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Character Illustration: Drawing Expressive Gestures & Poses in Procreate

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 Character Illustration: Drawing Expressive Gestures & Poses in Procreate
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If you love drawing people but struggle with adding personality, expression and story to your character illustrations, this class is for you! Throughout this class you'll learn how to draw expressive gestures and body language in order to illustrate emotions and relationships with your characters' poses and interactions.

Throughout the class we'll cover:

  • How to understand and convey body language through your drawings
  • Creating expressive character poses from imagination
  • Drawing hand gestures
  • Illustrating facial expressions
  • Communicating character relationships and interactions
  • Illustrating an emotive, stylised scene from start to finish

We'll kick off with several exercises to practice key techniques, sketching from both imagination and observation to drawing hand gestures and facial expressions. Then we'll bring all these skills together in our class project to create an emotive illustration with two characters interacting.


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