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Kazuma Kiryu Karaoke Hit Song Collection - Ryu Ga Gotoku 7 Hikari To Yami No Yukue

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Wenas, aca les dejo esta soundtrack ...




-Partes = 1X57.2MB
-Comprimido = 57.2MB
-Descomprimido = 58.6MB
-Formato = MP3

-Calidad = 320 kbps

-Año = 2020
-Media = CD



01 - Today Is A Diamond (Full Spec Edition)

02 - Hands (Full Spec Edition)

03 - Tonight -Restart From This Night- (Full Spec Edition)

04 - Judgement -Shinpan- (Full Spec Edition)

05 - Machinegun Kiss (Full Spec Edition)

06 - Bakamitai (Taxi Driver Edition)








Que esten bien

Me despido

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