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Be Cause - New Knights (2021) [48kHz/24bit]

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Be Cause - New Knights (2021) [48kHz/24bit]
Country: UK
Genre: Progressive Rock
Quality: FLAC (*tracks)
Bitrate: Lossless [48kHz/24bit]
Time: 01:10:56
Full Size: 829.9 MB

}Be Cause is an open project aimed to overcome the boundaries of the musical genres with a multi layered approach to the lyrics.

The content of the lyrics have often more than a literal meaning, and the music - while in the first two albums is related to progressive - it will be not stuck to a specific name.


01. It's Me [00:04:32]
02. Lilith [00:04:18]
03. The Water's Gift [00:05:21]
04. Once In A While [00:05:20]
05. The Myth Of Love [00:06:12]
06. Love In Times Of War [00:03:58]
07. The Wheel Of Fear [00:03:51]
08. A Gift Of Life [00:04:33]
09. A Light On The Horizon [00:02:48]
10. New Knights [00:05:48]
11. Don't Go Away [00:04:44]
12. Life Is Like A Dream [00:04:22]
13. Looking For You [00:06:02]
14. Standing In Silence [00:04:31]
15. Time To Say Goodbye [00:04:30]

Released January 25, 2021





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