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  1. Espeso [Prod. Pablo Gareta]
  2. Back 2 da game [Prod. Pablo Gareta]
  3. Life is a B.B.B. [Prod. Beatscuits]
  4. Innato (con Natos) [Prod. Pablo Gareta]
  5. 1312 [Prod. Beatscuits]T
  6. R.W.2.D.R.W. [Prod. Beatscuits]
  7. Skit drunked [Prod. Pablo Gareta]
  8. To rise above (con Pablo Gareta) [Prod. Pablo Gareta]
  9. Fuck ‘em all [Prod. Hielo beats]
  10. Concepto [Prod. Pablo Gareta]
  11. Don’t save us (con Domi y Stefi) [Prod. Beatscuits]
  12. El diario de un guerrero [Prod. Pablo Gareta]
  13. W (con Sule B) [Prod. Gordo del funk]
  14. Skit smoked [Prod. Pablo Gareta]
  15. La teoría gris [Prod. Pablo Gareta]
  16. Hombres de palabra (con Lone) [Prod. Pablo Gareta]
  17. Cmabio el cuento [Prod. Beatscuits y Pablo Gareta]
  18. History of my ways [Prod. Beatscuits]
  19. The undead skill staff (con Uenede) [Prod. Toki Beats y Pablo Gareta]
  20. Salir de aquí [Prod. Beatscuits]



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