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McAfee Active Response 08.2022


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[b]McAfee Active Response 08.2022 | 429 MB[/b]
Security-conscious entities today face a threat landscape that is changing at a dramatic pace. Attacks are created and propagated at ever faster rates. "Designer" attacks target individual organizations by using focused knowledge to improve their effectiveness and minimize detection. Attackers are more frequently penetrating preventive technologies. Forward-looking organizations are demanding easy-to-use, integrated tools that help better detect attackers' presence and then allow rapid investigation and remediation.

The best detection and response solutions increase security efficiency even as they capture increasingly more information from a growing number of systems. By providing superior out-of-the-box capabilities, automated interaction with existing security management solutions, and user-customization, McAfee® Active Response greatly narrows the window of opportunity for attackers to damage your computing assets and corporate brand.

The Evolving Threat Landscape
Enterprises have come to the realization that they maybe breached by an attacker at any time and must be prepared to effectively deal with these breaches through early detection of an attack, detection of ongoing activity, or discovery of indicators of attack (IoAs). With this realization comes the understanding that new technologies are required to address the current gaps in visibility, discovery, detection, and response.

Limitations of Current Incident Response Approaches
When asked to investigate a suspected or known incident across an entire organization, incident responders and security administrators are typically limited by two key factors: time and scale. While a great deal of detailed information is gathered by existing systems or tools, it takes a very long time to collect and analyze that information. As speed is a critical requirement in data collection, significant compromises are made in the nature of the data collected, along with the number.


[code] https://nitroflare.com/view/F2AFBE2C0CB2EF6/McAfee.Active.Response-DVT.rar

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