and master the true sampling power of this instrument. So watch this course now, and master Arturia's Emulator II V with trainer and synth expert Nigel Broad. Homepage [code]https://ask.video/course/arturia-v---108-the-emulator-2-v[/code] [code] https://hot4share.com/1hdzgh7c381a/tgx9n.Arturia.V.108.The.Emulator.II.V.Explored.rar.html [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] https://uploadgig.com/file/download/4Ee61441e6b57bbC/tgx9n.Arturia.V.108.The.Emulator.II.V.Explored.rar Download ( Rapidgator ) https://rapidgator.net/file/15e6e272b27b9d489af76c37555df816/tgx9n.Arturia.V.108.The.Emulator.II.V.Explored.rar.html[/code] [b]Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction[/b]
  19. [img]https://i115.fastpic.org/big/2021/1003/86/a5c716c2f6a31e85c0c2d535b2190b86.jpeg[/img] Rishabh Rajan | Duration: 1:46 h | Video: H264 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC 44,1 kHz 2ch | 667 MB | Language: English [i]Arturia's JUN-6V and JUP-8V are accurately detailed recreations of legendary Roland synths from the '80s. Learn these new classics inside out with this course by trainer and sound designer Rishabh Rajan.[/i] When it comes to emulating classic synths from the past, Arturia are clearly amongst the best on the planet. Thanks to their exclusive TAE® (True Analog Emulation) modeling technology, they are able to reproduce the sound of highly sought-after vintage instruments, while enhancing them with modern features. In this course, synth expert Rishabh Rajan takes a deep look at Arturia's recreation of two iconic synths from the '80s: the Juno-6 (JUN-6 V) and Jupiter-8 (JUP-8 V). First, Rishabh gives an overview of Arturia's JUP-8V user interface, where you learn about the menus, main synthesizer control panel and its hidden advanced control panel. He then dives deep into the power of this monster polysynth, by covering every feature... You learn about the VCO, VCF and VCA sections, you discover the unlimited modulation possibilities offered by the Advanced panel, you learn about the Arpeggiator and Sequencer, the effects and more. The second section of the course is dedicated to the more basic but sonically inspiring JUN-6V. Again, every control of the synth is explained in minute details to help you get a deep understanding of the synth. So join in, and learn everything about the JUN-6V and JUP-8V in this course, with synth expert Rishabh Rajan! Homepage [code]https://ask.video/course/arturia-v-jup-8-and-jun-6-explored[/code] [code] https://hot4share.com/o4s9adcyl4mv/cf3d5.Arturia.V.107.Arturia.Jup8.V.and.Jun6.V.Explored.rar.html [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] https://uploadgig.com/file/download/6b10C738b3d69eaa/cf3d5.Arturia.V.107.Arturia.Jup8.V.and.Jun6.V.Explored.rar Download ( Rapidgator ) https://rapidgator.net/file/ce42c790c43c186bde98eaefc87d34f8/cf3d5.Arturia.V.107.Arturia.Jup8.V.and.Jun6.V.Explored.rar.html[/code] [b]Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction[/b]
  20. [img]https://i.postimg.cc/Sxhzk8VY/image.png[/img] [b]Ask Video - Korg Nautilus 101 Korg Nautilus Video Manual[/b] File Size :1.9 GB | Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Music/Sound | MP4 Korg's Nautilus is a powerful workstation packed with unlimited sonic potential. Watch this course by Matt Vanacoro and learn everything you need to know to start producing great sounds with Nautilus! With more than 2,200 sounds, sampling capabilities, a touchscreen and nine sound engines, the Korg Nautilus offers a lot of punch for the price. With such a powerful workstation, it can be difficult to master all its functionalities. This is why we asked keyboardist and educator Matt Vanacoro to create this course, where he covers everything you need to tame this beast of a keyboard. Matt jumps right in by exploring the back panel and explaining how to connect your gear. You discover the Set List and Program modes, and you learn how to navigate the banks and categories to find exactly the sound you're looking for. First thing you know, you start creating and saving your own programs by diving into the various engines. There's a lot of them to explore! Next, Matt teaches you how to use the flexible and complex Korg FX system. You also learn about sampling, using the awesome arpeggiator, creating combinations, recording with the sequencer, using external MIDI and a lot more! So if you already own a Korg Nautilus or are thinking of buying one, this course is made for you. Sit back and learn everything you need to know about this new Korg workstation with Matt Vanacoro [code]https://ask.video/course/korg-nautilus-video-manual[/code] [code] https://hot4share.com/w48upo9mr05i/Ask_Video_Korg_Nautilus_101_Korg_Nautilus_Video_Manual_TUTORiAL-FANTASTiC.