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Howard Shore – The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey (iTunes Spec


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Howard Shore – The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey (iTunes Special Edition)


iTunes special edition features 6 bonus tracks, 7 exclusive extended tracks and the awesome 26-page booklet.

Track List:

1 My Dear Frodo
2 Old Friends (Extended Version)
3 An Unexpected Party (Extended Version)
4 Blunt the Knives (Bonus Track)
5 Axe or Sword?
6 Misty Mountains
7 The Adventure Begins
8 The World Is Ahead
9 An Ancient Enemy
10 Radagast the Brown (Extended Version)
11 The Trollshaws (Bonus Track)
12 Roast Mutton (Extended Version)
13 A Troll-hoard
14 The Hill of Sorcery
15 Warg-scouts
1 The Hidden Valley
2 Moon Runes (Extended Version)
3 The Defiler
4 The White Council (Extended Version)
5 Over Hill
6 A Thunder Battle
7 Under Hill
8 Riddles in the Dark
9 Brass Buttons
10 Out of the Frying-Pan
11 A Good Omen
12 Song of the Lonely Mountain (Extended Version)
13 Dreaming of Bag End
14 A Very Respectable Hobbit (Bonus Track)
15 Erebor (Bonus Track)
16 The Dwarf Lords (Bonus Track)
17 The Edge of the Wild (Bonus Track)

+ Digital Booklet – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Special Edition

Genre: Soundtrack
Label: ℗ 2012 WaterTower Music
Format: m4a – pdf
Size: 272 MB


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