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Kreator - Under the Guillotine (2021) MP3

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Kreator - Under the Guillotine (2021)


Género: Thrash Metal
Formato: MP3 - 320 kbps
Tamaño: 308 MB



01 Extreme Aggression
02 Terrible Certainty (Remix)
03 Endless Pain
04 People of the Lie (2018 -Remaster)
05 Flag of Hate
06 Awakening of the Gods
07 Terror Zone (2018 -Remaster)
08 Renewal (Remix)
09 Tormentor (End of the World Demo)
10 Choir of the Damned
11 Pleasure to Kill
12 Betrayer
13 Toxic Trace
14 After the Attack
15 Behind the Mirror


01 Some Pain Will Last
02 Europe After the Rain (Remix) ( 2018 -Remaster)
03 Gangland
04 Winter Martyrium (Rare Version) ( 2018 -Remaster)
05 Impossible to Cure
06 When the Sun Burns Red (Live in Fürth, Germany)
07 Brainseed (Remix)
08 Trauma
09 Riot of Violence (Live in Fürth, Germany)
10 Love Us or Hate Us (Live at Dynamo)
11 Total Death
12 Bonebreaker (End of the World Demo)
13 Lambs to the Slaughter
14 The Pestilence (Live in Fürth, Germany)
15 Under the Guillotine

Rapidgator.net / Nitroflare.com


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