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/96af762f391149bf286490716da97ebc/Ask_Video_Korg_Nautilus_101_Korg_Nautilus_Video_Manual_TUTORiAL-FANTASTiC.rar.html https://uploadgig.com/file/download/c3a47eea4D14a3e0/Ask_Video_Korg_Nautilus_101_Korg_Nautilus_Video_Manual_TUTORiAL-FANTASTiC.rar [/code]
  21. [img]https://i115.fastpic.org/big/2021/1001/04/2e1d40ceeccb9fbd998f9cceb12a8e04.jpeg[/img] Braulio Estima | Duration: 1:25 h | Video: Xvid 720x480 | Audio: MP3 48 kHz 2ch | 1,6 GB | Language: English Braulio Estima is one of the greatest grapplers in the world today. With numerous gold medals in the Mundials, ADCC, and European Championships, he had established himself as the grappler to beat. This DVD series explains his winning technique. Homepage [code]http://www.goldstarvideo.com/title/871[/code] [code] https://hot4share.com/lbsx9lwr88y7/e9k1o.Braulio.Estima.BJJ.Instructional.DVD.Set.rar.html [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] https://uploadgig.com/file/download/72337bdf4fe15e2A/e9k1o.Braulio.Estima.BJJ.Instructional.DVD.Set.rar Download ( Rapidgator ) https://rapidgator.net/file/6d3d42e456bfcac26ed5dc391a11563d/e9k1o.Braulio.Estima.BJJ.Instructional.DVD.Set.rar.html[/code] [b]Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction[/b]
  22. [img]https://i115.fastpic.org/big/2021/0928/fd/03a55739b06d0dbf9a83bcd3623936fd.jpeg[/img] Created by Chetan dayma | Last updated 8/2021 Duration: 33m | 1 section | 8 lectures | Video: 1280x720, 44 KHz | 570 MB Genre: eLearning | Language: English + Sub Master Basic Video Editing Skill Wondershare Filmora X & 9 (Complete Course For Free ) [b]What you'll learn[/b] You will Become A Basic Level Of video Editor After This Cousre Cut & Delete Unwanted Portion Of the Video ADD different Types Of Transition & Effects Import \ Export & Rendering Remove Any Audio From Video Fastest Course To Learn Fimora [b]Requirements[/b] Complete Beginner FriendlyRequired A Basic Laptop [b]Description[/b] Welcome, If you're a content creator, video maker, or someone who wants to edits videos. Then this Wondershare Filmora X & 9 course is for you. \n Because This course is a course of complete video editing with Wondershare Filmora. It will take you from the very beginning to Professional video editors. Open Wondershare Filmora video editing software and learn the various panel windows to edit clips together, creating titles, audio work, color correction advance video editing techniques, export, and much more! I personally use Wondershare Filmora for my video editing because it is easy & fast with a user-friendly interface. There is no complexity like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro & Adobe After Effects software. \n AND YES THIS COURSE IS FASTEST LEARNING COURSE FOR EDITING IN WHOLE UDEMY AND THIS IS TOTALLY FREE OF COST. \n In this course, I'm also going to share with you my resources and templates which I have been using for the last 3 years for my client's projects. You will get FREE FONTS, BACKGROUND MUSIC, SOUND EFFECTS, AND COLOR GRADING TEMPLATES. \n This is the only course you need to become a professional wondershare filmora 9 & X video editor. So what are you waiting for? Enroll in This Course Right Now. \n \n Who this course is for:Video Editing Skills Using Wondershare Filmora X & 9 [code] https://hot4share.com/rc0b4jl8ah6s/cuu3z.Flimora.X..9.Basic.Video.editing.Course.rar.html [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] https://uploadgig.com/file/download/c7965Cbc39bf4739/cuu3z.Flimora.X..9.Basic.Video.editing.Course.rar Download ( Rapidgator ) https://rapidgator.net/file/32b632bea7534db5c89b0c8828e14c82/cuu3z.Flimora.X..9.Basic.Video.editing.Course.rar.html[/code] [b]Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction[/b]
