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  1. GarageSale 9.0.4 https://rg.to/file/e1b8c3ffb40e21576a9a43441ee52824/ https://nitro.download/view/8B2BF5267FC8815/GarageSa904.zip Make your business on eBay. On a Mac. Comfortably create, launch and track your listings. Manage your sales and inventory. Simplify your eBay life and use the most advanced eBay seller tool for Mac. Listing Creator GarageSale's main goal is to provide you with everything that you need to create and start attractive eBay listings - with ease. To meet this goal GarageSale offers all the needed eBay options for private and for business sellers and lets you edit and style your item description and images. GarageSale helps you with complexity of the eBay system by keeping you informed about potential eBay traps and error messages. Listing on eBay is fun again! Tracking GarageSale tracks the state of your listings and orders. It shows all information about your listing, like current bid, watchers, sold item, listing fees and everything else. When a listing has finished you'll be informed about the buyer's name, the address and all important transaction details. The order state is synced with eBay. Synching If you work with GarageSale on severals Macs you might find the Synching feature helpful. Once enabled your GarageSale database will be synched between your Macs. Please see the Synching chapter in the manual for all details. Orders GarageSale's Orders sections keeps tracks of incoming orders. It shows information about the order status, purchased items and provides you with all buyer details that you need to process the order and to ship your items. If needed you can communicate with your buyers by sending an eBay message. Once the item is shipped, upload the tracking ID to eBay and leave feedback right from within GarageSale. Packing Slips and Invoices Print generic shipping labels or packing slips that you can add to the shipment or use them to find the ordered items in your warehouse. You have a label printer? Simply print the buyer's address using the address label template (29mm). Create invoices by sending the data from your orders to the GrandTotal invoice application. Revise, Relist, Auto-Restart If you need to modify a listing after starting it, you can do this easily from within GarageSale. Finished listings that haven't received any bids or didn't sell can be relisted without paying listing fees twice (depending on eBay's relisting policy). GarageSale is also giving you control about what listing attributes to update. This way you can keep your recent sales score for fixed price items and retain your Best Match rank in eBay's search result. The automatic restart feature starts new listings once your item has sold out on eBay. Using "re-list" will preserve the existing search rank of your ended listing and carry it over to the re-listed listing. This feature is linked with GarageSale's inventory management: If you have less inventory in stock than what you are offering for sale in your listing, GarageSale will not start the listing. To revise, relist or to stop a listing open the "More" button in GarageSale's toolbar or the "Listing" menu in GarageSale's menu bar. 150 Mobile-Friendly Designs Our free listing designs offer an easy way to make your listings vastly more attractive. GarageSale comes with 150 customizable listing designs for you to choose from. With a fingertip you can fine-tune them in the "Properties" inspector and define how images and description are laid out. In addition, GarageSale offers so-called Pro Designs which let you create highly professional listings. Easily add your store name, store categories, logo and individual text boxes for shipping details, payments, returns, etc. If you run an eBay store you'll love them. 5 Pro Designs are already included in GarageSale, more are available in the built-in Design Store. The integrated design store that lets you buy additional designs from within the application. It offers a (still growing) variety of high-quality listing designs starting at USD/EUR 1.99. They work perfectly with your GarageSale application and come with several great layout choices. All designs can be previewed and purchased directly from within GarageSale and are automatically downloaded and installed. Requirements: macOS 10.12 or later https://rg.to/file/e1b8c3ffb40e21576a9a43441ee52824/ https://nitro.download/view/8B2BF5267FC8815/GarageSa904.zip
  2. ApolloOne 3.0.7 https://rg.to/file/e3ab6848bc755d000f9cc79d307e8855/ https://nitro.download/view/F0FB8625215332F/ApolloO307.zip ApolloOne is a powerful image viewer and manager designed for the seasoned amateurs and professional photographers. The design objectives are ease of use and speed - and lots of it. Arguably the fastest image viewer ever created for the macOS (1), it works with your existing folder structure without ever needing to import files into a database. It offers a comprehensive set of tools for the photographers: smart memory card imports, displaying camera AF points, rating and culling images, managing metadata, searching and filtering, batch renaming, and much more. IMAGE VIEWER FEATURES: 1. Native support for Intel and Apple M1 Macs. 2. Easy to use interface with unique HUD display - maximizes image display area, especially on a Macbook. 3. Browsing history for quickly switching between multiple events or projects. 4. Rotate, mirror, flip photos and videos instantly. Correct orientation of JPEGs without altering image data. 5. Split View with synchronized zooming and scrolling for fast image comparison. 6. EXIF metadata inspector with search and edit features. Add tags to your favorite list for quick filtering. 7. User customizable Toolbar. 8. Slideshow with iTunes/Apple music playback and Laser pointer support. 9. Video playback with frame stepping controls. IMAGE MANAGEMENT FEATURES: 1. Import files from memory cards, batch resize, batch rename, batch export and batch image format conversion. 2. Support reading and writing images in HEIC format. 3. Perform image cropping and simple RAW image adjustments. 4. Tag and rate files for copy, move and delete operations. You can tag or rate files quickly using keyboard shortcut keys. File rating uses IPTC/XMP compatible Rating fields. 5. Keywords management, keyword completion when inputting keywords for images. Filter and search by keywords or other metadata. 6. Extensive file filtering options. Filter files by searching metadata with optional regular expression matching. 7. A set of EXIF tools for changing, shifting creation dates, synchronizing XMP metadata, removing metadata and more. EXCLUSIVE FEATURES: 1. Display camera AF points and detected faces; magnify and cycle through AF points quickly for checking on focus (2). 