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  1. KORG Gadget 2 Plugins v2.7.3 Team RET | 02 Nov 2022 | 3.47GB Evolving to the next generation. Quickly and intuitively turn your ideas into music. The best music production software & plugins. KORG Gadget is the best all-in-one music production software and plugin collection; the intuitive user interface provides over 40 small synthesizers and drum machines called "Gadgets," that you can freely combine for music production. Starting with the award winning iOS edition, followed by Gadget for Mac with its powerful plugin collection, now the Gadget plug-ins are now Windows compatible." With carefully selected parameters and at-the-ready sounds/presets, you can now use various powerful gadgets with your favorite DAW on your Mac/PC. With improved sound and utility efficiency, the second generation KORG Gadget 2 has been further enhanced to include six new gadgets. In addition, the intuitive user interface has been polished to improve ease of use. With the new design, you can now check the status of each track at a glance, an additional four new IFX have been included and you can now smoothly change the tempo as well as fade in/fade out. You can complete your music without losing inspiration, doing all of your work with KORG Gadget 2. Download Details: Ext: rar Parts: 4 Size: 3.48 GB NitroFlare Link(s) https://nitroflare.com/view/EAFD12191194EFD/KORG.Gadget.2.Plugins.v2.7.3.Incl.Keygen_RET.part1.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/E4703FA2A767DF7/KORG.Gadget.2.Plugins.v2.7.3.Incl.Keygen_RET.part2.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/2C1282946468606/KORG.Gadget.2.Plugins.v2.7.3.Incl.Keygen_RET.part3.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/6005EF1907988E4/KORG.Gadget.2.Plugins.v2.7.3.Incl.Keygen_RET.part4.rar RapidGator Link(s) https://rapidgator.net/file/e2ff1336e1216cc19d4008b480699f5e/KORG.Gadget.2.Plugins.v2.7.3.Incl.Keygen_RET.part1.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/cb6948baa2eb8fd609f783b8561419d8/KORG.Gadget.2.Plugins.v2.7.3.Incl.Keygen_RET.part2.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/4d4caf6ca58e1a3433554ba3dff34f6a/KORG.Gadget.2.Plugins.v2.7.3.Incl.Keygen_RET.part3.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/87e1be1cb0f71c282728f6aef2f858d7/KORG.Gadget.2.Plugins.v2.7.3.Incl.Keygen_RET.part4.rar
  2. Auslogics BoostSpeed v13.0.0 Repack by Dodakaedr File size: 36 MB BoostSpeed scans your computer to pinpoint the issues that may be responsible for the slowdown, and provides a safe and easy way to fix them along with a complete kit of powerful tools to enhance every aspect of your PC's performance. At a click of a button it does all of the following (or only parts you want done): cleans out junk, fixes the registry, tweaks Windows and Internet settings, defragments the hard drive - all to get your PC running fast and smooth again. Diagnoses your Windows system BoostSpeed runs a complete checkup of your entire system locating junk files, speed-reducing issues and causes of any system or application glitches or crashes. Through a lot of research and testing, we have worked out precise techniques that allow locating issues, which can be safely removed with no risk of damaging your operating system. Cleans out junk files We designed the cleaning module in BoostSpeed to sweep out all types of PC junk, such as unneeded system and user temporary files, web browser cache, unused error logs, leftover Windows Update files, temporary Sun Java files, unneeded Microsoft Office cache and a lot more. It helps reclaim gigabytes of hard disk space on an average PC. Restores system stability Like an experienced surgeon, BoostSpeed employs precision tools to carefully remove corrupt keys and invalid entries from the Windows registry taking care not to damage anything vital. We have tested our software ensuring that it repairs the causes of most glitches and crashes to restore smooth and stable performance with no side effects. Improves computer speed BoostSpeed tweaks non-optimal system settings to help most processes and operations go at a faster pace. It adjusts