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The Complete Technical Analysis Candlestick Secret Trading

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Last updated 8/2022
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13+ Hours Step By Step Guide To Master The Trade :Live Market[Forex/Stocks/Currency/Commodity/NSE-BSE, Day/Swing Trade]
What you'll learn
Basics of Stock Market
Basics of Price Action
Correct Ways Of Drawing Trend Line
Understanding Support and Resistance
Correct method to draw the support and resistance lines
Major and Minor Support Calculation
Major and Minor Resistance Calculation
How to efficiently use TRADINGVIEW Platform
Long Vs Short Trading Styles
Investor vs Trader psychology
Magical Rules for Breakouts
Confirm Entry Rule
Bet way to exit the trade after taking profit
Marubozu candlestick and it's types
5% Rule
Marubozu for Reversal
Marubozu for Continuation
Hammer or Pin Bar Candle
Hammer or Pin Bar candle Entry and Exit Mechanism
Dragonfly Candlesticks
Entry and Exit mechanism in Dragonfly
Inverted Hammer with Live Trading Demo
Hammer Live Trading Demo
Dragonfly Live Trading Demo
Cup and Handle Introduction along with candlesticks
Introduction to Shooting Star Candlestick
How to trade shooting stars for more than 5:1 gain
Grave Stone Doji and Live Trading
Hanging Man Candlestick pattern with Live Demo
Doji and it's types
Why Doji Fails?
Exact Point to trade the doji
When Doji can be more effective?
Special Doji : Tri-Star Top (Bearish Tri-Star) and Tri-Star Bottom(Bullish Tri-Star)
Double Candlesticks Chart Pattern
Triple Candlesticks Chart Pattern
This is the first course in the series of learning and mastering trading.
You need a normal PC or tablet
Internet Connection
Before describing what i am covering in the course, let me show you here what candidates truly think about this course.There open opinion is posted here below: am thankful for god to given me an opportunity to help and connect to all my brothers and sisters trading out there, this course i had created only for a purpose and that is helping all them, because when i started there was no one for me and i blown up my account several times in beginning even after joining several paid mentorships and there was no help actually. So with that pain and struggle , i promised myself whatever it will take, i will not let any other trader suffer in trading, so this course is the result of that. Join this course and get my lifetime support here, all queries resolution , anything which is stopping you to be a good trader, i will always be helping.Thanks for giving your precious time to read it. See you inside the courseCandidates Review:Freddy Soto : Hi, I'm very Happy with the way Sandip Give his class. Hi, Really wants we Learn!! I'm Updating my Rating Just to let Udemy know that This is one of the Best and Most accurate Course out There!Palaniappan : Actually before getting this course i have made a lot of mistake and so much loss in my trading. I have researched so many courses, but among them i realize that sandip have provided deep explanation, and strategy to make a consistent income as well as to handle the loss perfectly. Really its valuable and worth for the money what you are getting in the course.Sid B : I have gone through lot of courses to learn trading, but this is one of the best to understand Candle stick patterns.Francisco valentin : great teacher very clear and knowledgeableShweta Rathod : This is an excellent course for beginners who want to start their journey for trading , the explanation is very detailed and easy to understand.Leon Ocean : A lot of great tips and information. Goes well into detail. For an Indian accent it is still understandable for foreigners who don't speak English as their mother language, although it is sometimes very laggy and hard to understand for a few seconds. Overall great course with very good insights, tips and rules. As an improvement suggestion: Record the video on better hardware, so when you are using Tradingview it does not lag/delay. Another positive bonus: He assigns homework, which is voluntary and also has a support email to ask questions (replies within a day).Vijay Sachdeva : Simply a great course to understand the candle stick psychology and apply them in market to understand the next trend.Prabhu Adur : Yes Amazing, I learned more above my expectations! It is really good!!!Nitesh Yadav : Amazing course with in depth coverage of all the topics, the instructor , Sandip sir is very knowledgeable person.Aniketh Preeth Narayan : ive been trading for some time, and most causes repeat things, im enrolled in a lot of courses here as well but this is a cut above the rest, highly recommend this, with tones packed with knowledgeFarhan Nawas : This course is very much useful so far and learn a lot of things.Ari Pingaley : Practical experienced trader giving you real world advise is really invaluable. Especially the use of Trading View Platform makes the course really useful.Sandip Mukherjee : Excellent quality course on candlesticks trading . Very nice job done for small retail traders like usELI KOFFIVI AMEGAN : So far so good . All concepts are well explained . Thumbs up for my