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Realistic Character Design for Games

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 Realistic Character Design for Games

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Genre / Category:3D Tutorials
File Size :2.1GB
Product Details You'll learn how to create Realistic Character Design, focusing on storytelling, using depth psychology, design strategy and other tools.Get your hands on the course that teaches you an array of fundamental and execution knowledge.

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Modeled after popular demand and a survey of what people have been asking me to cover, this course includes a 8 Chapter Series of a total of 30+ lessons on how to design believable game characters, stories, character development and more!
What's included?
31 lectures
Over 11 hours of video content
Real Time & Time-lapse Summaries
Project Files (Including Zbrush, Photoshop, Keyshot and Marvelous Designer assets)
Topics covered:
Research process
Reference studies
Unifying different 2D and 3D workflows
Character personality building
Design philosophy when approaching Characters
Software tools
Design thinking tools and assets for personal and client work
Making your own tools, alphas and custom details
Worksheets & Homework examples
Recommended Software:
You can use any alternative to the below, although the process walkthrough covered will be made with:
Marvelous Designer


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