  23. [img]https://i115.fastpic.org/big/2021/0925/4e/8b429aae84fdde04403877a6f658964e.jpeg[/img] Last Update: 9/2021 Duration: 14h55m | Video: .MP4, 1280x720 30 fps | Audio: AAC, 44.1 kHz, 2ch | Size: 9.44 GB Genre: eLearning | Language: English Learn Video Production, Video Editing, Adobe Premier Pro, Video SEO, YouTube Marketing, YouTube SEO & Facebook Video Ads [b]What you'll learn:[/b] LEARN the art of VIDEO CREATION with professional input from an industry insider who's produced content for household names like Pepsi UPSKILL YOURSELF and learn how to create, professional quality engaging video content - the MOST IN-DEMAND skill wanted by recruiters today! LEARN Video SEO & learn YouTube SEO, so you can OPTIMISE YOUR YOUTUBE channel for better video SEO performance Learn the crucial importance of Facebook's 3 new metrics and find out why optimising your content for success, and knowing how to TARGET AND RE-TARGET is a MUST Discover the 6 STEPS TO SHOOTING PROFESSIONAL QUALITY CINEMATIC VIDEO and gain a valuable new skill that you can CONTINUALLY PROFIT from Learn the importance of the customer journey, the number 1 reason so many people fail on social - avoid most common mistake & ACHIEVE MANY MORE CONVERSIONS Shoot stunning ariel videos from the sky using DJI Drone and GO NICHE as a pro drone video creator. Create CONTENT THAT GENERATES CLICKS, AND SHARES. GET POWERFUL VIDEO EDITING GUIDES & BONUS VIDEO EDITING SUPER-HACKS to create professional looking, highly shareable videos HANDY WALKTHROUGHS to Adobe Premier Pro, DJI OSMO, and RODE microphone to help you produce smooth, and crystal clear Video content ONLY WITH YOUR SMARTPHONE! Learn how to create impactful FACEBOOK VIDEO ADS that CONSISTENTLY ATTRACT CUSTOMER INTEREST and discover how to choose the right type of Facebook Video Ad. Tap into a STREAM OF NEW CLIENTS & BOOST YOUR PROFITS using PROVEN Social Media Strategies. EXPAND YOUR CUSTOMER REACH with Facebook Marketing & Facebook Ads insider knowledge that you can use to boost your marketing results, and WIN MORE CLIENTS Find out how to BENEFIT FROM TRAFFIC ADS with a Video Creation Toolkit that will PUSH CONTINUAL STREAMS OF TRAFFIC to your website Use Custom and Lookalike audiences to your benefit to EXPAND YOUR REACH and TARGET SMARTLY on Facebook Understand why engagement and video views are VITAL if you want to BOOST your brand's Facebook and Instagram presence PROFIT from your own Facebook Ads & Video Production Agency & Get certified via Blueprint to MAXIMISE YOUR JOB OPPORTUNITIES Learn how to create the type of content Facebook ranks highly to ACHIEVE MAXIMUM REACH and engagement from your Facebook Video Ads & Facebook Video Marketing Copy WINNING STRATEGIES from our most successful Facebook Video Marketing campaigns - follow the blueprints we'll show you to REAP HUGE PROFITS [b]Requirements:[/b] Just your internet connection and a computer or laptop. You do not need ANY previous knowledge of video production or marketing to enrol on this course. Determination and a hunger to learn, plus willingness to put some effort in. If you have this, you have everything you need, as we will teach you the rest. NO KNOWLEDGE of video editing, creation, SEO, or marketing NEEDED - our course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know from scratch NO PRO EQUIPMENT OR EXPENSIVE GADGETS REQUIRED. Your smartphone, laptop or desktop are all you need to LEARN the art of PRO VIDEO CREATION and marketing. SUITABLE FOR COMPLETE NOVICES - Learn POWERFUL strategies that will turn you into a highly effective Social Media Marketing MASTER. You'll be an EXPERT at Video SEO & Video Production upon course completion. You'll learn POWERFUL strategies that will turn you into a highly effective Social Media Marketing MASTER and will be an EXPERT at Video SEO & Video Production upon course completion With this course you'll LEARN VIDEO MARKETING, YouTube SEO, and Video SEO, and you'll understand the huge recent change in SEO using Video Featured Snippets and FAQ Featured Snippets [b]Description:[/b] Become a filmmaker, upgrade your lifestyle, travel the world, and tap into the fastest