2. Filter files by GPS distance or by GPS altitude (ie: drone photos). Measure distance between two photos based on embedded GPS coordinates. 3. Batch rename uses GPS coordinates to retrieve city and country name as part of the rename criteria. RAW and all associated files are renamed as a group, not as separate files. 4. Ability to delete the RAW file together with the JPEG file, or delete just the RAW file, leaving the JPEG file alone. Files can be recovered from the Trash with the Put Back function (3). OTHER PRODUCTIVITY FEATURES: - Context menu for frequently accessed functions. Ability to send images, including RAW files and videos to external editors. - Sharing with iOS devices via AirDrop. - Accurately capture video frame as JPEG image. - Full support of Trackpad, Magic Mouse, and 3rd party mouse with scroll wheel (4). - Support SRT subtitle file for video playback. - Ability to play animated GIF files. - Focal length conversion to 35mm film. macOS 10.12+ Download links https://rg.to/file/e3ab6848bc755d000f9cc79d307e8855/ https://nitro.download/view/F0FB8625215332F/ApolloO307.zip
  3. Brightly Pro 2.1.4 https://rg.to/file/cd61f908794a1a345b77314a97ce2731/ https://nitro.download/view/4A22EA4BCE6B353/BrghtlyP214.zip Brightly PRO - Automatically brighten your photos and videos where they need it most. With a single slider, Brightly Pro adaptively brightens your photos instantly to bring out hidden details while maintaining a pleasing balance between light and dark without overexposing already lit areas. Brightly Pro also brightens videos while applying lighting changes smoothly over time. Brightly Pro is designed for macOS Monterey with an intuitive interface that has all the photo editing features you'd expect to show your photos and videos in their best light, and it runs natively on Macs powered by the Apple M1 chip. Take your editing to the next level with must-have professional features like RAW photos and 4K video. Magic Bar • When taking a photo, there are many lighting challenges often out of one's control: low or uneven lighting, inadequate exposure, backlit subjects, some subjects are shadowed and others are not. Because its image processing algorithm is aware of the dark and light areas of a photo and how they interact with each other, Brightly Pro can handle these challenges where traditional photo editing apps fall short. Not only are the dark areas brightened, but their detail and contrast are enhanced. Already lit areas are not overexposed and blend seamlessly with the dark areas. The result is a pleasant, natural looking image. • All those computations are combined in just one slider: the Magic Bar. It's simple, fast and intuitive. With it, you can quickly make lighting corrections to your photos and videos with a single mouse click, saving you time and requiring far less editing than with typical photo editing apps. Video and Live Photos Unlike other low light photo apps, Brightly Pro works on videos, including 4K, Slo-mo and Time-lapse videos. Live Photos are also supported. Algorithms specific to video dynamically lighten your video and smooth those changes over time to keep your videos looking great regardless of changes to lighting conditions. RAW and Wide Color Images Brightly Pro supports reading RAW, Apple ProRAW and wide color photos and processes these photos at a high precision, making it suitable for professional workflows. Results can be saved as JPEG and lossless PNG and TIFF. Adjustments Brightly Pro has over a dozen adjustments to fine-tune the Magic Bar results. Some you would expect from a photo app, while others are designed specifically for Brightly Pro. Brilliance provides an additional boost to brightness when it's needed without overexposing. Structure improves local detail, but more so in darker areas than in lighter areas. White balance is a two part control calibrated to remove both indoor and outdoor color casts. Surface blur instantly smooths out large areas while preserving edges. Capture More • Other low light photo apps require long exposure times and/or multiple exposures of the scene and a steady hand or a camera in a fixed position. Objects that are moving during an exposure introduce blur, and videos aren't possible. Additionally, those apps cannot improve photos already in your album. This is where Brightly Pro excels. • Whether it's a photo or video, Brightly Pro allows you to be spontaneous and capture the moment, giving you the freedom to adjust the lighting later. This also allows you to breathe new life into photos and videos in your album that were once thought unusable. • Brightly Pro's computational photography engine combines the science of computer vision, how the eye sees light, color and contrast, with the art of photography to restore photos harmoniously. • Brightly Pro makes a perfect addition to any professional photographer’s toolbox. Batch Processing Save time by quickly brightening large groups of photos at once. Made for Mac Brightly Pro is designed from the ground up for macOS. It looks great on macOS Monterey, is seamlessly integrated with the Photos app and camera, supports Dark Mode, uses Metal for increase performance and is optimized for the Apple M1 chip. Supported Operation System • macOS 10.15 or later • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor Download links https://rg.to/file/cd61f908794a1a345b77314a97ce2731/ https://nitro.download/view/4A22EA4BCE6B353/BrghtlyP214.zip
  4. Tap Forms 5.3.29 https://rg.to/file/de142ce9e4eec24e8ace1e2f16c8a179/ https://nitro.download/view/9B2AB73B3EB5D7A/TapFo5329.zip Disable SIP Your digital filing cabinet for life’s scattered details. Now with macOS Mojave and Scripting support! Accounts, recipes, expenses, inventory — life is full of things that we don’t want to forget or misplace. Tap Forms 5 helps you organize all kinds of things in one place — secure, searchable, and accessible on your Mac How can one app organize everything? Because not only can you use and customize the 33 built-in templates but you can create your own “forms” for inputting any kind of information, even if that information includes pictures, doodles, audio recordings, calculations, file attachments, ratings, or even links to other forms. This makes it almost like building your very own customized organization app. • Capture your way: add a picture, type some text, attach a file — there are 25 different types of information that can be captured with Tap Forms. • Organize your way: Create and design custom forms exactly how you want to for optimal organization. Get started with one of our ready-to-go form templates, or easily make a custom one from scratch with our integrated form building tools. • Store confidential data with confidence: Tap Forms' security settings let you