internet connection settings to ensure smooth browsing, faster downloads and better audio/video call quality. We want you to have a great PC experience, so we included tools to speed up every aspect of your PC's operation. Protects your privacy Most of us are concerned about personal information getting into the wrong hands. When you enter passwords or credit card details, this data is saved on your hard drive, invisible to you, but easy prey for a skilled hacker. We included privacy tools that help eliminate traces of your activity and safeguard your sensitive personal information. Automates system maintenance With BoostSpeed you can schedule automatic maintenance that detects and eliminates issues in real time protecting your performance and keeping your PC running at top speed. Knowing how busy your life can be, we created this functionality so you can set it once and have your PC auto-cleaned and accelerated on a convenient schedule. Guards smooth performance To boost the effect you get from complete optimization, we have added automatic memory and processor management, which ensures that your active applications always have maximum resources allocated to them. This protects smooth and fast performance in real time and lets you have a consistently great computer experience every day. https://www.auslogics.com/en/software/boost-speed/popup/history/]Whats New Download Details: Ext: exe Parts: 1 Size: 35.34 MB NitroFlare Link(s) https://nitroflare.com/view/8F5D9B3BAA4BE2E/Auslogics_BoostSpeed_v13.0.0.rar RapidGator Link(s) https://rapidgator.net/file/8518c77243aa1728af5f6ce680840acc/Auslogics_BoostSpeed_v13.0.0.rar
  3. Tone2 Gladiator v3.5.4 Team R2R | 01 Nov 2022 | 31.9 MB The award-winning Gladiator is a popular synthesizer which is used for a large number of professional productions. It provides a groundbreaking approach to sound generation. It's exclusive HCM-synthesis covers a new and unique aural territory. Download Details: Ext: rar Parts: 1 Size: 31.89 MB NitroFlare Link(s) https://nitroflare.com/view/B530C64D59E3453/Tone2_Gladiator_v3.5.4.rar RapidGator Link(s) https://rapidgator.net/file/aa9b809322cf7721975b6e7df35fc021/Tone2_Gladiator_v3.5.4.rar
  4. ZWSim-Structural 2022 SP3 x64 | Languages:Multilanguage | File Size: 1.43 GB Description ZWSim Structural is a structural finite element simulation analysis system that integrates modeling and simulation. It can provide users with simulation results that meet the requirements of engineering accuracy. The performance of the design model can be evaluated through the structural simulation. It is committed to helping companies optimize design, reduce test investment and shorten development cycle. ZWSim Structural 2022 supports the static, dynamic and heat transfer problems of structural. And it can calculate the displacement, stress, strain, velocity, acceleration, buckling factor, natural frequency, temperature distribution, heat flow, etc. ZWSim Structural is a structural simulator that integrates modeling and simulation. With the finite element method (FEM), it simulates the physical behaviors of structures. Solving structural mechanics problems, it helps engineers in different industries assess the rationality of structural design, make faster and better decisions, and reduce R&D time and costs. Advanced Algorithms for Efficient and Accurate Simulation Multiple matrix algorithms and the eigenvalue extraction method help bring more accurate simulation results faster. Friendly and Easy-to-Use Clear workflow and friendly GUI make it easy for you to get started right away. High Compatibility for Seamless Data Exchange 20+ standard and commercial formats are supported, enabling you to import and export files with ease. Powerful Modeling Capability With self-developed Overdrive kernel, parametric modeling and solid & surface hybrid modeling are available for faster and better modeling. High-Quality and Efficient Meshing The Hybrid Advancing-Front & Delaunay Mesh Generation has been adopted to support the generation of high-quality 1D/2D/3D meshes, and even tens of millions of meshes. Highlights Diversified Ways to Display Results The