growing, most profitable media income stream around with this POWERFUL Step-By-Step Guide to Video Production and Video Marketing... Just one well-made video could turnaround your business, bringing you a slew of new customers, boosting your sales, social media followers and sign ups, and helping you hit those all-important first page spots on Google and YouTube... Dear Students, Hi, it's Ing. Tomas Moravek, Award Winning Digital Strategist, and Chaply, Movie Industry Pro here, presenting our exciting new Udemy collaboration, Total Video Production and Marketing Course 2021 for Beginners. Video is the world's most popular content medium, and is shared 1200% more on social media than any other type of content. YouTube reports that mobile video consumption is rising at least 100%, every year, and by 2021, it's estimated nearly 80% of ALL content shared will be video. We're passionate about the power of video, and because we know this is such an important content medium, that's only going to become even more critical to your marketing success in the future, we wanted to combine our shared knowledge to bring you this comprehensive course. One, well-produced video can HAVE SERIOUS IMPACT, bringing a big boost to your sales, netting you new clients and followers, and enabling you to SHOOT UP SEARCH ENGINE RANKINGS. Having video content increases your chance of gaining a front-page Google result by 53 times, and including video on a landing page can increase your conversions by 80%! Knowing how to create video with impact, is an essential skill to possess if you want to maximise your marketing in today's competitive, visually orientated climate. 91% of video marketers now consider video as an essential part of their marketing strategy. Not only this, but as most people don't know how to shoot and market video content the right way, if you do, you'll have the edge on ALL your competitors. You'll enjoy a constant stream of sales and sign ups, and will be highly in demand, both as a video marketer, and as a video producer, due to the expert knowledge you'll possess. This all-in-one course is the only one you'll EVER need if you want to learn the ins and outs of Video production and Video marketing. Constantly updated, with the very latest cutting edge techniques, it will QUICKLY take you from a complete novice to a video production and marketing MASTER. This is EXCLUSIVE, HIGH-LEVEL CONTENT with input from industry pro Chaply RZBLZ, who has created ads for Pepsi, Nike, Adidas, Red Bull and many other household names. You'll learn EVERYTHING YOU NEED to know to shoot all types of professional looking video, then you'll discover how to get the most out of your new skill with powerful marketing strategies brought to you by Internet Efficiency Award 2016 Winner, Ing. Tomas Moravek. Use the valuable knowledge you'll gain when you sign up to this course to benefit your own brand, or TURBOCHARGE your marketing efforts. Also, if you want to diversify, you'll be in a great position to switch careers and earn a profitable stream of income working as a professional video content producer for brands around the globe. BOOST ENGAGEMENT and attract more sign ups, and sales with the power of video, as research has demonstrated people spend on average 2.6x more time on pages with video, than ones without. GAIN MORE FOLLOWERS, by adding video to your social feeds, which make audiences 10x more likely to engage and share your posts. SELL MORE - FASTER - using the power of video, as 79% of consumers have stated they prefer to view a product video than read boring text on a webpage. Mastering the art of video production and marketing will give you a powerful way to tap into an almost UNLIMITED INCOME STREAM, that's only set to grow for the foreseeable future. Our easy-to-follow walkthrough guides, high quality video explainers, To-Do Lists, worksheets, primers, tool, and tips, will enable you to swiftly upskill so you can PRODUCE IMPACTFUL DIGITAL VIDEO CONTENT, then market it effectively. This course has everything you need to become proficient as a professional video content creator, including: ✔ Comprehensive guide to Video production, including the art of creating VIDEO WITH THE POWER TO GO VIRAL ✔ The 6 Steps to SHOOTING PRO QUALITY CINEMATIC VIDEO ✔ MASTER EDITING TECHNIQUES using industry favourite software, Adobe Premier Pro ✔ How to EARN MONEY AS A FREELANCE VIDEO CREATOR, travelling the world, being creative, and doing what you love ✔ Creating jaw-dropping video footage from the air, using drones ✔ Using SEO TO MASSIVELY INCREASE VIDEO VIEWS AND SHARES ✔ The art of PRO VIDEO PRODUCTION for clubs, bars, events, and brands ✔ Using DJI OSMO and RODE Microphone for crystal-clear, pro-level sound ✔ Shooting stunning travel videos that enable you to earn while you EXPERIENCE A JET SETTING LIFESTYLE ✔ Video creation guides for Facebook YouTube, and Instagram - including crucial information on the 3 new Facebook metrics used to rank your content ✔ MASTER MARKETING TECHNIQUES for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and more that are used by the pros ✔ There's so much more, plus a raft of extra bonus guides, tools, tips, and insider secrets...! This is a truly value packed course with TESTED, PROVEN TECHNIQUES that have been successfully employed by professionals already working in the industry, such as course co-author Chaply RZBLZ. When you sign up, we guarantee you'll find every penny of your enrollment fee has been well spent. Why waste your money on courses that charge more but fall woefully short of setting you up for success, when this course covers ALL YOU NEED TO THRIVE in this competitive market sector? You will need to put in a little effort, but we promise, if you follow our advice, and strategies, YOU WILL SOON SEE RESULTS. Who is this course aimed at? Do you already create video content but want to make what you produce even better? Maybe you need help marketing your content but are confused as to what Video SEO, YouTube Optimisation, Video Creation, & Video Marketing strategies actually work? Would you like to ALWAYS KNOW WHAT MARKETING ACTIONS WILL BE PROFITABLE when it comes to your Video SEO, YouTube, & Facebook Ads? Do you want to shoot the type of video content that will GET SHARED AND RETWEETED BY MILLIONS? Are you're a complete novice and just don't know where to begin with Video SEO, Facebook Ads, Messenger Ads, Instagram Ads, Video Marketing, Video Creation & YouTube SEO, or Video SEO? If the answer to any of the above is yes, you will find this course will be of great benefit, as it will give you all the resources and knowledge you will EVER need... What can you do with the knowledge gained in this course? With the highly in demand skills you'll possess once you've completed this course, you'll have a wealth of options at your fingertips. You can use your new-found knowledge to... Gain a new job, a better job, or that promotion, and BOOST YOUR MARKETING CAREER - did you know 84% of marketers rank video creation skills as vitally important when hiring for a new marketing position? SUPERBOOST YOUR OWN BUSINESS MARKETING - massively increase your sales, sign ups, likes, shares and click-throughs, using the power of video content. With 70% of marketers stating that video is the most effective medium for driving sales / leads, and with video content consistently retweeted 6 times more than photos are, today you need to master the art of video creation if you want to ENJOY OPTIMUM CONVERSIONS. WORK AS A SUCCESSFUL FREELANCE VIDEOGRAPHER AND MARKETER - Have fun, earn great money, and travel the world enjoying new experiences and beautiful locations! EARN PASSIVE INCOME FROM CLICK THROUGHS - Monetize your most viewed videos on sites like YouTube and gain a profitable second income stream. FOCUS ON A NICHE AND SPECIALISE - Find your style and shoot the type of video you enjoy, so you can earn money doing what you love. So, what will you learn? ✔ This in-depth course has been created to take complete novices and turn them into masters of the art of video production and marketing. It will help you learn to shoot and market pro quality video - for any type of site, and for any sort of business. ✔ You'll learn video marketing and production tips for Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Messenger Ads, and YouTube that BOOST YOUR CONVERSION RATES, and you'll obtain powerful Video SEO strategies that will get your business FOUND. ✔ You'll BECOME AN EXPERT CONTENT CREATOR with the power to persuade and you'll discover how to create the type of magnetic YOUTUBE AND FACEBOOK ADS video content that gets everyone talking. ✔ You'll discover the different types of video ads you can use to BOOST YOUR ENGAGEMENT ON FACEBOOK, including powerful InStream Ads, Messenger Video Ads, Playable Preview Ads, and Product Collection Ads. ✔ You'll learn EFFECTIVE VIDEO CREATION TECHNIQUES using DRONE TECHNOLOGY, that can be used easily, and without much technical skill or competence. We'll teach you everything you need to know to use DJI Drones so you can SHOOT STUNNING VIDEOS FROM THE SKY. ✔ You'll also discover how to ACHIEVE MARKETING SUCCESS for all your videos on Facebook, as we go in depth to layout the 3 new key metrics, Facebook has deployed... ✔ You'll find out why on Facebook your content will now be judged on... 1) Quality ranking - how good your content is... 2) Engagement rate ranking - how many people view it or share it... 3) Conversion rate ranking - how well you are performing compared to your competitors... ...Then you'll learn what you can do about it to OPTIMISE YOUR CONTENT and smartly target and retarget for ULTIMATE MARKETING SUCCESS. ✔ You'll learn how to use DJI Osmo and RODE microphone correctly, so you can keep your videos looking smooth and stable, and your sound ultra-clear. ✔ You'll learn the ESSENTIAL EDITING TECHNIQUES needed to polish up your productions to pro level, with top-ranking software Adobe Premier Pro. ✔ Plus, we'll give you BONUS royalty free music & LUTS that you can use to enhance your creations. ✔ You'll learn how to optimise your Video SEO and effectively MARKET YOUR VIDEOS FOR MAXIMUM ENGAGEMENT. ✔ You'll find out how to use the Facebook Video Toolkit to easily and QUICKLY create dynamic videos just from pictures. When you sign up, you'll learn how to create Facebook Video View Ads, Facebook Messenger Ads with Video, and Facebook Traffic Ads with Video, with real impact, that will GENERATE MAXIMUM SHARES, likes, and click throughs. You'll learn Facebook Business Manager, Facebook Ads Best Practices, and Facebook targeting and retargeting, so you can successfully market your content and get the most mileage out of every video you shoot. In this course you'll gain access to EXCLUSIVE CONTENT YOU CANNOT GET ANYWHERE ELSE, and will learn techniques that will TURBO-CHARGE YOUR VIDEO CONTENT MAKING SKILLS this 2021. Wait, there's even more! Not only will you get all our expert Video Production & Video MARKETING knowledge, you'll also receive a handy guide on how to travel around the world as Professional Filmmaker! Find out: ✔ How to reach out to potential clients and set up and plan a shoot with them. ✔ How to get your very first video clients, easily and fast. ✔ How to shoot pro level cinematic style footage that will ensure you are never out of work ✔ What niche best fits your travelling needs. ✔ The different styles of video you can shoot, and the most popular video styles for each market sector. ✔ What you need to be focusing on, if you dream of working in an exotic location like Bali as a professional filmmaker. And much more, including tips, trick, and techniques from movie industry insiders, all waiting for you as soon as you sign up! Understand the power of persuasion...and sell, more, FASTER On top of all this, we also lay out the psychology of success, and will outline why understanding the customer journey is crucial to your marketing. Find out why customers need to know and trust you first before they will convert, then learn how to get seen and build trust and rapport easily, with the content you post. Learn the psychology of persuasion and discover why it's so important to prime the ground first for successful selling. We'll take you through the 3 stages of customer decision process, explaining the why, and how, so you'll know how to raise their awareness, gain their consideration, then convert them easily, and FAST. There's just so much in this in-depth and complete course that we're truly excited to share with you, and we can't wait to welcome you on board so you can benefit from the wealth of knowledge we've put together for you. Get started right away