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Rain Girl Design Your Character - Easy Procreate Perspective Basics Two Free Brushes

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 Rain Girl Design Your Character - Easy Procreate Perspective Basics Two Free Brushes
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Genre / Category:Drawing & Painting
File Size :965MB
Product Details To create an interesting composition, you will need several basic ideas and a good understanding of the perspective mode.
It is necessary to use the main elements of the composition: lines and color. These two principles will allow you to create images in different perspectives. This will help you achieve beautiful-looking results with a natural feel and soft mood.

This is an easy course, with a fun topic and a relaxed style. The course is very easy to follow and understand, and it covers a lot of material, but it's all pretty straightforward concepts. You'll learn tons of techniques for creating a beautiful, detailed illustration. In the course, you'll learn all about creating and using brushes, adding textures, blend modes, and all kinds of other stuff.

You have already heard about the application Procreate. It is an application for drawing on an iPad, which has a lot of interesting features. Today you will learn how to create a beautiful autumn illustration from a very beautiful perspective. This is a very easy and quick lesson, which is suitable for both beginners and advanced users of the application.


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