simulation results can be displayed as plots, tables, animations, etc., or customized as you like. You can also probe the results and generate relevant reports. Effective Checking for Higher Precision The correctness of geometry, materials, constraints, loads, meshes, etc. can be checked before running the simulation, increasing the accuracy of results. Customizable and Reusable Materials You can customize the properties of materials according to your specific needs, and add them to the library for reuse conveniently. System Requirements System Requirements OS:Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11 CPU:Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2 CPU or higher (recommended) Disk Space:4 GB free space in OS disk, 2 GB free space in installation Memory:2GB or more (recommended) GPU: 1GB or more (recommended) Resolution:1024 x 768VGA display with True Color (minimum) 1440x900 with NVidia 8 series or Radeon HD series or higher Download Details: Ext: txt, exe, dll Parts: 1 Size: 1.43 GB NitroFlare Link(s) https://nitroflare.com/view/5C8CF06B6C761BA/ZWSim_Structural_2022_SP3.rar RapidGator Link(s) https://rapidgator.net/file/2b751061b33bdf4aff970087ecb4ea26/ZWSim_Structural_2022_SP3.rar
  5. Various Artists - DJ Promotion CD Pool House Mixes 614 (2022) Mp3 320kbps PMD 125.39 MB Music: Audio: Tracklist: NitroFlare Link(s) https://nitroflare.com/view/DBA050A07D7D234/ RapidGator Link(s) https://rapidgator.net/file/b9303aaa88b4fd8159f9aeabba9ee187/
  6. Various Artists - Mastermix - Classic Cuts 092 - Halloween (2022) Mp3 320kbps PMD 181.14 MB Music: Audio: Tracklist: NitroFlare Link(s) https://nitroflare.com/view/9FD991721C84214/ RapidGator Link(s) https://rapidgator.net/file/72c1a52cd169f0a2910fe2ad80749b58/
  7. GeoGebra 6.0.741.0 + portable File size: 95 MB GeoGebra is an open-source utility built specifically for helping users design mathematical objects of several types used for calculus, algebra and geometry. Since this is a Java-based application, you should make sure you have previously installed the working environment on the computer. User-friendly interface with clear-cut options It sports a clean interface that allows users to create mathematical objects by using dedicated tools or commands. The application offers quick access to different drawing tools that can be inserted in the working pane pretty easily. GeoGebra gives you the possibility to add points and vectors, and perform calculations with them (for example, you can measure the length of a vector), as well as include lines and axes, conic sections and arcs, curves, inequalities, intervals, and functions. Take advantage of a wide array of math functions The app provides features for number creation and you can use the π and Euler constants for expressions and calculations, as well as work with angles, Boolean variables, matrix operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication), embedded text messages and images. Customize object properties The inserted objects can be hidden or revealed in the graphical representation, filled with a color, as well as fixed to a certain position so you cannot move, redefine or delete them. Plus, it is possible to change the name of an object, label it with its value, create animations with numbers, angles or points, and enable the tracing mode for viewing an object's position. GeoGebra offers support for two scripting languages (GGBScript and Javascript), so you can create a sequence of commands for designing or modifying the objects. What's more, you may record the values for each object in a spreadsheet list, namely numbers, points, and vectors. The generated projects can be saved to a file (e.g. HTML, PNG, EPS, GIF), uploaded on the developer's website, or printed. Conclusion All in all, GeoGebra comes packed with many dedicated parameters for helping you learn or teach various mathematical objects and operations. https://www.softpedia.com/progChangelog/GeoGebra-Changelog-82340.html]Whats New Download Details: Ext: zip, msi, exe Parts: 1 Size: 269.66 MB NitroFlare Link(s) https://nitroflare.com/view/770E1EC74124AD5/GeoGebra_6.0.741.0_%2B_portable.rar RapidGator Link(s) https://rapidgator.net/file/69334c68170b2fa0feae2bfef4ab326c/GeoGebra_6.0.741.0___portable.rar