instructorJuveria : very interactive course with lots of discussions & inputs by the instructorKrish Chavala : UNTIL NOW THE COURSE IS TOO GOOD MOST OF THE TRADING DONE THROUGH CANDLESTICK PATTERNS PEOPLE WONT FOCUS ON CONCEPTS THEY JUST FOCUS ON STRATEGIES BUT THIS COURSE IS TOO TO MAKE GOOD PROFITSHamad Al Rawi : The trading view discount advise it self worth more than what u paid for and good couch as wellNavin Gore : Few days ago, I did subscribe to the PAM indicator and subsequently attended some highly informative training sessions conducted by Mr. Sandip Jha. Let me tell you the knowledge imparted by Mr. Sandip was thorough and in depth with logical pragmatic reasoning for every strategy also showcasing the pathway for its effective implementation for successful trading. Mr. Sandip is indeed a gifted teacher, who goes the extra mile to ensure that his teachings / strategies are easily understood and perfectly applied even by a novice trader. Earlier when I saw his postings regarding the PAM indicator, I felt that it would be another selling preposition and a mere hype created to lure some baffled traders who are looking for the so called "Holy Grail". However, after the power packed training sessions, I realized that Mr. Sandip's major thrust is in figuring out the proper reasons behind every possible trade and methodical analysis of the probable events which eradicates the element of blind speculation which is so commonly prevalent in the market. In my opinion what the PAM does is that it gives an approval mark for taking profitable trades as the tool is based on some hardheaded research blended with a deep conviction through effectual back testing. Undoubtedly Mr. Sandip is one of the few authentic trading mentors which the market has every produced. I also appreciate the help and support I got from Ms. Nirmala in getting enrolled for the PAM indicator /Trainings. Despite certain limitations at my end, she ensured that I got easy access of PAM and that I may not remain deprived from the valuable source of information. Moreover, the training sessions were very well coordinated, and the team is very punctual with their schedule. This is indeed a perfect avenue which can lead people towards financial freedom in today's complex world. I wish them loads of success in all their future endeavors.Sachinn Dinde : Excellent course Mr. Sandip, thoroughly enjoyed it, I am going through it again to make important points and record setups to practice learn more. Double thumbs up !!!Dave Butler : Only one word fantastic course, I would highly recommend this course to any trader new or experience. Every lesson is short and to the point, with actionable trading methods. The instructor Sandip is a very helpful person; I would say that he is the best instructor that I have come across. I wish PAM all the best in all that they do. Your student Dave.This course is for any one who are tired with losses in Trading in Stock / Forex Market or Someone who is completely new to trading and don't even knows the fundamentals of Trading and wanted to be a successful Intraday or Swing or Positional Trader and looking for a program that will teach him/her everything from scratch and build a confidence of trading.Also if you are a trader and don't know what are the secrets mechanism used by traders using Candle Stick Technical analysis and want to know how the master traders plans their strategy, then this course could be your favorite course in the journey of your trading. Topics Covered: A) Introduction to market and tradingTrader vs InvestorTrading Types and StylesWhat is mean by Technical AnalysisUnderstanding Entry, Exit and Stop Loss4 Golden Trading RulesB) Lab Setup For Practicing Paper Trading in Live MarketCreating Free Tradingview Account and overview of the platformHow to use TradingView Advance ToolsHow to do free paper trading in Real Market in TradingViewC) Basics of Price Action I Market Trend and its typeCorrect way to draw the trend line in Live MarketUnderstanding Long vs Short Sell in Live Market (Which gives the early profit?)D) Basics of Price Action IISupport and Magical Breakout Rule Resistance and Magical Breakout RuleCorrect way to draw support and ResistanceHL Rule Of Confirmation for any Breakout EntryE) Getting Start with Single CandleStick Pattern Secrets: Live Market DemonstrationHistory and Introduction To Candle StickMarubozu Candle and types5% Relaxation RuleMarubozu Continuation and Reversal and Live DemoHammer or Bullish Pin Bar and Dragon Fly Candles (Bullish Reversal)Entry &Stop Loss Rule For Marubozu, Hammer, Dragon FlyInverted Hammer and live tradingHow to trade on Shooting Star[Live Market Demo][ why it's my favorite ]Grave Stone Doji and Live TradeHanging Man Canlesticks and Live TradeDoji and TypesThe Only Condition to trade dojiAnd Many more.....All patterns and concept which we had taken in the course had been try to deliver directly in the live market so that the candidate will get more comfortable and confident in trading.The techniques which we are going to discussed on candlesticks are also combined with Other powerful techniques like Demand-Supply, Support-Resistance , Price-Action Setups to get more results.