optionally require a password, and even auto-lock when idle for a custom period of time. Using AES encryption, you can rest easy knowing your data is safe and secure. • Import, Export, Share: It’s easy to import your data from existing files, so getting started is a breeze. Import your data from text, CSV, Bento and more. Exporting allows you to share with Mac, Windows, and Linux users. Advanced Features: • Scripting support. You can now create JavaScripts to perform all kinds of operations on your records. • Sync with Tap Forms for iOS and Mac using iCloud, IBM Cloudant, Nearby (WiFi), or with your own Apache CouchDB sync server. • Layout designer for creating custom form layouts • Advanced search rules with multi-field record filtering • Lightning-fast search • Share form templates with friends, family, and co-workers • Import & Export standard text, CSV and XLSX files from Excel, Numbers, or other systems • Print 24 different types of barcodes including ISBN, UPC, Code 39, QR code, EAN, and more! • Label printing engine includes over 1,000 Avery® label templates • Print record details • List, multi-column, calendar, map, and photo grid views. Store 25 different types of information, such as: • Scripts • Tables • Link to form (relational links between forms) • Inverse relationships • File Attachment with multi-file support • Email address • GPS location • Contact • Text • Date • Time • Date & time • Number • Rating • Web site address • Check mark • Note • Audio notes (record on iOS, playback on Mac) • Photos • Drawings (draw on iOS, view on Mac) • Phone number • Section headings • Calculations • Signature (capture on iOS, view on Mac) Includes more than 33 built-in forms, including: • Audio dictation • Bank accounts • Clients • Client call log • Credit & debit cards • Daily journal • Expenses • Frequent flyer numbers • Health insurance • Homework assignments • Loyalty cards • Personal health cards • Security alarm codes • Serial numbers • Vehicle insurance • Website accounts • Wine collection Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later 64-bit Download https://rg.to/file/de142ce9e4eec24e8ace1e2f16c8a179/ https://nitro.download/view/9B2AB73B3EB5D7A/TapFo5329.zip Disable SIP
  5. Native Instruments Maschine 2 v2.15.1 https://rg.to/file/9a6a307dd061138ec0500b32c8ff3f04/ https://nitro.download/view/CF811C9D9DAC2FE/NIMaschine2151.zip MASCHINE is the groundbreaking groove production system for tactile, creative beatmaking with an acclaimed sound library. Create and perform fast with MASCHINE – the groundbreaking groove production studio combining the power and flexibility of software with the tactile immediacy of hardware. Its pattern-based sequencer, high-performance sampler, incredible suite of pro studio instruments and effects, exemplary drum synths, and acclaimed sound library deliver a complete system for fast, professional groove production. MASCHINE provides intuitive, tactile control for composing, sampling, slicing, performing, and more. Multi-color pads provide ultimate feel in the thick the beat. MASCHINE 2’s audio engine adds unlimited groups and insert effects to MASCHINE’s powerful feature set. Multicore support ensures your computer handles it all in parallel with ultra-efficient processing – even when using the software as a VST or AU plug-in. The new audio engine now also supports sidechaining, for classic ducking effects and more. MASCHINE 2 sets a new benchmark in software drum synthesis. Create your own perfectly-tuned electronic and acoustic drum sounds in truly peerless sound quality. Six exclusive monophonic drum plug-ins, with their own unique algorithms, give you any percussive sound you need. All fully tweakable, automatable, and perfectly integrated into MASCHINE – with the quality that comes from NI’s acclaimed DSP expertise. macOS 10.14+ Download links https://rg.to/file/9a6a307dd061138ec0500b32c8ff3f04/ https://nitro.download/view/CF811C9D9DAC2FE/NIMaschine2151.zip
  6. Wondershare PDFelement Pro 8.6.7 https://rg.to/file/dffcfc7634ff925697c749a373d66d02/ https://nitro.download/view/08283075843E006/WPDFelem867.zip The PDF Experience, Simplified. The easiest way to create, edit, convert and sign PDF documents. Get control over PDFs like never before. The most Powerful and Simple PDF solution that changes the way you work with your important documents forever. Edit Express yourself both verbally and visually with a full‑featured word processor that helps you easily edit PDF files. Convert Deliver the richest, most engaging PDF communications. Convert PDFs to office files, retaining layout, formatting, and tables. Comment Empower your team and collaborate more effectively. Quickly gather feedback from colleagues and customers. Reliably create and distribute PDF forms. Easily create and distribute forms, combine collected forms for analysis, and export collected data in a spreadsheet. Protect documents and accelerate information exchange with PDF. Control documents to help secure sensitive information from unintended access and use. Introducing all-new PDFelement 7: Reimagined UI. Work easily with an all-new minimalist, yet powerful, user interface. User Management Console. Get the flexibility to provision, track, and manage licensing across groups and teams. Highlights: - Create - Edit - Convert - Review - Forms - Sign - Secure - OCR Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor https://rg.to/file/dffcfc7634ff925697c749a373d66d02/ https://nitro.download/view/08283075843E006/WPDFelem867.zip
  7. Wondershare Filmora X https://rg.to/file/2cbcf596221da57a28ec0fbe3382617d/ https://nitro.download/view/79D53FAA7AB3E2A/WFilmoraX113017.zip Wondershare Filmora is an easy-to-use yet powerful video-editing app to edit and retouch videos with rich video and photo editing functions like trimming, cropping, rotating, adding stylish titles, applying filter effects, inserting transition and motion effects, etc. Create faster, even when using advanced features. It’s simple in Filmora X. Add fun to your creations Discover endless possibilities by playing with Filmora X’s massive collection of effects. Video Effects Drag and drop creative transitions, filters, titles, and even motion elements. Blending Mode Layer media for special effects or to create unique looks Green Screen Easily key out a background or create special effects. Cut Work from Your Workflow Spend more time being creative with Filmora X’s efficiency tools. Audio Ducking It’s only one click to fade one audio track down under another. Color Matching Take the color settings from one clip and apply them to a whole batch of clips quickly. Keyboard Shortcut Save time by controlling your edit with keystrokes. Filmora X has features designed exclusively to make the most of your Mac computer. Other Features: • Support importing all popular videos, audios and photos for editing. • Trim, crop, and rotate videos freely & add voiceover and background music. • Retouch videos and photos with rich filters, titles, transitions and motions. • Save videos to local or portable devices or directly share to YouTube. • Burn the edited videos to DVD for better video preservation. Compatibility: macOS 10.14 or later 64-bit Download links https://rg.to/file/2cbcf596221da57a28ec0fbe3382617d/ https://nitro.download/view/79D53FAA7AB3E2A/WFilmoraX113017.zip
