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Found 208 results

  1. Crippled Black Phoenix - Ellengæs (2020) [48kHz/24bit] Label: Season of Mist Country: UK Genre: Psychedelic,Progressive Rock,Post-Rock Quality: FLAC (*tracks) Bitrate: Lossless [48kHz/24bit] Time: 0:54:52 Full Size: 640.9 MB Ellengæst' represents Crippled Black Phoenix's duality. At times, it is dark and melancholy, but also delivers progressive heaviness while maintaining an uncompromising sense of tradition and nostalgia. 'Ellengæst' is another profound work from this shape-shifting musical collective. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWv92fNR5jE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3aPADju0F0 https://xubster.com/users/10795/9169/Crippled Black Phoenix
  2. Kraan - Sandglass (2020) [44.1kHz/24bit] Label: 36Music Country: Germany Genre: Progressive Rock,Jazz Rock,Fusion Quality: FLAC (*tracks) Bitrate: Lossless [44.1kHz/24bit] Time: 0:49:57 Full Size: 591 MB https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=OLAK5uy_moWkTQ_YddGMG5bn6z8v_mhjhHWyZYDns&v=ZId0TanZHzQ&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=450Pb3iVOGc&feature=emb_logo https://xubster.com/users/10795/9135/Kraan
  3. Timelight - Selah! (2020) [48kHz/24bit] Country: USA Genre: Progressive Rock Quality: FLAC (*tracks) Bitrate: Lossless [48kHz/24bit] Time: 01:01:55 Full Size: 743.6 MB TIMELIGHT was formed in 2013 in Portland Oregon with a vision of creating expansive musical landscapes. This group continues to conceive and produce highly aspirational and adventurous music. TIMELIGHT's second album entitled 'Selah!' which was released in 2020. The album features several extended length compositions and sophisticated arrangements. The music incorporates elements of classical, metal, fusion, and other styles, yet is wholly unconcerned with what genre boundaries it may cross. The lyrics encapsulate the philosophical, social commentary, science fiction and myth. Setlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PesowHjDJrM&feature=youtu.be Xubster.com https://xubster.com/users/10795/9133/Timelight
  4. Flying Colors - Third Stage Live in London (2020) [BDRip 1080p] Label: Music Theories Recordings Country: USA Genre: Progressive Rock Quality:MKV/BDRip 1080p Video: MPEG-4 AVC Video / kbps / 1080p / 23.976 fps / 16:9 Audio: LPCM 2.0 / 48 kHz / 2304 kbps / 24-bit Audio: DTS 5.1 / 48 kHz / 1509 kbps / 24-bit Time: 01:59:40 Full Size: 10,3 GB Flying Colors released their new live album "Third Stage: Live In London" on September 18, 2020 via Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Label Group. Continuing their pattern of making a studio album, followed by a live album, "Third Stage: Live In London" is the 3rd live album by the prog-supergroup. It was recorded in December 2019 in London on a short and highly anticipated tour, directly after the release of their studio album "Third Degree". Teaming the talents of such heavyweights as guitarist Steve Morse (Deep Purple, Dixie Dregs), drummer Mike Portnoy (Transatlantic, Winery Dogs, ex-Dream Theater), keyboardist/singer Neal Morse (solo artist, Transatlantic, ex-Spock's Beard), bass wizard Dave LaRue (Dixie Dregs, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai), with new pop singer/songwriter Casey McPherson, the band quickly established itself as one of rock's most melodic enigmas. The blu-ray features the full 2-hour show from Shepherd's Bush Empire in London, a bonus show from Morsefest and 4 music videos. It's region-free, so playable worldwide. Setlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZsyXMjelcI&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5DrOMIPqdE&feature=emb_logo https://hotlink.cc/folder/1cd08c8e-fab0-11ea-9a16-0cc47ac4f47e