Section 1: Introduction to Market and Trading
Lecture 1 Course RoadMap
Lecture 2 Trader vs Investor
Lecture 3 Trading Types
Lecture 4 What is Technical Analysis & Stop loss
Lecture 5 My 4 Secret Trading Golden Rules
Section 2: Lab Setup For Practicing Paper Trading in Live Market
Lecture 6 Creating Free Tradingview Account and overview of the platform
Lecture 7 Trading View Premium Account Huge Discount Trick and Tips
Lecture 8 How to use TradingView Advance Tools
Lecture 9 How to do free paper trading in Real Market in TradingView
Lecture 10 How To Create Multiple Watch List In Free Trading View Account Trick
Section 3: Basics of Price Action I - Trend Lines[To combine later with Candle Sticks]
Lecture 11 Market Trend and its type
Lecture 12 Correct way to draw the trend line in Live Market
Lecture 13 Understanding Long vs Short Sell in Live Market (Which gives the early profit?)
Section 4: Basics of Price Action II - Support and Resistance
Lecture 14 Support and Magical Breakout Rule[Applying in Live Market]
Lecture 15 14.Resistance and Magical Breakout Rule[Practicing in Live Market]
Lecture 16 Correct way to draw support and Resistance
Lecture 17 HL Rule Of Confirmation for any Breakout Entry
Lecture 18 Which Time Frame I should Trade?
Section 5: Getting Start with Single CandleStick Pattern Secrets: Live Market Demonstration
Lecture 19 History and Introduction To Candle Stick
Lecture 20 Marubozu Candle and types
Lecture 21 5% Relaxation Rule
Lecture 22 Marubozu Continuation and Reversal and Live Demo
Lecture 23 Mega Candle or Institutional Candle[How To Trade With Institutional Levels]
Lecture 24 Hammer or Bullish Pin Bar and Dragon Fly Candles (Bullish Reversal)
Lecture 25 Entry &Stop Loss Rule For Marubozu, Hammer, Dragon Fly
Lecture 26 Inverted Hammer and live trading
Lecture 27 How to trade on Shooting Star[Live Market Demo][ why it's my favorite ]
Lecture 28 Grave Stone Doji and Live Market Trading Demo
Lecture 29 Hanging Man Chart Pattern Live Demo
Lecture 30 Quick Update On Previous Day Live Trade
Lecture 31 Doji and it's Various Types
Lecture 32 When the Doji can be effective?(The Secret Rule)
Lecture 33 Special Doji I : Tri-Star Top Doji
Lecture 34 Special Doji II : Tri-Star Bottom Doji
Section 6: Getting Start with Double CandleStick Pattern Secrets: Live Market Demonstration
Lecture 35 Bullish Engulfing Candlesticks Condition, Entry, Exit and Demo in Live Market
Lecture 36 Bearish Engulfing Candlesticks Condition, Entry, Exit and Demo in Live Market
Lecture 37 Piercing Line Candlesticks Condition, Entry, Exit and Demo in Live Market
Lecture 38 Dark Cloud Cover Candlesticks Condition, Entry, Exit and Demo in Live Market
Lecture 39 Bullish Harami
Lecture 40 Harami Cross or Petrifying pattern
Lecture 41 Secret Entry and Exit Setup For Bullish Harami Pattern
Lecture 42 Trading Bearish Harami Entry and Exit with Secret Setup
Lecture 43 Tweezer Tops and My Secret setup to Trade them
Lecture 44 Trading Tweezer Bottom
Section 7: Getting Start with Triple CandleStick Pattern Secrets: Live Market Demonstration
Lecture 45 Stars and different types
Lecture 46 Morning star Candle and criteria
Lecture 47 Secret Setup I to Trade Morning Star
Lecture 48 Secret Setup II to Trade Morning Star
Lecture 49 Evening Star and Trading
Lecture 50 Three White Soldiers
Lecture 51 Three Black Crows
Section 8: Additional Topics and Updates From 2021 Market
Lecture 52 Ways to find market trend without trendline
Lecture 53 How I Predicated the biggest crypto fall in 2021 using my candlesticks concepts
Anyone want to learn technical analysis,Anyone who want to be a technical analyst,Anyone looking to master candlesticks from scratch and in depth,Anyone want to start the price action trading, then this part of the course would be the building block,Anyone who lost a huge capital in market and want to learn a set of technical setups which really works and provide a consistent profit


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