  8. The Graphics Creator 8 v1.4.0 macOS The Graphics Creator 8 - Create your own graphics in minutes without ANY design skills or a big budget! Grab attention with stunning graphics... fast! Search from hundreds of thousands of high-quality stock photos and videos. And much more! PROFESSIONAL DESIGN FEATURES - Search from hundreds of thousands of high-quality stock photos and videos - Select from over 1000 stunning fonts from Google - Remove an image's background to make it transparent - Increase the Graphic Creator's Canvas to 10,000 x 10,000 pixels (great for creating your own t-shirt designs or desktop wallpapers) - Captivating, ready-made design templates IN 10 MINUTES OR LESS YOU CAN Make a graphic, download it in multiple formats, and post it to get more traffic, clicks, and sales. And you can create graphics for your social media posts, blog, website, marketing materials, emails, YouTube videos... and more! Here's What You Get with The Graphics Creator - Easy Drag and Drop Design - Unlimited Saves - Unlimited Downloads - Unlimited Revisions - 1000+ Google Fonts - Over 1 Million Royalty-Free Stock Images - 10,000 X 10,000 Canvas Size - Save as JPG, PNG, Transparent PNG - Save and Record Video - Save Your Designs - Color-Picker Tool - Background Removal Tool - Add Shapes feature - Duplication of Objects and Text - Easy Layering of Objects and Text - Complete Control of Every Element Included Add-ons - Mascots2Go Mega Colllection - Social Media Pak - The Alphabet Logo Pak - The Business Card Creator - The Character Creator - The eCover Creator - The Graphics Creator 8 - Extra Templates - The Mockup set - The Mockup Creator - The Promobot 365 - The YouTube Graphics Creator - Video Backgrounds OS X 10.11+ Download links https://rg.to/file/8faf1ce8a585ec097bf9e35db33b27ea/ https://rg.to/file/a73acd270ae82aec47fefa64009cebd5/ https://rg.to/file/4c9739c0a3eed9c3295fdfae85d7e38a/ https://nitro.download/view/25014F0B8AA63A0/TGC8v140.part1.rar https://nitro.download/view/183174710C1105A/TGC8v140.part2.rar https://nitro.download/view/5B386447E22B5D7/TGC8v140.part3.rar
  9. DaVinci Resolve Studio 18 beta 3 https://k2s.cc/file/bd80dd6844591/daresostu18b3.part1.rar https://k2s.cc/file/4bed676de22e0/daresostu18b3.part2.rar https://k2s.cc/file/c9120aed46061/daresostu18b3.part3.rar https://k2s.cc/file/e2bd4ff2c8bf0/daresostu18b3.part4.rar DaVinci Resolve is the world’s only solution that combines editing, color correction, visual effects, motion graphics and audio post production all in one software tool! Its elegant, modern interface is fast to learn and easy for new users, yet powerful for professionals. DaVinci Resolve lets you work faster and at a higher quality because you don’t have to learn multiple apps or switch software for different tasks. That means you can work with camera original quality images throughout the entire process. It’s like having your own post production studio in a single app! Best of all, by learning DaVinci Resolve, you’re learning how to use the exact same tools used by Hollywood professionals! DaVinci Resolve 18 is a major release featuring cloud based workflows for a new way to collaborate remotely! You can host project libraries using Blackmagic Cloud and collaborate on the same timeline, in real time, with multiple users globally. The new Blackmagic Proxy generator automatically creates proxies linked to camera originals, for a faster editing workflow. Plus, support for Apple M1 Ultra gives you a powerful image processing engine, eliminating expensive cloud computing. There are new Resolve FX such as ultra beauty and 3D depth map, improved subtitling for editors, GPU accelerated Fusion paint and real time title template playback, Fairlight fixed to FlexBus conversion and more! Minimum system requirements for macOS macOS 10.15 or later 16 GB of system memory. 32 GB when using Fusion Blackmagic Design Desktop Video version 10.4.1 or later Integrated GPU or discrete GPU with at least 2GB of VRAM. GPU which supports Metal or OpenCL 1.2 Download https://k2s.cc/file/bd80dd6844591/daresostu18b3.part1.rar https://k2s.cc/file/4bed676de22e0/daresostu18b3.part2.rar https://k2s.cc/file/c9120aed46061/daresostu18b3.part3.rar https://k2s.cc/file/e2bd4ff2c8bf0/daresostu18b3.part4.rar
  10. BestZip 2 1.6.0 https://rg.to/file/ca466225d285178e955a5dc1d2c1bd5a https://nitro.download/view/5F6C7E283EEFCF2/BstZip2160.zip “BestZip 2" has a brand new design, and on the basis of inheriting all the advantages of “BestZip, more powerful functions are added. At the same time, the software interface is simpler and easier to use. "Version Introduction" -BestZip/BestZip Pro: The first-generation product, powerful and stable, has been widely praised by users. -BestZip 2: Redesigned on the basis of the first generation BestZip, with more concise interface, richer functions, stronger compatibility, and more supported formats. -BestZip Lite: Lightweight, with only decompression function. It is the basic version of "BestZip 2" and is inexpensive. "Supported Formats” Support extract all kinds of archives, including but not limited to: RAR, ZIP, 7z, gz, sit, tbz, tar, xar, lha, lzh, hqx, bin, macbin, as, bz2, bzip2, bz, xz, iso, cdi, nrg, mdf, z, taz, tar-z, lzma, xip, ace, arj, arc, pak, spk, zoo, lbr, lqr, lzr, pma, cab, rpm, deb, alz, dd, cpt, pit, now, sea, exe, msi, cpio, cpgz, pax, warc, ha, adf, adz, dms, f, lzx, dcs, pkd, xms, zom, pp, nsa, sar, jar, nds, pkg, a, swf, pdf, alz, a01, b01, sfx macOS 10.12+ Download links https://rg.to/file/ca466225d285178e955a5dc1d2c1bd5a https://nitro.download/view/5F6C7E283EEFCF2/BstZip2160.zip
  11. Rooms: The Toymaker's Mansion Rooms: The Toymaker's Mansion is a unique puzzle game inspired by sliding puzzle and platformer games. In a twisted mansion made of rooms that slide like puzzle pieces, find a way to exit by moving rooms and using what's inside them. As you explore the mansion, various gadgets are introduced that will make the puzzles even trickier to solve. Enjoy this long awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed classic! Unique puzzle mechanic proven in its predecessor 96 main storyline levels + 48 special ability levels 4 beautifully crafted mansion themes and music Complete storyline with two endings macOS 10.14 or later required Homepage https://www.bigfishgames.com/games/15515/rooms-the-toymakers-mansion/?mac Download links https://alfafile.net/file/8WovJ https://rg.to/file/cdf575ad93c7bf8bd58c95373675f054/