  8. Wipe Professional 2022.26 (x64) Multilingual File size: 6.8 MB The primary function of this utility is to put the utmost importance on the privacy and performance of your computer. Our software deletes temporary files, caches, cookies, Internet history, and more, thus freeing up valuable disk space. Deleting unnecessary files can be especially great for those running their systems on smaller SSDs. As a result of the software, you'll receive maximum confidentiality, so prying eyes won't be able to spy on you, record your activities, or do anything malicious. Over 2500 zones supported Unlike other privacy software on the market that only remove cookies and browser history, our software can dive deeper. The program removes junk files that are created while surfing the Internet. These files don't only waste valuable space, but also allow software developers to track you and use that data to sell or promote their products and services. Huge list of supported areas In the latest version of our software, we have put a higher importance on cleaning. Unlike our competitors who routinely add tools to their software that are unrelated to cleaning and end up wasting your time; we do things differently. Our main focus is simple - make your computer clean and private. And we do it best. https://privacyroot.com/apps/freeware/tools-en-whatsnew-wipe-.php]Whats New Download Details: Ext: rar Parts: 1 Size: 6.82 MB NitroFlare Link(s) https://nitroflare.com/view/5CAFFA05E1D7A1E/Wipe_Professional_2022.26_x64_Multilingual.rar RapidGator Link(s) https://rapidgator.net/file/634530c85f0f4eaed667dc8fd889ff88/Wipe_Professional_2022.26_x64_Multilingual.rar
  9. Zortam Mp3 Media Studio Pro 30.05 Multilingual File size: 68.3 MB Zortam Mp3 Media Studio is all-in-one Mp3 application that contains Mp3 ID3 Tag Organizer for searching and cataloguing Mp3 files into Mp3 library, editing ID3v1 and ID3v2.4 tags (ID3 Tag Editor-Mp3 Tag Editor), CD Ripper with album cover art/lyric support that uses CDDB (Internet Compact Disc Database) and automatically writes ID3v1 and ID3v2.4 tags. CD Ripper downloads album cover arts and lyrics from the interenet as you rip your CD (CD Ripper with lyric/cover art support), Mp3 Normalizer with custom volume level allows normalization of your Mp3's (Batch Mp3 Normalizer), search for song lyric from the internet (Batch Lyric Finder), search for album cover (album) arts (pictures) from the internet (Batch Cover Finder), batch lyrics and cover art finder from the internet (Batch Lyric-Cover Finder). Create lyric book in html format (cover pictures are included) from ID3v2 tags (Lyric Book), convert Wav to Mp3 files and Mp3 to Wav files (Wav/Mp3 Converter), manage M3u playlists (Playlist Manager), rename files using ID3 tags (Mp3 Renamer), search for duplicate Mp3 files, (Search Duplicate Mp3's). Play Mp3's using your favorite Mp3 player, add karaoke (Kar) and midi (Mid) files directly to ID3 tag (Karaoke Manager), and keep them together in Mp3 file and play either Mp3 or Kar file from the single Mp3 file. Zortam Mp3 Media Studio gives you Auto tag your Mp3 music collection using the Zortam Music Internet Database (ZMLIMD) Mp3 Tagger and MP3 Manager Zortam Mp3 Player with cover arts and lyrics support Organize Mp3 music and edit tags in your audio library with a powerful interface ID3 Tag Editor (Mp3 Tagger) with separate views for ID3v1 and ID3v2.4 Tags Download song lyric and download cover arts (Album covers) from the Zortam Music Interent Database using batch processing - iPod and iTunes ready Normalize your Mp3's with Volume Normalizer and set custom volume in dB Rip your CD with CD Ripper and tag your songs in one single step with cover arts(artworks) and lyrics Batch Wav to Mp3 converter and vice versa Burn Audio or Mp3 CD Print HTML Lyrics book width cover arts Powerful drag & drop playlist manager Write ID3 Tags from filename Delete ID3 Tags, delete cover arts, delete lyrics (ID3 Tag Remover) Search for duplicate Mp3's Batch file rename using information from ID3 tags(Mp3 