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Steven Wilson - The Future Bites (2021) [96kHz/24b

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Steven Wilson - The Future Bites (2021) [96kHz/24bit]
Country: UK
Genre: Progressive Rock
Quality: FLAC (*tracks)
Bitrate: Lossless [96kHz/24bit]
Time: 0:42:02
Full Size: 833.3 MB

Steven Wilson has long been one of the most distinguished and adventurous, yet heavily scrutinized, artists in modern art/progressive rock. Be it the harsher trajectory of Porcupine Tree's 2000s output, the avant-garde nature of 2012's Storm Corrosion, or the unpredictability of past few solo LPs, each new release sees fans sanctimoniously declaring how much or how little it fits into what they want Wilson to do. Ironically, though, it's precisely Wilson's hunger and willingness for challenging reinvention that makes him a "progressive" musician, and The Future Bites is no different.

Specifically, it sees him embracing his well-documented affection for 1980s synthpop and electronic music more than ever before. Even so-and as always-that doesn't mean that the record is an anomaly within his catalog. Instead, everything Wilson does on The Future Bites feels like a refreshing yet logical follow-up to 2017's To the Bone. (Devotes, in particular, should recognize that he's been hinting at these stylistic choices since he recorded On the Sunday of Life and Up the Downstair in his bedroom studio roughly 30 years ago.)


01. Unself (1:05)
02. Self (2:56)
03. King Ghost (4:06)
04. 12 Things I Forgot (4:43)
05. Eminent Sleaze (3:53)
06. Man Of The People (4:42)
07. Personal Shopper (9:49)
08. Follower (4:39)
09. Count Of Unease (6:08)





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