  12. Travel Mosaics 16: Glorious Budapest The Walkers invite you on a tour along the historic streets of Budapest! Enjoy breathtaking views of the Danube River while exploring the city’s majestic architecture. This animal family will be your guide as you solve puzzles and learn fun facts about the area’s most famous landmarks! With 140 color-coded “nonogram” puzzles (also known as Picross or Griddlers), this fun and educating game has something for all ages. So start your adventure in Budapest with the Walkers today! A gorgeous virtual tour of Budapest’s top attractions! Play in both night and day modes Fun and educational dialogue with your favorite characters 140 colorful puzzles macOS 10.14 or later required Homepage https://www.bigfishgames.com/games/15647/travel-mosaics-16-glorious-budapest/?mac Download links https://alfafile.net/file/8Wovp https://rg.to/file/e5f515514225932b9018cf50182dec2f/
  13. DxO PhotoLab https://rg.to/file/feabda21ce5fe089a1ee2b7e986f469c/ https://nitro.download/view/C2AF46F4040C6B4/ PhotoLab 5 features improved sensitivity control over adjustments, better metadata management, a more efficient DeepPRIME engine that’s up to four times faster than the previous version, Fujifilm X-Trans RAW support. The big feature with DxO PhotoLab 5 is the new “U Point technology” which provides Control Lines with improved sensitivity settings. Control Lines extend the existing Control Points functionality, allowing users to carry out touch-ups on larger areas with easy to use selections. Control Points and Control Lines have also received new sensitivity settings, letting photographers make adjustments based on luminance and other features of the targeted areas. PhotoLab 5 also sees new metadata and keyword management features with support for IPTC and EXIF data as well as third party application synchronisation. They say that the new version optimises the library management tools by reorganising them into an easier workflow. The DeepPRIME engine that processes the RAW files has also received some love, bringing some nice performance optimisations. They claim that Apple M1 Silicon users will see up to a 4x speed improvement (which will be even faster on the newly announced Macs) and up to 1.5x faster on Windows machines. PhotoLab 5 also sees beta support for RAW files from Fujifilm X-Trans sensors from 18 Fujifilm cameras, including the newest X-E4, X-S10, X-T4 and X100V. Now processes IPTC and EXIF data and third-party application synchronizations. It also includes advanced means of keyword prioritization via an interactive tree structure. In addition, this new version optimizes the software’s photo library management tools by reorganizing them. Trained by deep learning methods using millions of images analysed in DxO laboratories over the past 20 years, DxO DeepPRIME technology uses artificial intelligence to develop RAW files. It drastically improves digital noise reduction while ensuring more efficient demosaicing. Traditionally, these two operations have been carried out separately, each introducing flaws that adversely affect the quality of the other. With deep learning, DeepPRIME takes a holistic approach that combines the two steps into one. The deep-learning approach of DxO PhotoLab 5 and DeepPRIME in particular has been significantly optimized in terms of reactivity as well as processing and export times. These improvements are available to everyone and are up to 4 times faster for Apple Silicon Mac users and 1.5 times faster on the best Windows architectures. macOS 10.15+ Download links https://rg.to/file/feabda21ce5fe089a1ee2b7e986f469c/ https://nitro.download/view/C2AF46F4040C6B4/DxOPhotoL52366.zip
  14. Yo soy viejo, de aquel chilecomparte que era una bestia. Me encantaria poder ofrecerme como moderador de las areas mac apps & games. Estan completamente arruinadas de bots inmundos que saturan el sitio a diario.
  15. Noise Machine 1.19 https://rg.to/file/75f9b6db2261626f8cec7caf2f19ad51/ https://nitro.download/view/C68CF7516AF99D0/NoiseMa119.zip Noise Machine is a white noise and soundscape generator designed to help you block out workplace noise and create a more productive work environment to suit your mood. It can be very hard and tiring to try to concentrate in a noisy work environment. The chatter of co-workers can be especially hard to block out. Conversely excessively quiet environments can lack energy and can feel very isolating. Noise Machine generates white, brown and pink noise, whose special properties are often used to mask out other environmental sounds and favor concentration and task focus. Noise Machine also features a range of natural and artificial soundscapes to suit your mood, ranging from the relaxing sounds of water to the energizing atmosphere of a sidewalk café. Designed to be as unobtrusive and simple to use as possible, Noise Machine’s icon “lives” in the menu bar and is accessible at any time via a simple click. The menu bar item allows you to choose between a range of sounds, adjust the volume and change the sound output device. Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later https://rg.to/file/75f9b6db2261626f8cec7caf2f19ad51/ https://nitro.download/view/C68CF7516AF99D0/NoiseMa119.zip
  16. Picture Instruments Smart GPS Sync Pro 2.0.10 https://rg.to/file/974fa846ea69f837ce4ed0d020912dbf/ https://nitro.download/view/FADC44260EB3090/NISmartGPSSyncP2010.zip You don't want to do without GPS-tags in your photos but you also don't want to run a GPS-logger all the time? If you take just one single photo containing GPS data with your smartphone you can use "Smart GPS Sync" to transfer that GPS information to all other photos in your camera at a later point in time. If you have no photo with the right GPS data at hand you can also just copy longitude and latitude from Google Maps or Bing Maps into the corresponding fields and apply them to an entire batch of photos. This is especially helpful for on-location and event photography where not every photo is shot at a new location. This method is also greatly helpful if you occasionally want to add geodata to a photo. If you are on a photo trip you can conveniently have a GPS-logger run along (for instance in a smartphone or in an outdoor GPS device) and record a .gpx track. In the evening you can simply load the .gpx file as well as all photos of the day into Smart GPS Sync and the software will add the corresponding GPS information into every single photo.