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  1. TablePlus 4.8.9 | File size: 158 MB Database Management made easy. Modern, native, and friendly GUI tool for relational databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL and more. Start getting more done in less time With native build, simple design and powerful features, it makes database management easier, faster and more efficient for you. Native, Fast and Secured Query, edit and save your database easily with a native app that can run fast like a Lambo. It's also equipped with many security features to protect your database, including native libssh and TLS to encrypt your connection. Multi Tabs and Code Review Quickly get a snapshot of your database with multi-tab and multi-window view, as well as stay in control of what you have changed on your database with Code Review. Built-in SSH You don't need to install any SSH client in order to connect to the server. SSH is a part of TablePlus. Powerful SQL Editor We've built the best practices for SQL Editor into our default to help you boost your productivity Elegant in every detail Clean and Focus We don't want to be an app that does many things, but masters none. We only focus on the most important features. High Performance With native build, we eliminate needless complexity and extraneous details that you can get it up and run in less than a second. Shortcut key available Every function has a shortcut key to keep your hands always on the keyboard. Always Improving There's always something cool to be discovered in the new updates released weekly. We shipped more than 1000 improvements over the past year. Quick Support We help you troubleshoot your problems with TablePlus at a lightning speed. Extend Without Limit (beta testing) You can vastly extend TablePlus to fit your needs by installing plugins written by others or writing your own in JavaScript. Whats New https://tableplus.com/blog/2018/09/changelogs-windows.html Homepage https://tableplus.com Download https://rapidgator.net/file/b9bf6ee888f6c239eff8947370364628/TablePlus4.rar.html https://nitro.download/view/B124072F853E9A4/TablePlus4.rar
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