  5. Ayreon - Transitus (2020) [44.1kHz/24bit] Label: Music Theories Country: Netherlands Genre: Progressive Rock,Progressive Metal Quality: FLAC (*tracks) Bitrate: Lossless [44.1kHz/24bit] Time: 01:20:36 Full Size: 959.9 MB From the mastermind of Dutch multi-instrumentalist Arjen Lucassen, 'Transitus' is inspired by supernatural movies such as The Others, The Changeling and Ghost along with the music of soundtrack composers John Carpenter (Halloween), Ennio Morricone (Once upon a Time in the West) and Jerry Goldsmith (Omen). "The year is 1884, these are dark, troubled times, fraught with greed, envy and prejudice." begins our narrator and storyteller, Tom Baker (Doctor Who). 'Transitus' is built around an entirely new story, not connected to the Ayreon universe although as always it does have some subtle links. The sci-fi theme makes way for a gothic ghost story set (partly) in the 19th century with elements of horror and the supernatural. It's on a dark thunderous night where our story of Abby and Daniel begins... "Transitus is one hell of a ride that Arjen has unleashed. This proves that they're back in full swing by bringing some joy and happiness during the quarantine times in 2020. And with a 28-page booklet told through the illustrations by Felix Vega (Heavy Metal, Duam, Splitter Special, Blue, and Le Quatre Voyages de Juan Buscamares), brings a perfect combination to have one of the stories brought to life in a comic book format similar to the 1973 French rock opera, La Revolution Francaise. So if you're looking for a story filled with a gothic sci-fi atmosphere in the mid 1880s with some heavier, metallic, and a symphonic approach with a swinging groove to it, Transitus is your next stop after The Source!" (Zachary Nathanson, echoesanddust.com) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2PidKn4IbA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKwaBJmSUps https://xubster.com/users/10795/8191/Ayreon
  6. Steve Hackett - Selling England By The Pound & Spectral Mornings: Live At Hammersmith (2020) [48kHz/24bit] Label: InsideOutMusic Country: UK Genre: Progressive Rock Quality: FLAC (*tracks) Bitrate: Lossless [48kHz/24bit] Time: 02:07:18 Full Size: 1.52 GB Steve Hackett released of Selling England By The Pound & Spectral Mornings: Live At Hammersmith on 25th September. This live recording is from his critically acclaimed 2019 UK tour. The concert was recorded at the Hammersmith Eventim Apollo, the final night of the tour. Steve Hackett was joined by his touring band of Roger King (keyboards), Jonas Reingold (bass), Rob Townsend (saxes/flutes), Craig Blundell (drums and percussion) with Nad Sylvan on vocals. Special guests for this performance were Steve's brother John Hackett (flute) and Amanda Lehmann (guitar and vocals). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MprjgLj45wc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLXJq7fg5tw https://xubster.com/users/10795/4315/Steve Hackett
  7. The Backstage - Isolation (2020) [44.1kHz/24bit] Label: Reingold Records Country: USA Genre: Progressive Rock,Fusion Quality: FLAC (*tracks) Bitrate: Lossless [44.1kHz/24bit] Time: 0:54:54 Full Size: 608.8 MB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RN7alRg8u8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX_7u5ukabo https://xubster.com/users/10795/9096/The Backstage
  8. Pain Of Salvation - The Collection 1997-2020 (2020) FLAC Label: Inside Out, Century Media Country: Sweden Genre: Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal Quality: FLAC (*tracks) Bitrate: Lossless Time: 17:07:08 Full Size: 6.63 GB Pain of Salvation is widely known as one of the fundamental progressive metal bands from the second generation, which came around the mid 90's, but the fact is that the band is one of the oldest progressive metal bands still active. The band was formed by guitarist, singer and composer Daniel Gildenlow and friends in 1984, two years after Fates Warning, Three years after Queensryche and a year before Dream Theater https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmhJTkc9v8o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_qZpLgvdOI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKpE26fYy6o&list=OLAK5uy_n3WPcERB_jGU4NJqDoXImbfss9xR3AyMU&index=4 https://xubster.com/users/10795/8952/Pain of Salvation