* Features: Transfers the GPS data from one photo to any number of photos Writes latitude and longitude information directly into the EXIF data of photos (even for RAWs which means that NO separate XMP file is created) Geotagging with or without GPS logger Is able to remove GPS information from photos Simple transfer of GPS-data from a .gpx file to any number of photos * Recognises tracks and waypoints in GPX files * Supported File Formats 3g2 , 3gp , 3gp2 , 3gpp , aax , ai , ait , apng , arw , ciff , cr2 , crw , cs1 , dcp , dng , dr4 , dvb , eps , eps2 , eps3 , epsf , erf , exif , exv , f4a , f4b , f4p , f4v , fff , flif , gif , hdp , icc , icm , iiq , ind , indd , indt , inx , j2k , jng , jp2 , jpe , jpeg , jpf , jpg , jpm , jpx , jxr , m4a , m4b , m4p , m4v , mef , mie , mng , mos , mov , mp4 , mpo , mqv , mrw , nef , nrw , orf , pbm , pdf , pef , pgm , png , ppm , ps , ps2 , ps3 , psb , psd , psdt , qt , raf , raw , rw2 , rwl , sr2 , srw , thm , tif , tiff , vrd , wdp , x3f , xmp OS X 10.10+ Download links https://rg.to/file/974fa846ea69f837ce4ed0d020912dbf/ https://nitro.download/view/FADC44260EB3090/NISmartGPSSyncP2010.zip
  17. SuperDuper! 3.6.2 SuperDuper is an advanced, yet easy to use disk copying program. It can, of course, make a straight copy, or "clone" -- useful when you want to move all your data from one machine to another, or do a simple backup. In moments, you can completely duplicate your boot drive to another drive, partition, or image file. Clones for safety. To ensure you can safely roll back a system after the unexpected occurs. With a few clicks, you can easily "checkpoint" your system, preserving your computer's critical applications and files while you run on a working, bootable copy. If anything goes wrong, just reboot to the original. When you do, your current Documents, Music, Pictures -- even iSync data -- are available! You can get back to work immediately. Requirements Intel, Mac OS X 10.10 or later https://rg.to/file/d28bea16d1cc2478cdca80f57da9b124 https://nitro.download/view/C729353A643BA32/superd362.zip
  18. Aiseesoft Mac Video Converter Ultimate 10.3.8 Download https://rg.to/file/c17596ba1b68b4d3b90e6a3ba8a24f66/ https://nitro.download/view/4CD377B200BC145/AiseesoftMacVCU1038.zip The best Mac video software ever, allowing users to easily download, convert and edit videos including 4K videos as well as homemade DVDs on Mac. Easy-to-Use Video Converter’s Greater Than Ever With friendly interface, Video Converter Ultimate guarantees you to use this software easily, even for beginners. Equipped with the full of feature, it is able to meet all your video needs. Let's check what it can do for you: Convert Video Convert 2D/3D video and audio for iPhone, iMovie, Avid, etc. Convert DVD Convert DVD and video to GIF/video/audio. Edit Video Edit any video or audio files on Mac computer. Various Tools Provide various built-in tools in its toolbox. Support Converting All Popular Videos and Audio Aiseesoft Mac Video Converter Ultimate can convert home DVDs and videos to all popular video formats including MOV, AVI, MP4, MPG, FLV, VOB, MKV, HD MP4, HD MOV, etc. It also supports 8K/5K/4K converting, which means you can use it to convert all leading standard and high definition video formats to and from 8K/5K/4K video or audio formats. It supports every popular 4K encoding technology, including H.265/HEVC, H.264, MPEG, Xvid, VP8, VP9, etc. Meanwhile, it supports converting audio formats like MP3, AAC, AC3, AIFF, FLAC, OGG, WAV, etc. It also offers preset profiles that include the highest quality video settings for popular devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia, BlackBerry, Google Nexus, Moto X, Kindle Fire, etc. Convert 2D home DVD/video to Anaglyph, Side-by-Side or Top/Bottom 3D This Mac video software acts as a 2D to 3D conversion tool, helping users convert any standard 2D video to Anaglyph (ten types), Side by Side (Half-Width/Full), Top and Bottom (Half-Height/Full) 3D files in a variety of formats like AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, etc. allowing playback on portable 3D video devices, computers (PC/Mac), or 3D TVs. It allows you to switch L/R image and change the 3D scene depth as desired. It supports the latest macOS Catalina and macOS Big Sur. High compatibility makes it suitable for all Mac users. Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later 64bit
  19. Keyboard Maestro 10.1.1 https://rg.to/file/49d1ae11745add7182360253661bd635/ https://nitro.download/view/519B1518C243767/KeybMaes1011.zip Automate applications or web sites, text or images, simple or complex, on command or scheduled. You can automate virtually anything. Improve Your Productivity Whether you are a power user or just getting started, your time is precious. So don’t waste it. You can quickly benefit from Keyboard Maestro. Let Keyboard Maestro help make your Mac life more pleasant and efficient. Quickly automate any task If you can perform it manually, Keyboard Maestro can almost certainly automate it for you. Whether it is typing your email address, going to Gmail or Facebook, launching Pages, or duplicating a line, Keyboard Maestro can help. Control applications Launch commonly used applications, open specific documents, rearrange windows, play music, handle email, you can do it all with Keyboard Maestro, faster, easier, and much more reliably. Manipulate text and images Create reports, transform text, OCR images, download files, expand text snippets, perform calculations, filter clipboards and work with multiple entry clipboard history. Make email and end-of-month processes so much quicker and easier. Control web sites Keyboard Maestro can help you fill in web forms, visit commonly read pages, download reports or bank statements, format web pages, and generally make browsing the web more efficient. Hundreds of Built-In Actions With so many possible actions that you can combine together, including flow control, conditions and looping actions, you can automate almost any task, from the trivial to very complex multi-application reporting systems. Work How You Want Make your Mac and its applications behave the way you want. Launch applications and have the windows arranged your way. Have other applications quit when you launch an application. Have your Mac set itself up at 8:00 each morning. It’s your Mac, with Keyboard Maestro you are in control. macOS 10.13 or later Download links https://rg.to/file/49d1ae11745add7182360253661bd635/ https://nitro.download/view/519B1518C243767/KeybMaes1011.zip