Renamer) Write ID3 tags using information from filename Add karaoke and midi files directly to ID3 tags All options are supporting batch processing Use mp3 tag lookup using Zortam Music Internet Database for auto tagging Plus much more ... https://www.zortam.com/wordpress/category/zortam-mp3-media-studio-version-information/]Whats New Download Details: Ext: rar Parts: 1 Size: 68.31 MB NitroFlare Link(s) https://nitroflare.com/view/BC9CB6ED3790B05/Zortam_Mp3_Media_Studio_Pro_30.05_Multilingual.rar RapidGator Link(s) https://rapidgator.net/file/e5ed47298952c558f9c483b2e5591d58/Zortam_Mp3_Media_Studio_Pro_30.05_Multilingual.rar
  10. Abelssoft AntiRansomware 2022 v22.05.42181 Multilingual File size: 5 MB The best protection from Ransomware and data hijacking ever! Trojans made for blackmailing, also known as "Ransomware", are the newest threat of cyber criminals. This software, once on your computer, encrypts your private files in order to press money from you to get the decryption key. AntiRansomware was developed specifically to raise an alarm as soon as suspicious activity on your computer has been detected. Protects you from Ransomware Trojans made for blackmailing, also known as "Ransomware", are the newest threat of cyber criminals. This software, once on your computer, encrypts your private files in order to press money from you to get the decryption key. AntiRansomware was developed specifically to raise an alarm as soon as suspicious activity on your computer has been detected. Guarding your files in the background While especially new Ransomware doesn't get recognized correctly by many AntiVirus-applications in time, AntiRansomware has a background guard that uses sophisticated algorithms to detect the patterns all Ransomware uses to protect your system even from brand-new Ransomware 24/7. The double net against Ransomware Is Ransomware detected on your system, an emergency routine is started to stop the running encryption and to give you valuable information on how to deal with the malware. Background Guard The background guard continuously scans for suspicious changes and clues for Ransomware. Easy configuration As Ransomware mainly encrypts private user files, AntiRansomware automatically monitors four user-folders, where your photos, documents, videos, etc. are located. Additionally, you can choose more folders to be observed, in case you store your images, etc. in other locations. Smart algorithms To detect Ransomware, sophisticated algorithms are necessary. Our security specialists in-depth analysed 83 different types of Ransomware in our computer research labs. Whats New Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version. Download Details: Ext: rar Parts: 1 Size: 5.02 MB NitroFlare Link(s) https://nitroflare.com/view/C6E6D58ADD92C98/Abelssoft_AntiRansomware_2022_v22.05.42181_Multilingual.rar RapidGator Link(s) https://rapidgator.net/file/b17e7a71fea21b017bc6ea6a3a7267e2/Abelssoft_AntiRansomware_2022_v22.05.42181_Multilingual.rar
  11. Abelssoft File Organizer 2022 4.05.42179 Multilingual File size: 80 MB Your desktop looks like a confetti party? This tool is your vacuum cleaner! Your desktop looks like a confetti party because of the many files and you can't find anything again? This tool sorts all files into the right folders with one click. The vacuum cleaner for your desktop Your desktop looks like a confetti party because of the many files and you can't find anything again? This tool sorts all files into the right folders with one click. Clean stuff - for all folders Next to the desktop, you determine which folders the File Organizer should monitor. From then on, it will automatically move all the files in it to their intended location. Your PC - Your rules You decide according to which scheme your data will be sorted away. Choose between file formats or file naming or a combination. Your PC - Your rules. Unlimited rules File Organizer was developed by Germans. And we Germans have seven rules! Therefore the File Organizer offers you an unlimited number of them! Organize your order according to your taste! Aaaaand action! With this smart tool you can not only clean