  9. Mother's Cake - Cyberfunk! (2020) [44.1kHz/24bit] Label: Membran Country: Austria Genre: Progressive Rock,Rock Quality: FLAC (*tracks) Bitrate: Lossless [44.1kHz/24bit] Time: 0:45:12 Full Size: 535.3 MB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VU-8w_9VGw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7T96lIgJkg https://xubster.com/users/10795/9072/Mothers Cake
  10. Flying Colors - Third Stage: Live In London (2020) [48kHz/24bit] Label: Music Theories Country: USA Genre: Progressive Rock Quality: FLAC (*tracks) Bitrate: Lossless [48kHz/24bit] Time: 1:50:40 Full Size: 1.35 GB Flying Colors released their new live album "Third Stage: Live In London" on September 18, 2020 via Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Label Group. Continuing their pattern of making a studio album, followed by a live album, "Third Stage: Live In London" is the 3rd live album by the prog-supergroup. It was recorded in December 2019 in London on a short and highly anticipated tour, directly after the release of their studio album "Third Degree". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZsyXMjelcI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5DrOMIPqdE https://xubster.com/users/10795/7086/Flying Colors
  11. Label: Inside Out Music (IOMCD 560) Country: USA Genre: Progressive Rock Quality: FLAC (*tracks) Bitrate: Lossless [48kHz/24bit] Time: 01:05:41 Full Size: 496.4 MB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsYgGN_HQ-A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXDMMsIkEBo https://xubster.com/users/10795/8014/The Neal Morse Band
  12. Anathema - The Optimist (2017) [96kHz/24bit] Label: Kscope/We're Here Music Ltd. Country: UK Genre: Progressive Rock Quality: FLAC (*tracks) Bitrate: Lossless [96kHz/24bit] Time: 00:58:24 Full Size: 1,06 Gb After Anathema's 2012 award-winning album Weather Systems and 2014's spellbinding Distant Satellites, the ambient rockers are back with their eleventh full-length, The Optimist. Out now on Kscope, The Optimist reveals some of the darkest, most challenging and unexpected music the sextet have put their name to. Anathema, led by brothers Daniel and Vincent Cavanagh, along with drummer John Douglas, singer Lee Douglas, bassist Jamie Cavanagh and drummer/keyboardist Daniel Cardoso began recording The Optimist in the winter of 2016 at Attica Audio in Donegal, Ireland and then finished at Castle Of Doom studios in Glasgow with producer Tony Doogan [Mogwai, Belle & Sebastian, Super Furry Animals] at the helm. Vincent elaborates on Doogan's influence on the recording process "he suggested that we record as a live band, which we hadn't done for years. Having played a few tunes on the last tour, we were ready for that. Tony wanted to capture that energy you can only get with everyone facing each other. it makes a big difference. He was a superb guy to work with and I learned a lot making this record" The idea for The Optimist was born from the front cover artwork of the band's 2001 album A Fine Day To Exit Daniel Cavanagh explains "I suppose you might say the album is semi-autobiographical because this time we used a surrogate," he says, of the character that is The Optimist "We put sound, feelings and crucially, our own hopes and fears into another person and made him the subject of the songs then weaving my own internal monologue into the narrative of The Optimist. It was John's idea to write a narrative, so I took A Fine Day