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GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2 Update v2.02-CODEX [6.35GB][OL]

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Update v2.02:
- Added new contents in the Digital Figure Mode.
- Added "View Combo Recipe" feature in Training Mode. (a.k.a. Combo Maker)
Update v2.01:
-Added "After Story B"*.
*Users will need to purchase the "GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2 Upgrade" DLC to access the After Stories. Also, users will need to clear the main Story mode first.
-Tweaked general online features of the game for better stability.
We have also fixed the following issues:
- When accessing the Training Mode while using Elphelt in her Arrange Costume "Elphelt -SIGN- Ver.", upon changing characters using the in-mode pause menu, the game crashed.
- During Rank Match entry, upon setting the Training Environment to "Previous Environment", the user will disconnect upon matching up with an opponent during Training mode.
- In Lobby/Player Match, pressing "Confirm" button while sitting at a game cabinet and having the chat window maximised will both confirm the match and chat message at the same time, causing inconvenience.


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