and tap in to the power of video today... Why just sit and let your life pass you by, not achieving your goals, when you can take the first step and upskill yourself, for a small, one-time investment? Open up your opportunities, boost your power as a marketer, or diversify into a whole new, and highly IN-DEMAND career by signing up today, to MASTER THE ART OF VIDEO PRODUCTION AND MARKETING. Update your skillset with the latest video production and editing techniques so you can STAY RELEVANT AS VIDEO DOMINATES THE CONTENT GAME. As soon as you enrol, you'll have immediate access to all the learning resources detailed here and more, so you can get a piece of the fastest growing content medium and GAIN THE EDGE OVER ALL YOUR COMPETITORS. Get the knowledge you need to unlock digital profits and tap into new income streams. Upgrade your quality of life, travel around the world as a professional Filmmaker and finally AFFORD THE LIFESTYLE YOU WANT. With Lifetime access and updates, and a 30-DAY MONEY-BACK REFUND GUARANTEED, there's NOTHING TO LOSE and UNLIMITED PROFIT to unlock. We've put so much into this course and can't wait to share it with you as we know the information and resources contained inside are truly life-changing. We hope to welcome you on board as our newest student, Ing. Tomas Moravek & the whole TEAM [b]Who this course is for:[/b] Anyone interested in Video Production & Video Marketing, B2C, B2B, entrepreneurs, start-ups, marketers, influencers, Facebook admins, Facebook editors, content creators, starting video creators, creatives, advertisers, consultants, job seekers, local businesses, website owners, website admins, Video SEO help seekers, bloggers, etc. Homepage [code]https://www.udemy.com/course/complete-video-marketing-course/[/code] [code] https://hot4share.com/x0wjj7gkdl1x/tyb8e.Complete.Video.Production.Video.Marketing..YouTube.Course.part1.rar.html https://hot4share.com/8es8ii1yogjh/tyb8e.Complete.Video.Production.Video.Marketing..YouTube.Course.part2.rar.html https://hot4share.com/wchofg8rq5je/tyb8e.Complete.Video.Production.Video.Marketing..YouTube.Course.part3.rar.html https://hot4share.com/jb7fxcpyd6g4/tyb8e.Complete.Video.Production.Video.Marketing..YouTube.Course.part4.rar.html https://hot4share.com/0kdgnbk36cvd/tyb8e.Complete.Video.Production.Video.Marketing..YouTube.Course.part5.rar.html [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] https://uploadgig.com/file/download/cE6E03b189226b14/tyb8e.Complete.Video.Production.Video.Marketing..YouTube.Course.part1.rar https://uploadgig.com/file/download/18201dcfE9f94Fe8/tyb8e.Complete.Video.Production.Video.Marketing..YouTube.Course.part2.rar https://uploadgig.com/file/download/69FBeD894a894275/tyb8e.Complete.Video.Production.Video.Marketing..YouTube.Course.part3.rar https://uploadgig.com/file/download/982F05195515912e/tyb8e.Complete.Video.Production.Video.Marketing..YouTube.Course.part4.rar https://uploadgig.com/file/download/bAeaC3201265A1c6/tyb8e.Complete.Video.Production.Video.Marketing..YouTube.Course.part5.rar Download ( Rapidgator ) https://rapidgator.net/file/80c4e4f800b7d1dccfa91309e452b718/tyb8e.Complete.Video.Production.Video.Marketing..YouTube.Course.part1.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/57b1f42c3b410c575be54e3ddcdf9f90/tyb8e.Complete.Video.Production.Video.Marketing..YouTube.Course.part2.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/0f840742bd654d5d271fbc4af2c03b28/tyb8e.Complete.Video.Production.Video.Marketing..YouTube.Course.part3.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/fae9d2284b6b9e53b74e039404841652/tyb8e.Complete.Video.Production.Video.Marketing..YouTube.Course.part4.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/1729a3ce74b23c734f8604cad9e0c4a9/tyb8e.Complete.Video.Production.Video.Marketing..YouTube.Course.part5.rar.html[/code] [b]Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction[/b]
