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[iOS] Bike Repair - App Store

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- 58 highly detailed photo repair guides, with over 300 studio quality photos.



- 95 bicycle tips and tricks, including common aches and pains while on the bike (there are simple things to do to get rid of that knee pain).



- From the main screen you have access to your current local weather and today's forecast. It also suggests you what to wear based on the temperature.



- Gather all information about your bike's parts, keep a history of the maintenance tasks you have performed and even add reminder on tasks to be performed.

- The next time the bike shop asks you a question about your bike, or when you shop for parts online, you will have every detail about your bike in your pocket.



- You don't remember what you should wear when it's 8°C (46°F)? Don't worry, check our suggestions list, or even better, check you own outfits list.

- Keep track of the clothes you wear at a certain weather condition and rate them. Next time, you'll know what to wear or not



- Search and compare prices on 11 different online bicycle retail stores at the same time!!



- Backup your data with iCloud or Dropbox.

- Save money the first time you use Bike Repair App by doing the repairs yourself.

- Fixing your shifting problem, derailleur noises, brakes rubbing on the wheel, flat tire, broken chain, pedal removal, hydraulic brakes, etc has never been easier.

- Bike Repair demystify every basic repairs and maintenance routines, plus some intermediate to advanced ones.

- The most important thing is that you can have these guides everywhere you and your bicycle travel.

- Written in plain English, the easy to understand instruction guides are perfect for casual and serious riders alike.

- Most of the repairs don't require any special tools.

- Repair instructions are straight to the point, without unnecessary text that distract you from the problem at hand.

- The full list of all guides and problems covered is available at www.bikerepairapp.com






Download Now!



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