up files but also perform actions. Choose between moving, copying, deleting or compressing data (zip). Drag & Drop After the installation you will find an icon on your desktop that knows your rules. Simply drag a file onto the icon and it will be moved to the right place by a wondrous hand. External drives With the File Organizer you can also tidy up and sort away external drives such as USB hard drives. Just plug it in, set a rule, and the digital vacuum cleaner's ready to go! Whats New Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version. Download Details: Ext: rar Parts: 1 Size: 80.11 MB NitroFlare Link(s) https://nitroflare.com/view/0ACE97A92CC40DF/Abelssoft_File_Organizer_2022_4.05.42179_Multilingual.rar RapidGator Link(s) https://rapidgator.net/file/0387b1efbb13bdb618477d314ad9df40/Abelssoft_File_Organizer_2022_4.05.42179_Multilingual.rar
  12. Abelssoft MyKeyFinder Plus 2023 v12.0.42220 Multilingual File Size: 8.9 MB MyKeyFinder is a tool dedicated to retrieving lost or forgotten serial numbers to various software products, including Microsoft Office and Windows. Product keys - restored Scans the registry and presents the result as a clean list. Scans external hard disks Also scans external hard disks with a Windows installation for product keys. Find WiFi passwords How can I find out my WiFi passwords? MyKeyFinder shows them with one click too! Product keys - restored Directly after the start, MyKeyFinder starts its path towards your PC and scans certain areas of the windows registry. After 1-2 minutes, it shows you all product keys in a clean list. No duplicates Product keys might be stored at different locations, and may even be available multiple times. MyKeyFinder filters and removes all invalid keys and all duplicate entries, so that you don't have to worry about it. Various export options Need to print your product keys? MyKeyFinder can export the keys as a PDF, print them, or even copy them to your clipboard. Search- and filter function The search- and filterfunction is able to find every serial number you need. A blacklist filters excessive or outdated numbers to guarantee a better overview. Plus version External scans Also scans external hard drives W-LAN Passwords Also finds wireless passwords Whats New official site does not provide any info about changes in this version Download Details: Ext: rar Parts: 1 Size: 8.87 MB NitroFlare Link(s) https://nitroflare.com/view/5E127EC586020B0/Abelssoft_MyKeyFinder_Plus_2023_v12.0.42220_Multilingual.rar RapidGator Link(s) https://rapidgator.net/file/084edf5776f94dd96db66a079ba9693a/Abelssoft_MyKeyFinder_Plus_2023_v12.0.42220_Multilingual.rar
  13. Advanced PassGen 2.1 (x64) File Size : 3.1 Mb Advanced PassGen is a free utility that can help you generate passwords. You can select a custom character set, change the minimum and maximum password length and so much more! Features Small letters Capital letters Special characters Numbers Export data to .txt, .html or .csv format Generate as many passwords as you want Custom character set Automatic updates Download Details: Ext: msi Parts: 1 Size: 3.19 MB NitroFlare Link(s) https://nitroflare.com/view/CD015B7D4282126/Advanced_PassGen_2.1_x64.rar RapidGator Link(s) https://rapidgator.net/file/ac6e6d3bb0d4218764aaf2387c496516/Advanced_PassGen_2.1_x64.rar
  14. YT Saver 6.4.1 Multilingual Windows x86/x64 | File size: 113.26 MB / 126.55 MB Best way to download online videos from 1000+ streaming websites. YT Saver is a powerful downloader tool allows you save video and audio for free. The high-speed converter output format is high-quality MP4, MP3. Fully compatible with iPhone, iPad, iTunes, iMovie, Android Phone and more. Download Videos From 1000+ Sites Support most of video sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Einthusan, NicoNico, Ok.ru, VK, Twitter, Fox, Lynda, YouKu, Yahoo Video, Bilibili, Coub, Vlive.TV, Liveleak, Reddit, Mgoon, Sportstadio, mediaset and more. Download 4K & Full HD Video iTubeGo HD Video Downloader fully supports downloading various SD or HD videos. You can download high quality videos without any loss and convert toformat. No matter 720p, 1080p, 4K can be downloaded without any hassle. 