To Exit as the starting point". Vincent elaborates further on the earlier album's artwork influence "The guy who disappeared - you never knew what happened to him, did he start a new life? Did he succumb to his fate? It was never explained. The opening track title is the exact coordinates for Silver Strand beach in San Diego - the last known location of The Optimist - shown on the cover of A Fine Day to Exit. To continue the theme further, the band brought back designer and illustrator Travis Smith to create the artwork for The Optimist. The artwork was created from a series of photographs Smith took on a West Coast road trip. With the character's unresolved destiny the three song writing members, meticulously brought the unfinished story to an end - and most strikingly of all - one which is decided by the listener. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8y1ROzCUpbU https://xubster.com/users/10795/8984/Anathema
  13. Rikard Sjoblom's Gungfly - Alone Together (Bonus Tracks Edition) (2020) [44.1kHz/24bit] Label: InsideOutMusic Country: Sweden Genre: Progressive Rock Quality: FLAC (*tracks) Bitrate: Lossless [44.1kHz/24bit] Time: 01:01:17 Full Size: 675 MB Swedish multi-instrumentalist Rikard Sjoblom has had an extremely productive past few years, whether it be working with English progressive rockers Big Big Train, or taking the lead with Gungfly and their new album 'Alone Together' saw Gungfly recording as a trio, with brothers and previous collaborators Petter and Rasmus Diamant on drums and bass respectively. "It was a lot of fun playing both keyboards and guitar because I had come up with a lot of nice parts but I knew early on that I wanted to make the album with the brothers on drums and bass - luckily they were very up for it!" This 'power-trio' have focussed on the rock this time, and you can hear that loud and clear: "I didn't want to smother the production with layers upon layers of keyboards and bells and whistles but instead tried to keep it prog rock with the focus on ROCK. I wanted every instrument to mean something in the mix." This is evident on tracks like 'Happy Somewhere In Between' and the 13-minute epic 'Traveler', where Gungfly have never hit harder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NS1wfNlPCQo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jElDO5KwFQ https://xubster.com/users/10795/8995/Rikard Sjobloms Gungfly
  14. Motorpsycho - The All Is One (2020) [44.1kHz/24bit] Label: Rune Grammofon Country: Norway Genre: Progressive Rock Quality: FLAC (*tracks) Bitrate: Lossless [44.1kHz/24bit] Time: 01:24:42 Full Size: 908.9 MB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zWrMP-MLko&list=OLAK5uy_n942oX329xuYnElL5hQh5d6Vf6cZl1RSI&index=9&t=0s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SncKg3jtW-U&list=OLAK5uy_n942oX329xuYnElL5hQh5d6Vf6cZl1RSI&index=11 https://xubster.com/users/10795/8957/Motorpsycho
  15. Pain Of Salvation - Panther (2020) [44.1kHz/24bit] Label: InsideOutMusic Country: Sweden Genre: Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock Quality: FLAC (*tracks) Bitrate: Lossless [44.1kHz/24bit] Time: 0:53:29 Full Size: 578.8 MB https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=62&v=NmhJTkc9v8o&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkU564tyD5M https://xubster.com/users/10795/8952/Pain of Salvation
  16. Equisa - Be (EP) (2020) [48kHz/24bit] Label: iMD-Equisa Country: Netherlands Genre: Progressive Rock,Atmospheric Prog Metal Quality: FLAC (*tracks) Bitrate: Lossless [48kHz/24bit] Time: 0:21:43 Full Size: 272.8 MB Be' is Equisa's most recent and augmented example of its beautiful and atmospheric progmetal with an emphasis on emotional climaxes. The lyrical content deals with finding fulfillment through inner peace and being present in the here and now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ns5p7kvT9_0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOfUNLge-B8&list=OLAK5uy_nMvfS6mbtepinSWO3YOm87VT5BaUZlkl0&index=2&t=0s https://xubster.com/users/10795/8937/Equisa
