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Top 5 Christmas Songs for kids

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Top 5 Christmas Songs for kids

Christmas day, there are lots of preparation and activities. One of those Christmas traditional activities is enjoying Christmas songs and carols.

Christmas songs and carols create a jubilant and exciting atmosphere throughout all streets, offices, schools and homes. On Christmas Eve, people go to church and hymn. Christmas carols are sung everywhere to cheer and celebrate the most important festival of the year.

Each family also have some favorite carols when Christmas season is coming, especially your kids. The kids may be the most excited person who is looking forward to Christmas because they will be given gifts, had fun and enjoyed Christmas songs and carols.

There are many Christmas carols to sing, but for kids, Christmas carols have to easy to sing along, easy to remember and be festive.

Here are top 5 classic Christmas songs for kids. These carols are so familiar to many people.

1. Jingle Bells

This song is considered as a traditional song of Christmas. Everybody commonly knows this song. Its melody and echo are so popular every Christmas holiday. We can listen to this song even at the beginning of Christmas season on the streets, shops or even in the offices. It has become the most favorite among the kids, children or even adults because of its simple lyrics and fun tune. The song has spread all over the world and become the popular Christmas song.


 2. Santa Claus is coming to town

This is a good song for kids because its lyrics gives the kids a message what they should do in these festive days. This song gets the kids make a nice list in order to get Santa Claus’ gifts on Christmas Eve and try to behavior better over the holiday to prove that they are good kids and deserve Santa Claus’ gifts.f977ef4a4790652c0c6d41a3fe95f864.jpg

3. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

This is a classic Christmas song loved by all ages from adults to kids. We can be caught this famous song easily when we are on our way or cross the noisy street on Christmas day. The song is a story about Rudolph, a Santa’s special reindeer, who made a name for himself by leading Santa’s sleigh through a foggy dark night to bring gifts to the children all over the world. This is a cute song and easy to sing along with your children.


 4. We wish you a merry Christmas

This can be the best song for children to learn through Christmas holiday. They can learn how to make a wish to relatives and friends on Noel day by singing along the lyrics of the song. This song is simple and easy to remember. This can also make your kids dance with its repeatedly funny tune.


days till Christmas

 5. Let it go

This song has become the most popular song from the movie named “Frozen” was on. The song is the main OST of the movie and it became so popular that everybody of all ages can sing along, especially for kids. The background of the movie is set in an ice land so this song is very suitable for Christmas holiday.


 It is fantastic to spend one Christmas night singing some Noel songs with your kids and enjoying the festive atmosphere of Xmas night together with your family. 


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