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Steve Waye - 2021 - World In A Tangle

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192666209_steve-waye-2021-world-in-a-tanTotal tracks: 10 | Size: 92.04 MB | Formats: mp3 |Genre: Blues |Date: 2021 |Album: World In A Tangle Playing time:40:00

Artist: Steve Waye


01. World In A Tangle (04:24) 02. The Object And The Force (04:34) 03. Junky For Your Love (03:38) 04. In Flew The Blues (04:29) 05. Opposites (03:51) 06. Living In The City (03:31) 07. Living Here (04:15) 08. Alone (04:12) 09. Morning Blues (03:48) 10. Sunshine Woke Me (03:18)

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