  17. Lodger Wright - One lump or two (2019) [Hi-Res] FLAC Year Of Release: 2019 Genre: Progressive Rock Format: FLAC Quality: Lossless 24 bit / 96 kHz Time: 01:20:46 Size: 1.55 GB Tracklist: 01. Shinkansen (03:45) 02. I still think of you (02:11) 03. Over the Pennines (04:23) 04. Broken (04:50) 05. Square peg Round Hole (07:05) 06. Senseless (04:58) 07. The elephant in the room (06:07) 08. Dark clouds (03:53) 09. Himalaya by rail (04:38) 10. Iberia (02:30) 11. Insurgent (03:55) 12. The giants causeway (03:53) 13. The slab (03:55) 14. Nocturne (03:03) 15. Unusually (03:25) 16. What larks Mr Pip (02:50) 17. White star (06:07) 18. Aneurysm blues (03:30) 19. You can't take it with you (05:48) NitroFlare Download from [b]NitroFlare[/b] http://nitroflare.com/view/5C025924464BA07/Lodger_Wright_-_One_lump_or_two_2019_Hi-Res.part1.rar http://nitroflare.com/view/FF5BB1616CB71E1/Lodger_Wright_-_One_lump_or_two_2019_Hi-Res.part2.rar Download from [b]UploadGig[/b] https://uploadgig.com/file/download/2fB50f54d43Dc7da/Lodger_Wright_-_One_lump_or_two_2019_Hi-Res.part1.rar https://uploadgig.com/file/download/358Dff74CdD3564D/Lodger_Wright_-_One_lump_or_two_2019_Hi-Res.part2.rar
  18. Phil Collins - The Best Video Collection 1981-2004 (2019, Blu-ray) Title: Phil Collins - The Best Video Collection Year of release: 1981-2004 (2019) Genre: Progressive Rock, soft rock Cast: Phil Collins Tracklist: Quality: Blu-ray 720p Video: MPEG-AVC 1280x720,16:9 18897kbps Audio: Englisch LPCM, 2 ch, 1536 kbps Total Size: 23.45 GB Total Time: 02:28:31 Download Hoster: filefactory.com, rapidu.net, hitfile.net, turbobit.net
  19. Ayreon - Electric Castle Live and Other Tales (2020) [BDRip 1080p] Label: Music Theories Recordings Country: Netherlands Genre: Progressive Rock Quality: MKV/BDRip 1080p Video: MPEG-4 AVC Video / 8 552 kbps / 1080p / 23.976 fps / 16:9 Audio: DTS Audio / 5.1 / 48 kHz / 768 kbps / 24-bit Time: 02:38:36 Full Size: 10,0 GB Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Label Group release 'Ayreon - Electric Castle Live and Other Tales', a 3 LP set of last year's live spectacular performance of the third Ayreon album 'Into The Electric Castle'. Over four nights at Tilburg's 013 venue (scene of the Ayreon Universe series of live shows in 2017) Lucassen, his band and one of modern progressive music's most emphatic of casts celebrated the 20th anniversary of the third Ayreon album in front of thousands of adoring fans who had flown in from around the world. Originally released in 1998, 'Into The Electric Castle' is a classic tale of an epic quest. Set in 'no time and no space', it tells the story of eight individuals who are guided by a mysterious voice and tasked with finding the mysterious Electric Castle and discover what's inside. The entire album was performed live, featuring original album singers and musicians, such as Thijs Van Leer, Fish, Damian Wilson, Edward Reekers, Anneke van Giersbergen, and several special guests including Simone Simons (Epica) and Star Trek's John De Lancie as narrator. The 'Other Tales' are deep cuts from Arjen Lucassen's other projects, such as The Gentle Storm, Ambeon, Stream of Passion, Guilt Machine, Star One, his solo-album Arjen Anthony Lucassen and a very special Marillion cover Setlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5IitoFXc7E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6rBHaOmXMo https://hotlink.cc/folder/4ef2cf79-7362-11ea-9a16-0cc47ac4f47e