  20. Receipts 1.9.15 https://rg.to/file/304c8e0768123ca2d6fba9d8838114d8/ https://nitro.download/view/A1DFBD540377FE1/Rece1915.zip Receipts enhances your incoming invoice management. Features Recognize: Receipts recognizes gross invoice amount, slip date, declared sales tax, currency, and bank account details automatically and, thus enables the busy user to speed up his incoming receipts management. Classify: Receipts’ smart character recognition identifies once recorded providers automatically, and thus is able to capture recurring documents correctly and assign to the right category. Analyze: Apart from bar graphs and pie chats in the dashboard giving a quick glance at expenditures by periods, providers and categories, export function enables you to analyze recorded data individually and to enhance your tax declaration. Most important features Autonomous recognition of contents such as amount, date, taxes and bank data Self-learning assignment of documents to contacts and categories Automatic conversion of foreign currencies Support for scanners and document scanners Built-in text recognition (OCR) Direct payment of invoices from within the app Entry of sales tax values and preparation for tax declarations Flexible exports and reports Powerful search and filters Extensive data evaluations Protection of privacy through local storage of data Storage of documents in original and PDF format Flexible settings Multilingual Requires OS X 10.10+ Download links https://rg.to/file/304c8e0768123ca2d6fba9d8838114d8/ https://nitro.download/view/A1DFBD540377FE1/Rece1915.zip
  21. Grids for Instagram 8.0.3 https://rg.to/file/2ad1bde9014e149cc97508213d644109/ https://nitro.download/view/C6997D450A36C86/Grds803.zip Grids brings the best Instagram experience to your Mac. As featured on TheNextWeb, AppAdvice, iDownloadBlog, DigitalTrends and many others. * Clean, adaptive UI. Works at full screen as well as widget-sized window. * Pixel-perfect layout and rendering. Retina display support. Your Instagram photos never looked this gorgeous. * 4 beautiful layout styles for the pleasure of your eyes * Picture size as well as spacing and background color can be adjusted to your liking. * Fastest Instagram browsing experience you will have! * Switch between multiple accounts seamlessly. * Like, comment, follow, search people and tags. * Show users tagged in photo * Bookmark allows you to bookmark people (without having to follow them), locations, tags and individual photos or videos (without having to like them). * Get notification when new feed is available and/or when there is new followers/likes/comments/mentions. * View latest following/news just like on your phone *** Can not upload. It is not possible to upload picture to Instagram from 3rd party apps. *** Note: An Instagram account is required to use this app. Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later, 64-bit processor Download https://rg.to/file/2ad1bde9014e149cc97508213d644109/ https://nitro.download/view/C6997D450A36C86/Grds803.zip
  22. PatterNodes 3.0.6 https://rg.to/file/801e4aea26d5dcd6fab2d17aaad3db4c/ https://nitro.download/view/A901066606B32D3/Pattern306.zip Patternodes is a tool for creating graphical vector patterns, animations or illustrations. This is done using a node-based interface where you define a sequence of connected nodes that describe the design, each representing graphical elements, changes or repetitions. You might call this a sort of parametric design or visual scripting for 2d applications. The node sequence is completely non-destructive, so you can change any step in the sequence at any time without having to redo the rest. The parameters that control each node can also be connected to other nodes, establishing complex relationships, or animated to create animations. Patternodes is designed from the start to stimulate playful use and experimentation. Therefore the result is always shown in the preview view, repeated for patterns and updating in real time. Features Flexible node-based interface for non-destructive transformations and repetitions. Real-time updated tiled preview of the result while adjusting parameters. Add animation any parameter to create animated patterns or designs. Built in nodes to create shapes, lines, curves or text to build your pattern with. Import or paste in bitmap graphics (JEPG, TIFF, PNG) or vector shapes (EPS, PDF or SVG) to use in your designs. Automates making seamless pattern tiles. Define complex relationships by making connections between nodes. Nondestructive randomisation functions to randomly scale, rotate, move or adjust the color of the individual elements of your patterns. Export the result as bitmap (JPEG, PNG, TIFF) or vector (SVG, EPS, PDF) graphics, or just copy it and paste it into some other application. Export animations as GIF, SVG, QuickTime MOV, MPEG4 or numbered PNG, JPG or PDF files. Extensive manual, sample files, node reference guide and other inline help features to help you get started. Requires macOS 10.14 or later. Download https://rg.to/file/801e4aea26d5dcd6fab2d17aaad3db4c/ https://nitro.download/view/A901066606B32D3/Pattern306.zip
  23. mojado

    myTracks 4.2.1

    myTracks 4.2.1 https://rg.to/file/e1356ca0b354baf4bee9c26f8001169f/ https://nitro.download/view/529C9C187DCD63E/myTrcks421.zip myTracks is the swiss-army knife for organizing your GPS tracks. They can be loaded from a broad range of devices and organized in a library comfortably. Once imported you can drag & drop photo files to myTracks and they will be assigned to the GPS tracks automatically. The GPS information can be written to the EXIF and IPTC tags of the photo files (Geotagging). You can use any photo organizing software such as Photos, iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom, GraphicConverter or even the Finder. myTracks can handle both JPEG and RAW file formats. GPS tracks can be exported as GPX, KML or KMZ files. You can use the exported files, e.g. with Google Earth. Besides the dedicated GPS loggers a free iPhone App called "myTracks - The GPS logger" is available on the App Store. You can use this App to record GPS tracks. Using iCloud you can easily synchronise all your tracks between all your devices (iOS and macOS). Feature Highlights: * Logger Assistant with more than 50 presets for downloading GPS tracks * Search, bookmark, and organize using the Track Library * 1-click, drag & drop geotagging of JPEG and RAW photo files * Display tracks on a wide variety of maps online and offline * Import, export, and edit tracks in GPX and KML formats and export of KMZ formats * Upload photos from within the application to flickr * Compatible with Adobe Lightroom, Apple Photos, Apple Aperture, Apple iPhoto, GraphicConverter or macOS Finder * Free versions for iOS include track recording and sync with macOS application * iCloud support Compatibility: macOS 10.13.6 or later Download links https://rg.to/file/e1356ca0b354baf4bee9c26f8001169f/ https://nitro.download/view/529C9C187DCD63E/myTrcks421.zip
