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Windows 10 Debloat 1.5 Beta

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Windows 10 Debloat 1.5 Beta | 0.2 Mb

Customize your Windows copy by tweaking settings related to privacy, telemetry, the working environment, the system, the start and the context menus, and so on.

The Windows operating system comes with a default configuration but there are ways to customize the working environment and the behavior of the operating system. The Windows 10 Debloat application provides a simple method to tweak settings related to privacy and telemetry, the Windows GUI and Windows Explorer, the start and the context menu, the Windows defender and the overall security, and many more.

Easy to make changes and apply tweaks

Designed as a GUI for the Sophia Powershell script written by Dmitry Nefedov, this application allows you to apply dozens of tweaks to fine-tune Windows exactly the way you want to. Without it, you would have to edit the script manually to remove settings you don't want applied.

Working with Windows 10 Debloat is pretty intuitive. All the available settings are shown in color-coded lists: green shows that the option is enabled, while red shows it is disabled. If you don't want to select any of the options, you can choose the gray check button, which enables the Windows defaults.

A multitude of tweaks from various categories

There is a plethora of options related to telemetry that you can either enable or disable. If you are worried about your privacy when using Windows, then you should be glad to find out that Windows 10 Debloat comes with options to disable the telemetry service, the scheduled tasks, Windows tips and tailored experiences, advertising, Bing Search and many more.

The overall Windows experience can be enhanced by altering the appearance and functionality of the working environment. For instance, you can configure Windows to hide file extensions, conceal the Cortana button, show seconds in the system clock, and more. Additionally, there are options to customize Windows Explorer (e.g. show or hide file extensions, disable the Explorer ribbon GUI, reveal or hide tray icons, or change the entire Windows color scheme).

With Windows 10 Debloat, you can also uninstall OneDrive and disable settings related to automatic updates of Microsoft products, background UWP apps, admin approval mode, and other Windows features. Furthermore, the application can tamper with the Start menu, scheduled tasks, folder protection, Windows Defender exclusions, Powershell modules, and more.

Please keep in mind that you can read the tooltip messages when hovering the mouse over an option to see what it actually does.

Generates a Powershell script to apply the tweaks

Once you finish setting up all the options, Windows 10 Debloat can generate a Powershell script that can easily apply all your settings. Powershell can be launched directly from the application, but you can also save the script locally and run it whenever you need.

Windows 10 Debloat can help you fine tune Windows, even if you have Windows installed for a while. With its help, you can easily change various default settings to customize your OS copy exactly as you wish.

Added UI changes. Added small button beside each option to launch its corresponding function script text in new text window to read or edit.



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