  20. OVRFWRD - Occupations of Uninhabited Space (2019) Blu-ray Genre: Progressive Rock | Label: Rockslacks Music | Year: 2019 | Quality: Blu-ray 1080p | Video: MPEG-4 AVC Video / 20796 kbps / 1080p / 23.976 fps / 16:9 | Audio: LPCM 2.0 / 48 kHz / 1536 kbps / 16-bit | Time: 1:00:24 | Size: 20.89 GB This is a four piece American band that plays instrumental progressive rock. They were formed in 2012 with drummer Rikki DAVENPORT, guitarist Mark ILAUG, bassist Kyle LUND and keyboardist Chris MALMGREN. Occupations of Uninhabited Space - Blu-Ray video was recorded live at Pachyderm Studios, Cannon Falls, MN 8/5/17 - 8/6/17. It contains songs from the first two albums, as well 3 previously unreleased songs that later appeared on the third studio album, "Blurring the Lines...(a democracy manifest)". It was released on 4/5/19, and the audio-only version of "Occupations of Uninhabited Space" was released in 2018. Tracklist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wP_lsJi5QA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U64hdDp0Iyk Download: Ex-load.com https://ex-load.com/folder/18045d5b-8ae2-11e9-91ac-386077052d8e Hotlink.cc https://hotlink.cc/folder/35f63fd7-8ae2-11e9-a0bf-0cc47ac4f47e
  21. King Crimson - Heaven & Earth - Bootleg TV tour BD4 (Super Deluxe Box Set Panegyric Records EU) (2019) Blu-ray Genre: Progressive Rock,Art Rock | Label: Discipline Global Mobile | Year: 2019 | Quality: Blu-ray | Video: MPEG-2 Video / 7998 kbps / 480i / 29.970 fps / 4:3 | Audio: LPCM 2.0 / 48 kHz / 1536 kbps / 16-bit | Time: 10:05:55 | Size: 45.12 GB Heaven & Earth is the seventh box set in a series which will, when complete, cover all periods of King Crimson activity from 1969 to the present era. This 24 disc - 18 x CD, 4 x Blu-Ray and 2 x DVD-A - set represents the most comprehensive collection in the series to date and covers the period from December 1997 to August 2008. Contents (Presented in a 12" box with 40-page booklet, memorabilia and new sleeve-notes by Robert Fripp, Sid Smith and audio notes David Singleton) Blu-Ray video contains Europe 2000 - The Bootleg TV tour, which features around 10 hours of audio/video mostly never seen/heard since the concerts with versions of selected songs and improvs (usually two per night of each) from almost every show. Includes footage and music from 20 performances. Tracklist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=aecG7-S3l8Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHAJncjlQHM Download: Ex-load.com https://ex-load.com/folder/5cb03a52-cd8c-11e9-91ac-386077052d8e Hotlink.cc https://hotlink.cc/folder/a9dd9d2a-cd8c-11e9-a129-0cc47ac4f47e
  22. Steve Unruh - Believe (1997) [FLAC] FLAC Year Of Release: 1997 Genre: Progressive Rock,Acoustic Format: FLAC Quality: Lossless 16 bits / 44 Khz Time: 53:39 Size: 332.26 MB Tracklist: 01. Part 1 (1) In the Beginning (04:06) 02. Part 1 (2) Lifeline's Song (03:44) 03. Part 1 (3) S.O.S. (03:50) 04. Part 1 (4) Leaving Spain (07:45) 05. Part 1 (5) The Clouds from Yesterday (02:25) 06. Part 1 (6) Consolation (04:07) 07. Part 1 (7) The Empty Page (02:03) 08. Part 1 (8) No Quaint Conclusion (01:04) 09. Part 2 (1) The Rising Sun (01:43) 10. Part 2 (2) Images of Dreams (03:09) 11. Part 2 (3) Overshadow Me (03:17) 12. Part 2 (4) Focus (02:20) 13. Part 2 (5) Leaf (05:53) 14. Part 2 (6) Fly (01:29) 15. Part 2 (7) Finale (06:44) NitroFlare,FlorenFile Download from [b]NitroFlare[/b] http://nitroflare.com/view/3C93013E1B833A6/Steve_Unruh_-_Believe_1997_FLAC.zip Download from [b]FlorenFile[/b] https://florenfile.com/b182kjm35sxv/Steve_Unruh_-_Believe_1997_FLAC.zip