1-Click to Download YouTube Playlist YT Saver can help you download entire YouTube playlists with one click. You only need to copy and paste one video playlist URL, eliminating the hassle of pasting video links one by one. Easier and save time. Support Multi-Task Download YT Saver uses advanced technology to achieve multi-tasking download. You can set the number of multi-tasking to improve download efficiency. Multitasking will not affect your computer's performance, which will greatly speed up downloads. Download Music as MP3 Download songs, background music, sound effects, etc. for free from music sharing sites and save as MP3. Supported sites: SoundCloud, MixCloud, FreeSound, bandcamp, VEVO and more. Convert Video to MP3 iTubeGo provides a one-click conversion to MP3 function, so that you can directly convert videos to MP3 format after downloading from YouTube or other sites. iTubeGo perfectly preserves the original audio quality and supports high-quality 320kbps Mp3. Have high-definition music enjoyment! Download Multiple Video/Audio in Bulk You can enter multiple video or audio URLs in our iTubeGo downloader and download them to your computer in batches. iTubeGo does not limit the number of your URLs, you can download an unlimited amount. Manage All Downloaded Media YT Saver comes with a file manager. The downloaded audio and video will be automatically saved to the library in chronological order. You can search, play or delete media in the manager. What's new • official site does not provide any info about changes in this version System Requirements: Windows 7 or later Download Details: Ext: exe Parts: 1 Size: 234.16 MB NitroFlare Link(s) https://nitroflare.com/view/6C5D7791EA4E9BE/YT_Saver_6.4.1_Multilingual.rar RapidGator Link(s) https://rapidgator.net/file/f1d5250bf9bc09c35ec43335345caadf/YT_Saver_6.4.1_Multilingual.rar
  15. Aiseesoft Blu-ray Creator 1.1.12 Multilingual File size: 49 MB Aiseesoft Blu-ray Creator is an intuitive and efficient software solution whose main function is to help you turn regular videos into Blu-ray compatible files, that you can burn to a disc, save to a BD folder or an ISO. Create Blu-ray disc with any video Aiseesoft Blu-ray Creator allows you to create Blu-ray disc out from any video you have, no matter it's recorded by your camcorder, or downloaded from websites. All video formats, including HD videos, are supported, such as TS, M2TS, TP, TRP, MPG, MPEG, M4V, MP4, VOB, WMV, MXF etc. You are offered with two Blu-ray types, BD-25 and BD-50. After burning, the Blu-ray disc can be played on various popular Blu-ray players, such as PS3, Sony BDP-S5, Samsung BD-F, LG Electronics BP, etc. Turn your video to Blu-ray folder/ISO file Besides the one mentioned above, this Blu-ray Creator provides you other burning options. If it is unnecessary for you to burn the video to Blu-ray disc immediately, you may prefer to create a Blu-ray folder or ISO file for future use. Video in any format, including TS, M2TS, MKV, AVI, MP4, WMV, MXF etc. could be turned into Blu-ray ISO file. After being turned into Blu-ray folder/ISO file, the video can be further burned to Blu-ray disc easily. Touch up the video as you wish As to the editing feature, this Blu-ray Creator functions like a video converting tool before creating Blu-ray folder or file. The Clip function allows you to remove the unwanted parts or clip it to segments if the video is too long. If you make the video by yourself with unsatisfying effect, options under Effect are of great help. Problem of bothering letterbox can also be solved by the Crop function. What's more, you get inspired by the watermark function if you are looking for a more personalized function. Whats New Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version Download Details: Ext: rar Parts: 1 Size: 49.03 MB NitroFlare Link(s) https://nitroflare.com/view/593D0930D3B14C8/Aiseesoft_Blu_ray_Creator_1.1.12_Multilingual.rar RapidGator Link(s) https://rapidgator.net/file/56e1e74225e14b8f4df438d573415850/Aiseesoft_Blu_ray_Creator_1.1.12_Multilingual.rar
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