  24. Bartender 4.1.51 https://k2s.cc/file/2eb9084202766/Barte4151.dmg https://nitro.download/view/5CBC584A4B3CFD6/Barte4151.dmg Bartender 4 lets you organize your menu-bar apps by hiding them, rearranging them, or moving them to Bartender's Bar. You can display the full menu bar, set options to have menu-bar items show in the menu bar when they have updated, or have them always visible in Bartender's Bar. Bartender 4 is our biggest update yet, specifically created for macOS Big Sur. New in Bartender 4 Menu bar layout More powerful and refined, with the new layout screen you have full control of your menu bar items. You can have them hidden but still easily accessible, set your most important items to always be visible, and define the exact order of items for your workflow. Bartender will keep your items ordered as you want, even after macOS restarts. Triggers With the power of the new Triggers in Show for Updates you now have options when an item shows. Triggers include: any change, icon matching, or a script. Allowing you to show menu bar items exactly when you need them. Bartender also includes some unique Triggers for: • Battery - show when on battery power, or at specific levels. • WiFi - show when not connected to a WiFi network. • Time Machine - show while time machine is backing up. Quick Reveal Lightning fast access to your menu bar items is now possible with Quick Reveal. Get instant access to your hidden menu bar items simply by moving your mouse to the menu bar, or if you prefer by clicking the menu bar. Quick Search Quick Search will change the way you use your menu bar apps. Instantly find, show and activate menu bar items all from your keyboard. Menu bar Spacers With Spacers your menu bar is uniquely your own, with the ability to customise menu item grouping and display labels or emoji to personalise your menu bar. More space on small screens Swap shown items for your hidden ones to take up less menu bar space, allowing you to have more menu bar items on a smaller screen. Clean inactive menu bars For users with multiple monitors Bartender now hides all menu items on inactive menu bars to give a cleaner appearance. New menu bar items You can choose where new menu items will appear in your menu bar; shown for instant access, or hidden for less distraction. Much more still to come.... Compatibility: macOS 11.0 or later 64-bit Download links https://k2s.cc/file/2eb9084202766/Barte4151.dmg https://nitro.download/view/5CBC584A4B3CFD6/Barte4151.dmg
  25. Pixelmator Pro 2.4.3 https://rg.to/file/c2e6fcb8c5da13c3c666c8ff9186177b/ https://nitro.download/view/0621AC3C4D5C511/PixelPro243.zip Pixelmator Pro is an incredibly powerful, beautiful, and easy to use image editor designed exclusively for Mac. With a wide range of professional-grade, nondestructive image editing tools, Pixelmator Pro lets you bring out the best in your photos, create gorgeous compositions and designs, draw, paint, apply stunning effects, design beautiful text, and edit images in just about any way you can imagine. And thanks to its intuitive and accessible design, Pixelmator Pro is delightfully easy to use — whether you’re just starting out with image editing or you’re a seasoned pro. Exceptional Design and Functionality • The modern, single-window interface of Pixelmator Pro is designed exclusively for working with images on a Mac • An intuitive and refined design makes image editing easy and accessible, even if you're a complete beginner • Native dark and light appearances adapt to the light and dark modes of macOS • A customizable interface lets you organize your creative environment just the way you want • Choose from workspace presets created for photography, design, illustration, and painting • A full-featured Photos extension lets you edit images using Pixelmator Pro without ever leaving Photos, saving layered, nondestructive edits directly to your library Professional Tools • Enhance your existing images and create new ones using every image editing tool you could ever need • Edit nondestructively, adjusting individual changes whenever you like • Easily move, resize, and arrange objects to create stunning compositions • Adjust colors with a collection of nondestructive, machine learning-powered color adjustments • Enjoy superior support for RAW files, editing RAW images using all their extended range data • Create digital or traditional paintings using handcrafted, fully-customizable, dual-texture brushes with full support for digital graphics tablets • Combine the built-in effects to create any artistic or special effects you can imagine • Save adjustment, effect, and layer style combinations as presets, use them in any of your images, and share them with others • Speed up image editing with hundreds of presets for color adjustments, effects, layer styles, and shapes • Magically remove small imperfections or entire objects, seamlessly clone parts of your photos, and lighten or darken precise areas using a full set of retouching tools • Use the reshaping tools to easily change the shape of any object or area in your images • Add customizable vector graphics designed by the Pixelmator Team • Create your own vector graphics using the Pen tool • Easily design great-looking text with a full set of typography tools • Quickly create curved, circular, and path text • Optimize and save your images for the web, using advanced compression to shrink file sizes • Batch process images using built-in Automator actions • Effortlessly automate workflows using full-featured AppleScript support Image Editing Enhanced by Machine Learning • Magically remove objects, recreating image areas with stunning realism using the Repair tool • Use ML Enhance to intelligently enhance photos with a machine learning algorithm trained on millions of professional photos • Zoom and enhance image resolution with the incredible ML Super Resolution • Automatically copy the look of one photo to another with ML Match Colors • Remove image noise and compression artifacts while preserving details using ML Denoise • Quickly make accurate selections with ease using the Quick Selection tool Compatibility • Open and edit images in all the most popular image formats, including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD, HEIF, SVG, PDF, GIF, BMP, TGA, WebP and JPEG-2000 • Open and edit Photoshop images with layers • Open and edit SVG vector images • Share your images to Photos, Mail, AirDrop, and other locations Built Exclusively for Mac Designed exclusively for macOS, Pixelmator Pro supports almost every major macOS feature and integrates seamlessly with macOS Big Sur. macOS 10.14.4+ Download links https://rg.to/file/c2e6fcb8c5da13c3c666c8ff9186177b/ https://nitro.download/view/0621AC3C4D5C511/PixelPro243.zip
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