  24. [img]https://i115.fastpic.org/big/2021/0925/1d/849bd48bdfcef0dae2e515a0ddae291d.jpeg[/img] [b]4K Video Downloader 4.18.1 Multilingual | macOS | 118 mb[/b] 4K Video Downloader allows to download video, audio and subtitles from YouTube in high-quality and as fast as your computer and connection will allow. If you want that video on your iPad, iPhone or other device we've got you covered. [b]Compatibility[/b]: OS X 10.10 or later [b]Homepage[/b]:[code]https://www.4kdownload.com[/code] [code] https://hot4share.com/4dud1u8aycrp/cvdll.4K.Video.Downloader.4.18.1.rar.html [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] https://uploadgig.com/file/download/Af3caa3e457b2c6B/cvdll.4K.Video.Downloader.4.18.1.rar Download ( Rapidgator ) https://rapidgator.net/file/220ed5b9774a4e30ba12f6e4fb77972a/cvdll.4K.Video.Downloader.4.18.1.rar.html[/code]
  25. [img]https://i115.fastpic.org/big/2021/0924/cd/f41bde3c7d0b7310619c9931681710cd.jpeg[/img] MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 37 lectures (4h 52m) | Size: 2.81 GB Learn to master the skill of creating a Video Game Pixel Art [b]What you'll learn:[/b] Learn the fundamentals of making good pixel art Learn the importance of colors and how to choose them Learn to create tiles for game Learn the fundations for creating anything in pixel art [b]Requirements[/b] No necessary experience needed [b]Description[/b] This course teaches you principles of pixel art for video games using Aseprite. We will cover each topic by alternating theory with simple exercises for practice, so you can master 2d game art. If you're new to pixel art and want to improve your skills to create 2d game art, or if you just want to work as a freelance pixel art artist, then this course is fully designed for you. For creating sprites we're gonna use Aseprite, which is designed for pixel art and unity 2d as a game engine. At the end of this course, you'll have all the knowledge to be able to create beautiful 2d game art. It's an approach to making pixel art, based on the belief that creating it shouldn't have to be a long and difficult process. In fact, modern technology can help us do what used to be done one pixel at a time better and faster! Working smarter, not harder - that's the Pixel Art Revolution. Whether you want to make money as a game artist, make assets for your own projects, or create freelance illustrations, this is the course to help get you there. Armed with the knowledge packed into this course you'll sharpen your existing skills and learn the techniques needed to create professional-quality pixel art and animations in less time! We'll start out by getting Photoshop set up for maximum speed and efficiency, and by the end of the course you'll have made game-ready assets across the 3 most common styles of pixel art games by creating: An isometric building for an RTS game An animated side-scroller level mockup And a populated top-down/RPG map Plus, you'll gain the knowledge needed to build a killer library of custom, reusable resources you can pull from whenever you need! Throughout the lessons, you'll create assets ranging from color palettes custom brushes Photoshop automation DIY patterns map tiles unique characters custom props multiple animations [b]Who this course is for[/b] Programmers who want to create art for their video-games Artists and Designers who love the style of pixel art Game artists looking to expand their toolset with pixel art Students who want to learn Video Game Pixel Art Homepage [code]https://www.udemy.com/course/video-game-pixel-art-masterclass-build-assets-with-piskel[/code] [code] https://hot4share.com/thnfpnsuwpes/4tk25.Video.Game.Pixel.Art.Masterclass..Build.Assets.with.Piskel.part1.rar.html https://hot4share.com/zs8dxuqp30un/4tk25.Video.Game.Pixel.Art.Masterclass..Build.Assets.with.Piskel.part2.rar.html [b]Download (Uploadgig)[/b] https://uploadgig.com/file/download/f6D536348424b66b/4tk25.Video.Game.Pixel.Art.Masterclass..Build.Assets.with.Piskel.part1.rar https://uploadgig.com/file/download/5c35e22200b861b9/4tk25.Video.Game.Pixel.Art.Masterclass..Build.Assets.with.Piskel.part2.rar Download ( Rapidgator ) https://rapidgator.net/file/99a7c94238788a835231b85b564ed0e4/4tk25.Video.Game.Pixel.Art.Masterclass..Build.Assets.with.Piskel.part1.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/88f84d8d7001db1cce5693f1bb32f61a/4tk25.Video.Game.Pixel.Art.Masterclass..Build.Assets.with.Piskel.part2.rar.html[/code] [b]Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction[/b]
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