  23. Steve Unruh - The Great Divide (2007) [FLAC] FLAC Year Of Release: 2007 Genre: Progressive Rock,Acoustic Format: FLAC Quality: Lossless 16 bits / 44 Khz Time: 58:59 Size: 388.04 MB Tracklist: 01. Attack, Retreat, then Attack Again of the AcoustiChromatic Pixies (09:26) 02. The Great Divide A Timeless Sea That Dreamed of Sand (05:07) 03. The Great Divide [ii] God-Man-Fugue (03:58) 04. The Great Divide [iii] Something in Heaven Bleeds (06:22) 05. The Great Divide [iv] The Meeting (05:38) 06. The Great Divide [v] Resonate (03:46) 07. The Great Divide [vi] Our Darkest Hour (04:42) 08. The Great Divide [vii] A Wish (06:38) 09. The River's Bend (03:42) 10. Seven Journeys East (09:40) NitroFlare,FlorenFile Download from [b]NitroFlare[/b] http://nitroflare.com/view/9242378494D6AF2/Steve_Unruh_-_The_Great_Divide_2007_FLAC.zip Download from [b]FlorenFile[/b] https://florenfile.com/kgxfmiqt3t53/Steve_Unruh_-_The_Great_Divide_2007_FLAC.zip
  24. Flying Colors - Third Degree (2019) [48kHz/24bit] Label: Music Theories Country: USA Genre: Progressive Rock,Hard Rock Quality: FLAC (*tracks) Bitrate: Lossless [48kHz/24bit] Time: 1:06:23 Full Size: 841 MB Prog-rock supergroup Flying Colors - consisting of guitarist Steve Morse (Deep Purple, Dixie Dregs, ex-Kansas), drummer Mike Portnoy (Winery Dogs, ex-Dream Theater, Transatlantic), keyboardist / vocalist Neal Morse (Transatlantic, ex-Spock's Beard), bassist Dave LaRue (Dixie Dregs, ex-Joe Satriani), and vocalist / songwriter Casey McPherson (Alpha Rev, The Sea Within) - have announced their new studio album. Flying Colors soar to even loftier heights with Third Degree, their third studio album in a decade. Third Degree builds upon the genre-bending momentum of 2012's self-titled Flying Colors and the aural-template ascension of 2014's Second Nature. From the skittery psychedelic/classical turnaround of the lead single "More" to the Beach Boys-meet-Asia vibe of "Love Letter" to the deep emotionality of the album-ending, prog-leaning epic "Crawl," the nine tracks that comprise Third Degree signify just how much Flying Colors are willing to explore new frontiers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNEW042p0CM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBo3TVaDK3M https://xubster.com/users/10795/7086/Flying Colors
  25. King Crimson - Audio Diary 2014-2017 [4CD Box Set] (2018) [FLAC] FLAC Year Of Release: 2018 Genre: Progressive Rock Format: FLAC (*tracks+.cue) Quality: Lossless 16 bits / 44 Khz Time: 04:47:12 Size: 1.65 GB Tracklist: CD1 Twenty Fourteen 01.Hoodoo 5:38 02.Larks' Tongues In Aspic, Part One 9:21 03.A Scarcity Of Miracles 6:47 04.Level Five 6:54 05.One More Red Nightmare 6:06 06.Interlude 2:12 07.Banshee Legs Bell Hassle 1:39 08.The Talking Drum 4:07 09.21st Century Schizoid Man 8:54 10.The Light Of Day 5:57 CD2 Twenty Fifteen 01.Radical Action I / Meltdown 7:51 02.Interlude 2:15 03.Sailor's Tale 6:41 04.The Letters 5:18 05.The Court Of The Crimson King 7:02 06.Starless 12:22 07.Easy Money 7:39 08.Pictures Of A City 8:17 09.Suitable Grounds For The Blues 5:15 10.The Construkction Of Light 6:27 11.Level Five 6:42 CD3 Twenty Sixteen 01.Larks' Tongues In Aspic, Part Two 6:41 02.Epitaph 8:39 03.Devil Dogs Of Tessellation Row 2:59 04.Red 6:24 05.Banshee Legs Bell Hassle 1:28 06.Cirkus 7:24 07.Radical Action II 2:17 08.Pictures Of A City 8:09 09.Peace 1:56 10.Larks' Tongues In Aspic, Part One 8:06 11.Easy Money 9:32 12.21st Century Schizoid Man 12:27 CD4 Twenty Seventeen 01.Cirkus 7:33 02.Starless 12:16 03.The Letters 6:53 04.Heroes 4:30 05.Interlude 2:46 06.Last Skirmish 6:12 07.Indiscipline 8:16 08.Dawn Song 2:22 09.Prince Rupert's Lament 2:30 10.The Errors 4:43 11.Fallen Angel 6:11 12.Neurotica 4:39 13.Islands 9:16 NitroFlare,FlorenFile Download from [b]NitroFlare[/b] http://nitroflare.com/view/558A26FCC4F07E3/King_Crimson_-_Audio_Diary_2014-2017_4CD_Box_Set_2018_FLAC.z01 http://nitroflare.com/view/CC8F7C7CC58B108/King_Crimson_-_Audio_Diary_2014-2017_4CD_Box_Set_2018_FLAC.zip Download from [b]FlorenFile[/b] https://florenfile.com/m6llc17y9zls/King_Crimson_-_Audio_Diary_2014-2017_4CD_Box_Set_2018_FLAC.z01 https://florenfile.com/xq2xmx7v3wc7/King_Crimson_-_Audio_Diary_2014-2017_4CD_Box_Set_2018_FLAC.zip
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